traditional table / walnut / aluminum / round
traditional table

Height: 70 cm
Length: 70 cm
Width: 70 cm

The Nicole café table helps to create a light atmosphere. The frame is simple and elegant and the many different tabletops helps you bring forward the exact expression you want in your decor. Since the frame is made of ...

contemporary table / oak / walnut / aluminium
contemporary table
MAREA by Jesús Gasca

Height: 73 cm
Length: 60, 70, 80 cm
Width: 60, 70, 80 cm

Marea coffee table is a slim and elegant table, with an aluminium base in a star shape. Marea is a versatile table that can help us to work with our laptop or can be ...

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contemporary table / aluminum / square / outdoor
contemporary table
WEEK-END by Studio Brichet Ziegler

Height: 75 cm
Length: 85 cm
Width: 85 cm

... collection. The WEEK-END collection includes seats - a chair, a bridge, an armchair, -, tables - a coffee table, a square table for 2-4 people, a large dining table ...

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Petite Friture
contemporary table / aluminum / laminate / rectangular
contemporary table

Height: 87, 72, 110 cm
Length: 140, 120, 58, 70 cm
Width: 108, 140, 70, 60, 50 cm

... smart folding table, Cobra, has straight edges and can be linked together at both the sides and ends for creative furnishing options. The table is available in two lengths and two widths with a white ...

Scandinavian design table / plywood / aluminum / laminate
Scandinavian design table
BASE by Mika Tolvanen

Height: 73 cm
Length: 140, 190, 250 cm
Width: 85, 90, 80 cm

Made for robust daily use, the Base Table has an aluminum frame covered with acrylic paint. A straight-forward table that will look good in any personal or professional space, the rectangular ...

contemporary table / marble / birch / cast iron
contemporary table

Height: 57 cm - 82 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 90 cm

... inside and outside. Also available as a side table and in a Black Oak, Fumed Oak, Natural Oak, Natural Birch, White and Green Marble table top.

contemporary table / aluminum / polyethylene / round
contemporary table

Height: 75 cm
Length: 130 cm
Width: 130 cm

Politech round high table, polished aluminium details

contemporary table / stone / teak / aluminum
contemporary table

Height: 73 cm
Length: 30 cm
Width: 30 cm

Table, base in flamed Piasentina stone and central column in matt gray or white lacquered aluminium. Squared teak slats top. Available also with top in white Carrara marble, in mosaic texture concrete or in grey porcelain stoneware.

contemporary table / wooden / aluminum / laminate
contemporary table
HARTER SHAPES by Timothy deFiebre

Height: 42, 29 in
Length: 24 in - 96 in
Width: 24 in - 60 in

... our Surfaces line, Harters tables offer all the quality and versatility youve come to expect from our products in a handsome form by award-winning designer Timothy deFeibre. Available in a tempting range of finishes, ...

contemporary table / wooden / aluminum / round
contemporary table
T334 | T335

Height: 64, 71 cm

... collections of tables for prestige environments are among Tecno’s recognised classics. The collection stands out for its powerful, distinctive and refined design, masterfully expressed through wood tops combined with ...

contemporary table / glass / aluminum / rectangular
contemporary table
BRIDGE by Mist-o

Height: 74 cm
Length: 240 cm
Width: 100 cm

Aluminium table. Glas top. H 74 W 240 D 100

contemporary table / glass / laminate / aluminum
contemporary table
CHAT by Dondoli & Pocci

Height: 75 cm
Length: 130 cm - 275 cm
Width: 90, 85 cm

... frame of Chat is made of silver or black anodized aluminium, or in matt painted aluminium, in white or anthracite grey. The table top is available in black painted or black acid-treated glass, in white painted or white ...

contemporary table / laminate / aluminum / round
contemporary table
MULTI CAFE by Peter J. Lassen & Joakim Lassen

Multi Café tables can provide a café atmosphere anywhere you want it. The café table is available with round or square table top, with high or low frame or with gas-powered height adjustment. ...

contemporary table / solid wood / aluminum / rectangular
contemporary table

Height: 74 cm
Length: 200, 300 cm
Width: 100 cm

Table featuring a 4-cm thick top made of solid wood. The structure (sides and support bar) is made of satinized anodised aluminium. It can be custom made. H. 74 cm. (standard) L. 200 - P. 100 L. 220 - P. 100 L. 240 ...

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Riva Industria Mobili
contemporary table / crystal / aluminum / rectangular
contemporary table
MATRIX by Vicente Soto

Length: 240, 280 cm
Width: 100, 110 cm

Matrix is an extruded aluminium table with crystal top. In this non extensible version is available in 240cmx100cm and 280cmx110cm.

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contemporary table / laminate / aluminum / square
contemporary table
LEVEL by S.Borselius & F.Mattson

Height: 48 cm - 107 cm
Length: 50 cm - 140 cm
Width: 50 cm - 90 cm

... indoors * Five different heights * Six different tabletops Material Table base with foot in cast aluminium, pillar in black or natural anodised aluminium extrusion. Tabletop in 12 mm compact ...

contemporary table / wooden / glass / ceramic
contemporary table
MAC by Pierluigi Cerri

Height: 73 cm
Length: 140 cm - 300 cm
Width: 85, 100 cm

Mac table: designed by Cerri, a model project, sophisticated, essential and realised through an architectonic cut, where geometry and construction become pure expressionism. Tables in extruded aluminium ...

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contemporary table / polyethylene / composite / lacquered wood
contemporary table
BANQUÉTÉ by Calvi & Brambilla

Height: 75 cm
Length: 180, 240 cm
Width: 100 cm

... perspectives. The horizontal part that joins the two sides of each of the garden tables is made of aluminium. Packed with personality, despite their formal precision, these garden tables satisfy different ...

contemporary table / oak / lacquered wood / aluminum
contemporary table
ELLE by Lino Codato

Height: 75 cm
Length: 160 cm
Width: 100 cm

Elle is an extensible table in oak veneer, which can be tinted or lacquered. The feet are partially covered with an aluminium pro. Elle doubles its dimensions very quickly and with minimum effort. Thanks ...

contemporary table / tempered glass / aluminum / rectangular
contemporary table

Height: 75 cm
Length: 80, 140 cm
Width: 80 cm

contemporary table / wood veneer / tempered glass / aluminum
contemporary table

Height: 76 cm
Length: 180, 160, 120, 140 cm
Width: 90 cm

The structure is composed of extruded aluminium profiles, oxidated or epoxy painted. Diecasted zamak junctions chromed or painted. The top use the “Glue Point” system, which consist in gluing a 6 mm thick top — tempered ...

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Point srl
contemporary table / aluminum / rectangular / for outdoor use
contemporary table
DAKAR by Marco Dessí

Height: 77 cm
Length: 180, 90, 240 cm
Width: 90 cm

The table, made to match the Dakar chair, follows the same principle. The top is a single sheet that folds to cover the thin legs/elegant but well structured to guarantee solidity. The overall image is one that suggests ...

contemporary table / wooden / aluminum / square
contemporary table

Height: 20 in
Length: 25 in
Width: 25 in

contemporary table / glass / aluminum / round
contemporary table
JOINT® 1290-1293 & 1271-1277 by Anders Hermansen

Height: 73 cm - 75 cm
Length: 125 cm - 300 cm
Width: 125 cm - 300 cm

DESCRIPTION JOINT round tables in 4 different sizes. Frame in polished aluminium with anodized frames and columns. 1-4 columns.

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contemporary table / glass / aluminum / cast aluminum
contemporary table

Height: 72 cm
Length: 100 cm
Width: 100 cm

... this HELICO collection and its design an atypical and charming visual rendering. TABLE Table leg realized in cast aluminium paint or polished – cast resin version – table ...