balcony glass panel / translucent
balcony glass panel
BZ 6

We are the specialists in design, fabrication and installation of unique balustrades made of stainless and normal steel.

facade architectural glass / mirror / polished
facade architectural glass

Finish: Quantity:18 to brass plates mirror polished750 m brass round tubes MS 58 mirror polishedCa. 500 sqm stainless steel.4301 mirror polished no.8

facade glass panel / flat / transparent
facade glass panel

... highly efficient CCF-façade (Closed Cavity Façade), a major contribution to the building’s sophisticated, sustainable energy concept. The building is approx. 68 m (223 ft) high with ...

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Josef Gartner
laminated architectural glass / building / structural / transparent
laminated architectural glass

... are glass fins, which are combined with a newly developed technique involving titanium components laminated into the glass for even greater transparency. In addition, seele has once again pushed back ...

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laminated glass panel / double-glazed / insulating / for facades
laminated glass panel

TINTED FLOAT glass is a colored float glass, made by adding metals to achieve different tones of colors, meeting the aesthetics needs of the individuals Features High degree of energy absorption thereby ...

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Clear glass
partition wall glass panel / building / transparent
partition wall glass panel

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Invado Sp. z o.o.
double-glazed glass panel / insulating / fire protection / for facades
double-glazed glass panel

... çade – thus becoming the subject, which defines the functionality of a building’s exterior cladding. Reflex insulating glass is composed of two glass elements spaced ...

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double-glazed glass panel / insulating / for facades / transparent
double-glazed glass panel

... insulation glass panes are real high-tech products and skilfully meet both requirements: With a specific precious-metal coating and special inert-gas fillings, they minimise the loss of thermal heat by outwards radiation. ...

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partition wall glass panel / building / stained / structural
partition wall glass panel

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Kowalski SA
patterned glass panel / for facades / translucent
patterned glass panel

... designs that showcase and bring life to your entryway. Classic-Craft glass is more than 10% wider,* welcoming more light into the home and creating a distinctive entryway. Fiberglass lite frames are ...

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laminated glass panel / tempered / double-glazed / insulating
laminated glass panel

... of establishing itself as a major supplier in the distribution of flat glass and sets of systems essential for the assembly of glass. From the laminated, tempered, insulating glass, ...

tempered glass panel / safety / for facades / colored
tempered glass panel

... coloured glass and Hering architectural concrete, planners and architects can create a unique facade area, either as an all-glass building, i.e. no visible architectural concrete, or ...

acoustic glass panel / for facades / transparent
acoustic glass panel

... exterior applications, featuring UV and moisture resistance with great acoustical ratings. Choose the best metallic architectural glass products with CARVART.

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solar control glass panel / for facades / transparent
solar control glass panel

... for "smart buildings" Individual or automatic control, can be integrated into building control systems EControl wellness windows - the blue colour has a positive effect on performance The switchable solar ...

bulletproof architectural glass / flame-retardant / laminated / safety
bulletproof architectural glass

... rated doors and facades, burglary, bomb or bullet resistant facades. Glass combinations with different kinds of laminated glass provides a significant improvement over monolithic glass ...

laminated glass panel / tempered / patterned / textured
laminated glass panel

Sticks is a texture that is an abstract of closed grain wood stick stacked to create a three dimensional plane with altering layers of wood. Inspired by stick-built construction, this texture is individually handmade using casting on ...

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curved glass panel / tempered / safety / for railing
curved glass panel

... Today more and more buildings have glass facades from a sculptural aspect. Parallel to the growth in the use of glass in architecture, the material is enriched to meet the new requirements ...

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inglas vetri
acoustic glass panel / solar control / for facades / transparent
acoustic glass panel

... south. In order satisfy these requirements in wood as well, this special OPTIWIN facade system was developed. The OPTIWIN Glass Facade consists of a load bearing wood construction, which is covered with either wood or ...

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Freisinger Fensterbau
facade glass panel / transparent
facade glass panel

... provides a wide range of internal and external walls. We manufacture walls of profiles with or without a thermal barrier, and all-glass walls. Special connection pieces applied in walls allow any angle arrangement for ...

solar control glass panel / for facades / flat / transparent
solar control glass panel

... conventional glass surfaces. Application areas of GEWE-clean®: Showers, shower partitions, mirrors Glass furniture, glass counters, glass partition walls All-glass ...

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double-glazed glass panel / insulating / patterned / for facades
double-glazed glass panel

... insulating glass . Fabrication and installation ease make this system a leading choice for a wide variety of entrance, storefront and independent fixed window applications. Features: 2" x 4 1/2" ...

double-glazed glass panel / insulating / low-e / sun protection
double-glazed glass panel

typoloy Insulating glass blind description The RIALTO glass blind consists of insulating glazing with a built-in 15 mm Venetian blind incorporated in a 22 mm cavity between the two panes. It can be ...

laminated glass panel / tempered / safety / double-glazed
laminated glass panel

Glazing is a major component of all types of buildings. Glass combined with a plastic film means safety, and safety is vision. Lami-P™ is a glass composed of two ...

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P h o e n i c i a Flat Glass
tempered glass panel / safety / acoustic / for interior
tempered glass panel

... slender glass panels can be placed in almost any way you can imagine: on tables, sideboards, or even the floor, just like you can do with the textile panel system. However, the game ...

interior glass panel / building / mirror / opaque
interior glass panel

... exclusively manufactured by Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions™. There is simply no better mirror product available in todays market! ScarGard Surface Protected Mirror is produced by applying a chemical to the surface ...

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ARCH Aluminum & Glass Co., Inc.