Bathroom shelves

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Bathroom shelves
bathroom shelf - RW 1

RW 1 Glass trolley chrome...

bathroom shelf - RW 2

RW 2 Glass trolley - chrome...

bathroom shelf - T 11

T 11 Glass rack - chrome...

bathroom shelf - RONDINE 7

A perfect fusion of gleaming chrome and pure white ceramic...

bathroom shelf - ISTIA 5

This range features graceful scroll detailing...

bathroom shelf - AVIGNON 10

Classically styled chrome work and frosted...

bathroom shelf - CAMBRIDGE 4

Gleaming white ceramic designs provide a perfect companion...

bathroom shelf - HIGHGATE 1

With the strong square forms of its...

bathroom shelf - LEEDS


Picture: Butter White...

bathroom shelf - G 5 600

Collection is the artful interpreted metal material...

bathroom shelf - G 5 600

inch 14 x 14
mm 356 x 356


bathroom shelf - 5 O'CLOCK: A2534700


bathroom shelf - 5 O'CLOCK: A2534700

Glass shelves allow to see the whole content at a glance.

bathroom shelf - STILL LIFE 1 by Sigrid Strömgren

freestanding storage unit where objects and most precious collectables...

bathroom shelf - ARTIQUA 111

creates new washbasin solutions, where monolithic concrete washbasins...

bathroom shelf - C110DUO

The Class-X range of the bathroom collection consists of a series of solid teak modules that can be used either individually or in combinations...

bathroom shelf - CASANOVA 1065

A series of taps that drew deeply on neoclassical world. Veined surfaces, based on...

bathroom shelf - LUCILLA 1065

Lucilla is the new range in the Contemporanea series from Stella. Simple and elegant, it is completely...

bathroom shelf - PURO TOILET PAPER RESERVOIR by Michael Rösing

our TOILET PAPER HOLDER of the RADIUS PURO-series allows you to elegantly...

bathroom shelf - KOSMOS TEC

Furnish your entire bathroom...

bathroom shelf - ASPEN

With this timeless...

bathroom shelf - 03

Do you have a walk-in shower or frameless shower cubicle?...

bathroom shelf - KOSMOS.08

Kosmos is now also available...


How to choose this product


A bathroom shelf holds products typically used in showers, spas and bathrooms. It may be wall-mounted or freestanding, designed to be installed over a sink or even in a shower. Some have side panels or a rail to prevent products from falling.


Some incorporate features such as towel rails and compartments, while others fold away when not in use.


Wall-mounted models may be attached directly or via brackets, either concealed or visible. Popular construction materials include glass, stainless steel and plastic, which are easy to clean and water-resistant. In certain cases wood is also used.

How to choose

Consider the number and size of products the shelf will hold and whether they must be accessible from the shower. Shelves should be easy to reach and sufficiently deep without hindering movement in the room. A freestanding shelf is easier to reposition than a wall-mounted model but takes up floor space.

Shelf style may be chosen to contrast or complement the surroundings. Those with unusual and organic forms and/or bright colors add interest to the space. Sturdiness, durability, ease of maintenance, repair and replacement are other factors, especially in hotels, recreational facilities and other public settings where the shelf will be subject to heavy use.

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