Bathroom shelves

How to choose this product

A bathroom shelf holds products typically used in showers, spas and bathrooms. It may be wall-mounted or freestanding, designed to be installed over a sink or even in a shower. Some have side panels or a rail to prevent products from falling.


Some incorporate features such as towel rails and compartments, while others fold away when not in use.


Wall-mounted models may be attached directly or via brackets, either concealed or visible. Popular construction materials include glass, stainless steel and plastic, which are easy to clean and water-resistant. In certain cases wood is also used.

How to choose

Consider the number and size of products the shelf will hold and whether they must be accessible from the shower. Shelves should be easy to reach and sufficiently deep without hindering movement in the room. A freestanding shelf is easier to reposition than a wall-mounted model but takes up floor space.

Shelf style may be chosen to contrast or complement the surroundings. Those with unusual and organic forms and/or bright colors add interest to the space. Sturdiness, durability, ease of maintenance, repair and replacement are other factors, especially in hotels, recreational facilities and other public settings where the shelf will be subject to heavy use.

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Franke Washroom Systems AL300HD
Commercial wallmounted stainless steel AL300HD Franke Washroom Systems

Shelf for wall mounting, stainless steel, surface...

Franke Washroom Systems STRX624
Commercial wallmounted stainless steel STRX624 Franke Washroom Systems

Shelf for wall mounting, stainless steel, surface satin finished, front with...

3 products FLAMINIA
FLAMINIA COMPONO SYSTEM by Giulio Cappellini & Leonardo Talarico
Wallmounted COMPONO SYSTEM by Giulio Cappellini & Leonardo Talarico FLAMINIA

The compono bathroom system is made up ol various containers in different dimensions with doors, drawers and niches. They are realized in hydrophobic material in four different...

FLAMINIA FOLD by Lorenzo Damiani
Wallmounted FOLD by Lorenzo Damiani FLAMINIA

Fold is a collection of bathroom accessories made of mechanically bent chrome pipes. With the Fold...

FLAMINIA COMPONO SYSTEM by Giulio Cappellini & Leonardo Talarico
Bathroom mirror with shelf COMPONO SYSTEM by Giulio Cappellini & Leonardo Talarico FLAMINIA

The compono bathroom system is made up ol various containers in different dimensions with doors, drawers and niches. They are realized in hydrophobic material in four different Matrix finishes. The...

4 products ROCA
Wallmounted TOUCH ROCA

Glass shelf part of the Touch collection. Finishes in chromed-iron. The...


Bathroom shelf part of the Superinox collection The Superinox collection comprises: - Robe hook - Soap...


Wall bathroom shelf from the Frontalis collection The Frontalis accessories...

Wallmounted BOX ROCA

Articles in this collection: - Robe hook -...

5 products DURAVIT
1 products KEUCO
1 products Kerasan
new Kerasan CENTO
Wallmounted by Marc Sadler CENTO Kerasan

Cento is the new bathroom collection designed by Marc Sadler for...

2 products DELABIE
1 products Shopkit
Commercial wallmounted glass Shopkit

Size: 30mm diameter, projecting 55mm Style: Wall fixed These sleek contemporary wall fixed shelf grips are precision engineered and finished in both bright chromed brass and...

Mediclinics, s.a. AC0780C
Commercial wallmounted glass AC0780C Mediclinics, s.a.

Mediclinics washroom accessories are especially designed for the restaurant business and hotel rooms. Depending on the model and category, these items are suitable for use in gyms, schools, offices, hospitals...

1 products ALTAMAREA
ALTAMAREA ARIA.14 by Willy Dalto
Wallmounted ARIA.14 by Willy Dalto ALTAMAREA

Aria is a young and determined bathroom model. The collection is characterized by a frame of 6 mm which keeps the containers in an elegant setting....

2 products SAMO
Wallmounted SAMO

Serie Shelf Shelf finishing Structure finish...

Wallmounted NEMESIS SAMO

Serie Object Holder Wall...

4 products Arlex Italia
3 products KOS
Wallmounted FARAWAY 8MA01AZ E 8MA01BI KOS

The Faraway collection is completed by white or sky blue painted metal...

Wallmounted MORPHING 8MP502BI - 9MP503BI..... KOS

Morphing/ Complements is a line of furnishing accessories of linear, markedly geometric...

Wallmounted FARAWAY 8MA01BI E 8MA02BI KOS

Faraway is a kit of components that consists of beautiful things,...

2 products GLASS

Storage modulesin painted expanded metal,...

Wallmounted CONTENITORI by Lucidi Pevere GLASS

Open or closed storage modules in painted stainless...

9 products Aliseo
Aliseo NOW: 740005
Wallmounted NOW: 740005 Aliseo

Its Time - clean contemporary practical forms come of age. Glass...

Aliseo TECNO: 710007
Wallmounted TECNO: 710007 Aliseo

Distinctive profile combines a noble physique with a contemporary...

Aliseo ETERNITY: 720007
Wallmounted ETERNITY: 720007 Aliseo

Refined elegance and finite details bring a quiet extravagance to the...

Aliseo ZENTRIC: 730003
Wallmounted ZENTRIC: 730003 Aliseo

Understated square design whose casual elegance is enhanced by its straight...

Aliseo THE VICTORIAN: 750013
Wallmounted THE VICTORIAN: 750013 Aliseo

A portrait of times past ... but not forgotten. Glass Shelf...

Aliseo 030532
Wallmounted 030532 Aliseo

A Place for Everything Concealed...

3 products Lacava
Lacava BRICK 5090
Wallmounted BRICK 5090 Lacava

Wall-mount ceramic shelf with concealed...

Wallmounted WATERBLADE W1910H1 Lacava

DESCRIPTION: WATERBLADE # W1910H1 Wall-mount shelf...

Lacava KUBISTA 4903
Wallmounted KUBISTA 4903 Lacava

Wall-mount clear glass shelf with...

8 products Delpha
2 products KRAMER
Decor-Walther Einrichtungs TB GLA
Wallmounted TB GLA Decor-Walther Einrichtungs

TB GLA40 TUBE Shelf 40 cm - chrome t12,7 D40 H2 Ø0,00 cm TB...

Decor-Walther Einrichtungs DW 117
Wallmounted DW 117 Decor-Walther Einrichtungs

DW 117 Tissue box stainless steel polished t27 D13 H14 Ø0,00...

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