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sliding gate automation - DEIMOS


Electromechanical microswitches that control
the end of stroke.
Incorporated two-channel rolling code radio receiver.
Control unit with self-learning and self-diagnostic...

sliding gate automation - ARES

ARES 1000 and ARES 1500 operator widen the BFT range of sliding gate operators. Classed amongst the medium-heavy weight range, they...

sliding gate automation - ICARO MA

> Incorporated two-channel rolling code radio
receiver ready for connecting a second receiver.
> Control unit with self-learning...

sliding gate automation - SP4000

> Hydrodynamic joint for smooth gate starts and

swing gate automation - PHOBOS

Control unit compatible with the EELink protocol
This version powered at 24 V has been specially designed for simpler and faster installation in compliance with latest...

sliding gate automation - BX

The BX series adapts to legislative standards through new command...

sliding gate automation - BK

The BK is the top when it comes to service and safety. It is designed for automating...

sliding gate automation - By-3500T

Power and reliability, the features that make this model ideal for large-sized gate leaves,...

swing gate automation - AMICO

Up to 1.8 - 2.2m per gate leaf
Coupled with...

swing gate automation - ATI

Two versions for leaves of up to 3 m and 5 m.
Sturdy, compact and reliable...

sliding pocket door automation - ECLIS 5

The Eclisse Motorised Unit can be used with either single or double Eclisse sliding systems. It is contained within the framework, not visible externally and can be controlled by a number of input variables such as a self-return switch, radar, photocell or remote control. The system is supplied with the motor already mounted onto the track, an electronic...

sliding pocket door automation - [E]MOTION

[e]Motion is the new linear motor for Eclisse pocket sliding doors. The magnetic technology applied makes it very silent and easy to install.
The motor is already assembled with power supply and switch cables and ready to be inserted into the models Single.

Plug & Play
Just connect the motor to the power supply (AC 230v) and operate the switch.

Self Setting

sliding pocket door automation - [E]MOTION

The Eclisse self-closing mechanism is an ingenious system which is completely enclosed inside the frame and allows the...

sliding pocket door automation - RALLENTY SOFT

A futuristic addition for any Eclisse Single, Double, Luce single, Luce double, Telescopic single, Telescopic double, Unilateral system. Just slide the door towards...

sliding pocket door automation - CO-ORDINATION

With this system the opening/closing of the two doors is linked so as you open or close one door, the other one opens or closes.
The system can be installed in existing counterframes because the Eclisse system has patented extractable tracks...

window automatic opening mechanism - ELECTRO Z-WAVE

The new Electro Z-Wave roof window ensures maximum comfort of living in the loft. It constitutes an important and integral element of any intelligent house in the wireless Z-Wave system.
The centre pivot Electro roof windows are factory-equipped with devices which enable its...

window automatic opening mechanism / automatic chain drives - ZWS12

The ZWS12 and ZW230 chain motors thanks to their small dimensions and suitable force output are ideal for roof window operating,...

window automatic opening mechanism / automatic chain drives - ZW230

The ZWS12 and ZW230 chain motors thanks to their small dimensions and suitable force output are ideal for roof window operating,...

window automatic locking mechanism - AVANTEC

The new Schüco AvanTec generation of mechanical concealed fittings sets a new standard in fittings technology. Schüco AvanTec has the same impressive features and technical capabilities as...

window automatic locking mechanism - TIPTRONIC

Schüco TipTronic is the first complete mechatronic turn/tilt fitting. Users benefit immediately from its easy and intuitive operation.

Key features:
Locking and unlocking in "real time (under 1 second)
Intuitive operation...

window automatic locking mechanism - TIPTRONIC

Sensors are essential for building automation because they provide the necessary information for monitoring and controlling the building envelope....

sliding door automation - E-SLIDE

Schüco e-slide is a unique drive system for sliding and lift-and-slide doors that is completely concealed in the leaf frame. It opens, closes...

swing door automation - ITS 96

The DORMA ITS 96 has ushered in a new era in door closer technology. The closer body and slide channel are so compact that they can be installed out...

swing door automation - TS 93

More compact, lighter and more elegant.
DORMA has set new standards with its TS 93 cam-action door closer system. Offering further technical refinements and enhanced sophistication, it constitutes an even more impressive...

swing door automation - TS 92/TS 91

The universal closers for standard doors tested and approved to EN 1154

As units designed especially for interior applications, the...

swing door automation - TS 99

For easy use of fire and smoke check doors combined with safe closing in an emergency.

The DORMA TS 99 FL in the Contur design is a hold-open device with a free-swing function from a door opening...

swing door automation - TS 97

A perfect combination of form and function

With its new model TS 97, DORMA is able to offer a very compact surface-mounted cam-action door closer available...

blind automation - LV25 / LW25

DC motor for blinds mounted in a housing...

blind automation - LS 40

Wired technology motor...

roller shutter automation - LT 28

DC motor specially...

roller shutter automation - LT 28 RTS

DC motor with integrated...

roller shutter automation - LT 28 RTS

Motor’s safety equipment
Motors have built-in brakes and overheating protectors. Manual operation is possible in case of an electrical power failure.

sliding shutter automation - VOLETRONIC (230V) & SOLAR (12V)

People on every continent have one thing in common a need for fresh air,...

window automatic opening mechanism / automatic chain drives - CDP

Those who have yet to find a aolution combining high architectural demands with SHEV drives...

window automatic opening mechanism / automatic chain drives - CDC

Integrated or surface mounting? The choice is yours. Due to their
compact dimensions,...

window automatic opening mechanism / automatic chain drives - KA

Smoke or natural Ventilation? Both!
KA Series chain drives fit any imaginable imaginable application.

blind automation - CONSTON

Resstende has an expert technical staff capable of designing and developing custom roller blind...

swing door automation - D7200

Technical specification:

Adjustable EN power sizes 2 - 5 and 2 - 4 in transom push side mounting.
'FAST PowerAdjust' function - in built visible...

swing door automation - D6200

The CISA D6200 Series provides many of the features of the CISA D7200 but in a slimline package. Available in simple trimplate option or with an all-over cover variant.


swing door automation - D8200

The CISA D8200 Series offers the full benefits of the CISA cam action in a fully concealed format, offering exceptional performance and...

swing door automation - PLUS2

The range of CISA Professional PLUS2 door closers has been developed to deliver high performance, efficient solutions to the sector. The door closers are designed to meet all installaton requirements: from standard to high traffic doors.

Minimal Design: the clean, linear, non-invasive design of the Professional PLUS2 door closer...

swing door automation - LCD-N21

La peon dampor mechanism...

swing door automation - SLUN

Unique mechanism will help lift doors and hold at the
open position.
Sleek & compact design.
Easy installation.

folding door automation - HBFN

Unique bi-fold door mechanism will assist the
door open and close in smooth motion.
Tracks or guides are...

curtain automatic opening mechanism - POWER 401-402


The actuator consists of a 24 Vdc motor with wide-range switching power

curtain automatic opening mechanism - POWER 571-572

The actuator consists of a 24 Vdc motor with wide-range switching power
supply 90-250 Vac / 24Vdc and electronics that supervise system...

curtain automatic opening mechanism - POWER 591-592


The actuator consists of a 24 Vdc motor with wide-range switching power
supply 90-250 Vac / 24 Vdc and electronics...

curtain automatic opening mechanism - POWER 801


«Power 801» is the top of the range system for motor driven draped curtains for large rooms and theatres, designed to offer high technology and top performance,but...

blind automation - PLÌ 353/4

Suitable for domestic and professional installations.
Vertical sliding....

door automatic opening mechanism - DWPS10

Universal arm (Inward/outward).
Multilingual LCD display.
Indoor mounting.
Programming tag supplied.
Suitable for existing doors:
- inward or outward opening,

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