Aluminium gates

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SHAR-PEÏ® is a complete range of aluminium sections designed to make gates, law gates and fences

SHAR-PEI® range provides a reponse to all modern trends allowing an opportunity to imagine all sorts of possibilities to enhance the driveway to the house with upward or downward curved gates,...

The JACK.R® series of sections aluminium is designed to erect 1 and 2 leaf gates, sliding systems, door gates and fences, full, latticed or combined (on leaf only).

JACK.R® range provides the basis...

The TERRE NEUVE® series of sections is designed to make 1- and 2- leaf swinging gates. Thanks to its design (comparable to steel sections), it can be used to create gates and low gates in traditional iron wrought style while taking full advantages of what aluminium has to offer.

The Terre-Neuve®...


Libra produces certified single-leaf, double-leaf and sliding gates, for any use. Libra gates are manufactured using the highest quality standards so as to guarantee over time...


The K185 welded aluminium portal meets the users 3 main needs: remote...


Gates protect real estate and buildings!
That is the way of how to look profane on the world as well you could do with doors. For an artist this could never be the theme and for one of the most famous contemporary painter in no way.

"Non conformism instead of conformism."

Never the identifiction with your enterprise and your products was so important as it is in these days. All god entrepreneurs identify with their enterprise. Seldom the identification is so unique that the company`s brand mark becomes a live motto and is transmitted to the private...


The Satellite® range is composed of a wide choice of swing gates with a maximum leaf width of 3.50 m.
These gates can...

The Satellite® range proposes an automation system built inside the stiles. This way the gate has exactly the same neat look...

The Satellite® range includes a comprehensive line of slide gates with invisible motor,...


Light and lasting. Doors manufactured with aluminum outlines, perfect to make up your home’s enclosure....

Sliding doors with aluminum or iron bars. The bars can be simple or combined with wide...

Light and lasting.

Practical doors with 1 or 2 leaves manufactured with aluminum outlines,...


The elegance and ease of a side sliding sectional door seeks out its own kind. Our technology offers outstanding advantages in comparison to conventional overhead sectional doors, for example...


In an effort to better service customers and enhance the OGI architectural product line, OGI introduced packaged gate assemblies. All gates can be furnished with any type of grating infill, however the most common is for the Louver Grate product. OGI will provide a fully fabricated and engineered system...


How to choose this product


An aluminum gate may be pivoting, sliding, manual or automatic, and is often used for driveways and entrances. Its lightness, robustness, wide range of forms and finishes as well as its corrosion resistance confer advantages not found in steel, wood or some other materials. Some are coated to improve weather resistance and appearance. On ArchiExpo, these gates are arranged by properties such as style or type.

Ensure that there is enough space for the gate to open fully, be it sliding or pivoting. Consider the needed degree of visibility through the gate and how the style fits in with the surroundings and other fixtures. Verify that visual and technical aspects comply with building codes. Choose manual or electric operation and determine maintenance requirements.

- Light
- Durable
- Corrosion-resistant

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