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Base cabinets
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kitchen base cabinet - INNOVATION

Once a year the kitchen industry invents itself anew, so to speak the quest for new trends is on. We also show once a year...

kitchen base cabinet - R4

The R4 door style uses a 45 degree chamfered edge...

kitchen base cabinet - TEPPANYAKI : 679191

version stainless steel
dimension 69x60 h95
drawer 1
griddle type...

kitchen base cabinet - 683702

dimensions |70x50 h90
working top |stainless steel
drawer front |stainless...

kitchen base cabinet - 686701

dimensions |70x50 h90
working top | end grain hornbeam
drawer front |stainless...

kitchen base cabinet - STORAGE

The kitchen is designed for a new living space management and containment....

kitchen base cabinet - by Form.C

In this kitchen, a long side cupboard with coated doors has an...

kitchen base cabinet - BASTIDE : BK102

Bastide collection with its hand painted patina originated from the Aix en Provence region famous for its strong...

kitchen base cabinet - VARIO TOP

With VARIO-TOP LEICHT introduces to the kitchen industry a fundamentally new planning concept for designing...

kitchen base cabinet - ANGLED CORNER UNIT

The end-cupboard has a fully angled door which swings out to the side, opening one’s...

bathroom base cabinet - MODULAR

Combine any of these separate components to create the perfect storage unit.
• Solidly...

kitchen base cabinet - PORTACOLTELLI A PARETE

Thanks to many accessories and solutions...

bathroom base cabinet - ATLAS by Jesús Gasca

Atlas is a range of containers made from anodised aluminium, with sides also in aluminium.
Its function...

bathroom base cabinet - ATLAS by Jesús Gasca

Vega produces a wide variety of back wall display systems that incorporate adjustable shelving, canopies and...

bathroom base cabinet - CHIC

Basic 50x37.5 cm drawer with...

bathroom base cabinet - URBAN

Basic 50x100 cm suspended storage furniture...

bathroom base cabinet - ARTISTIC

Basic auxiliary furniture...

bathroom base cabinet - VKW

VKW Vanity units leave nothing to be desired in terms of their design. Any colour, shape or fitting...


How to choose this product


A base cabinet is a low cupboard or piece of storage furniture, often with a counter or display surface. It may be wall-mounted or freestanding, sometimes on legs. On ArchiExpo, such units are arranged by type or function.


Some models are designed to facilitate storage and access, as in kitchen cabinets with pull-out shelves. They may include a combination of different sized shelves and drawers, and may even have a sink built into the upper surface.

Freestanding cabinets can be easy to move, while wall-mounted models free floor space for easy cleaning. Robustness and ease of maintenance may take priority in commercial cabinets, such as those designed for professional kitchens.


These cabinets may come flat-packed or pre-assembled. Common materials include laminated board, solid wood, plywood and stainless steel.

How to choose

Ensure that the cabinet is large enough to hold the items to be stored without hampering movement around the room. Commercial models may have to comply with local regulations. Favor robust, stain-resistant, easily maintained designs. Consider how the style of the cabinet will fit with surrounding fixtures and fittings. A contemporary design in a striking color may constitute an interesting focal point in a neutral, light-colored bathroom.

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