Furniture & Decoration

Add comfort and composition to interiors and exteriors with products from the furniture and decoration section, ranging from stunning contemporary shelving to inventive original design chairs. Product classification by style, material and special characteristics makes it easy to find a contemporary coffee table from a renowned designer,

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Whether looking for a creative countertop washbasin, an efficient pure contemporary kitchen island or a bit of luxury by swapping a shower set for a hydromassage shower, let your imagination run wild in the kitchen and bathroom section. For serious food preparation and storage, browse through a range of appliances and fittings including everything from refrigerators and worktops to complete contemporary kitchens.

Garden & Terrace

Personalise and structure your outdoor space with products in the gardens and terraces section. Choose from fittings such as decking to contemporary furniture such as garden sofas to compose your outdoor living area. Create relaxation and workout spaces with our range of spas, pools and fittings including concrete swimming pools, hot tubs and outdoor showers.

Public buildings, Public spaces

This section organises the ensemble of products designed to withstand the demands of regular use in professional environments. The “Office” category presents products such as reception desks to receive clients or even interesting shelving to turn the office library into a focal point. The hospitality industry represents a large variety of products ranging from minibars and chromotherapy showers, to pizza ovens. For outdoor dining, a pergola or gazebo may create intimate terrace areas, while carefully placed exterior ashtrays can encourage tidiness, reducing maintenance costs.

Architects & Designers

This section is dedicated to the people who have shaped the architectural and design world we live in. It contains a vast selection of products from the drawing boards of the world’s most influential architects and designers, past and present. Here you’ll find the stellar creations of Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Verner Panton, Frank Lloyd Wright and many others. Our innovative presentation groups products under each artist’s name. Look for design sofas like the LC2 from Le Corbusier and design armchairs like the Bibendum chair by Eileen Gray. Simply choose your favorites and browse through their creations.

Building & Construction

This section regroups products which treat the ground (e.g.geotextile), structure (e.g. prefabricated buildings, the exterior envelope and protection of the building. It also presents a range of CAD software for architects, engineers and designers. Choosing the suitable exterior envelope, acoustic insulation, waterproofing membrane and thermal insulation, can have a great impact on properties such as the energy efficiency of the building as well as the level of natural daylighting and thermal comfort. Whether it's an office complex requiring a curtain wall, a greenwall or wooden cladding for a school, ArchiExpo exhibits a wide choice of facade solutions.

Interior & Exterior fittings

Compose your space using our selection of partition walls and staircases, whilst enhancing transitions between the interior and exterior with a wide range of doors and windows. Facilitate your maintenance by opting for a suspended ceiling or a raised access floor, which can conceal plumbing and wiring while allowing flexibility in space management.

Flooring & Wallcovering

Floor finishes can range from bathroom tiles, carpets to PVC flooring. While the natural properties of solid wood flooring may make it an attractive long term investment for a living space, laminate flooring may be preferred for its ease of maintenance. Choosing a light coloured wall covering or decorative paint can make small rooms appear more spacious and luminous whilst warm dark tones can create cosy caverns.


The Lighting section separates decorative lighting into mobile units such as floor lamps and table lamps from fixed lighting such as wall mounted, surface mounted ceiling lights and downlights. Architectural lighting contains various professional lighting for interior and exterior applications, such as LED floodlights to light up a building facade, as well as PAR lights and DMX controllers for concerts and theatres. This universe also presents outdoor lighting for public and private outdoor spaces ranging from a traditional garden lamps, to lamp posts for street lighting.

Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning

Products presented in the fireplace and stove category are highly decorative and functional to meet the modern day needs of style and comfort. A central fire place or a wood burning stove, for example, can add an interesting focal point to a lounge. A wide variety of water and central heating solutions are also on show such as gas boilers, hot-water heaters and even wood burning boilers. Ventilation products for large buildings such as duct air conditioners, centrifugal fans and inverter air-conditioners can help you to find the product to suit your built environment.

Smart buildings, Access control

To improve the management of energy and lighting in residential or tertiary buildings, this universe proposes a wide variety of automation solutions. Secure your building with a range of access control products such as fingerprint readers, RFID readers and video door phones. Monitor your environment with video surveillance cameras such as IP cameras and PTZ cameras which are usually connected to a DVR in order to control movement and record a video.

New products

parking system with platform Wöhr Slimparker 557 WÖHR Auto-Parksysteme
The new parking system Slimparker 557 offers up to 23 above-ground parking spaces on narrow and long ground plans. A central vertical list located in the transfer area conveys the car to one of the 6 possible parking levels per system. Each parking level can store up ...
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The Novotop tactile nails provide a warning solution to identify areas with obstacles, or areas where there is a change ...
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public bench / contemporary / in wood / with backrest RIVAGE by David Karásek, Radek Hegmon mmcité 1 a.s.
An entirely new category of deck chairs in public spaces. This simple solid frame with a strong elegant profile carries lamellas of solid wood. This is ideal for additional seating items in places where ...
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