Air/water heat pumps

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An air/water heat pump is an aerothermal device drawing heat from the exterior air to warm a dwelling and/or to provide hot water. It comprises an exterior energy collector, a heat pump and a distribution system (radiator, radiant floor or fan-coil units). ArchiExpo offers a large selection of heat pumps: air/air and air/water aerothermal units, as well as geothermal installations.


A heat pump provides heating and/or hot water. Some models are reversible.


This device is a thermodynamic heat exchange system using a liquid refrigerant. The air/water heat pump operates like a refrigerator running in reverse, producing heat instead of cold.

How to choose

The air/water heat pump is a good choice when limited outdoor space prohibits installation of a geothermal model.


- Cheaper to install than geothermal unit
- Possible reversibility


- Output depends on external temperature
- Requires backup system below 3° C

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Water/air geothermal heat pump DC (O) BOREAL GEOTHERMAL

OPEN WELLS SERIES GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMP MECHNICAL (COMPRESSOR) HEATING AND PASSIVE (DIRECT) COOLING DC full package units contain both compressor and blower sections of the heat pump in one cabinet. The...

Water/air geothermal heat pump AC (R) BOREAL GEOTHERMAL

AC full package units are similar in appearance to the (DC) series however they offer mechanical cooling and are specifically suited to either well water or geothermal ground loops. Active cooling is...

Water/air geothermal heat pump ACH (RH) BOREAL GEOTHERMAL

SLIM SERIES GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMP * 17,5 inches high, designed to be...

1 products BDR Thermea
BDR Thermea  GEOFLO™
Water/air geothermal heat pump GEOFLO™ BDR Thermea

How does the GeofloTM ground source heat pump work? The Baxi GeofloTM ground source heat pump system taps into the natural heat found in the ground just metres below the Earth’s surface. The heat pump...

1 products Ideal Group
Ideal Group
Water/air geothermal heat pump Ideal Group

Ground source heat pumps have been shown to provide significant carbon savings compared to conventional forms of space and water heating. Ideal’s ground source heat pumps have been developed specifically...

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