wall-mounted air conditioner / split system / residential / individual
wall-mounted air conditioner

... Electronic Temperature Range 60->85 F Air Discharge Over / Under Airflow (cfm) Roomside (hi/low) 285/245, 275/235 Chassis Type Slide-Out Filter Type Rigid Frame EZ Slide-Out Washable Louver Style 4-Way Air ...

wall-mounted air conditioner / split system / commercial / individual
wall-mounted air conditioner

One of the most energy-efficient package terminal air conditioners in the industry (EER up to 12.7) R-410A refrigerant R-410A meets 2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for the phase-out ...

floor-mounted air conditioner / split system / residential / inverter
floor-mounted air conditioner

Make the climate in your home just right with heating, central air conditioning and dehumidifiers.

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