sealing coating / cold-applied / roof / cement-based
sealing coating

... Mule-Hide #210 Plastic Cement has a heavy “trowel-grade” consistency which makes this product ideal for flashing details and a variety of waterproofing repairs, such as moving joints and roof penetrations. Mule-Hide #210 ...

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smoothing coating / smoothing / outdoor / for concrete
smoothing coating

sealing coating / for walls / cement-based
sealing coating

finishing coating / outdoor / indoor / floor
finishing coating

... Smooth Grade is applied over SM Professional Grade for a smooth finish when desired. The mixed materials form a thin concrete coating that can be used to restore or repair any concrete surface. Interior/Exterior ...

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Solomon Colors
sealing coating / protective / indoor / outdoor
sealing coating

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preparation coating / indoor / outdoor / for walls
preparation coating
KC 1

Lime and cement base coat plaster, for exteriors and interiors Use KC 1 is used as a foundation plaster on bricks, concrete blocks, rough concrete etc. For special underlays follow the instructions ...

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Fassa Bortolo
insulating coating / for walls / cement-based / lightweight
insulating coating

Heat Insulation System Plastering Mix is a cement-based and fibre-reinforced heat insulation sheet plastering mix specifically developed for BTMPlus XPS heat insulation sheets.

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sealing coating / indoor / outdoor / for walls
sealing coating

... high performance and ready to use, it is white in colour, and Portland cement based, with selected aggregates and special additives. It is suitable for levelling out, reinforced cement ...

sealing coating / for roofs / cement-based / single-layer
sealing coating

... fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid applied water proofing membrane. It is formulated with select elastomeric and resilient acrylic polymers and reinforcing polyester fibers. Upon curing, it forms a thick, seamless, durable ...

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sealing coating / indoor / outdoor / for walls
sealing coating

Quick drying synthetic waterproof sealer. Based on pliolite resins with cement particles and waterproof features. Indoor or outdoor use. Dilutes and cleans with MINERAL Turpentine (D-16). 4 / 0,750 litres Finish: ...

protective coating / outdoor / for swimming pools / for concrete
protective coating

Pool Deck Coating and Finishes by Elite Crete Systems aren’t just beautiful, they are a necessity providing an anti-slip texture designed to reduce slip and fall accidents on wet surfaces. The best part is that these ...

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Elite Crete Systems
protective coating / for walls / floor / for concrete
protective coating

smoothing coating / indoor / floor / for concrete
smoothing coating

Skraffino is a Portland cement based product that provides a grainer concrete surface that is applied at paper thin thickness. When combined with Cp1000, acrylic polymer it produces the ...

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Duraamen Engineered Products Inc.
sealing coating / insulating / facade / cement-based
sealing coating

... Bedding Adhesive, used to adhere insulation slab (if required, Consult Alumasc Technical Services) Base Bead Powder coated galvanised steel or stainless steel beading Brickwork Substrate

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Alumasc Exterior Building Products
smoothing coating / exterior / interior / wall
smoothing coating

MicroCement is a coloured cementitious coating of 1-2 mm thick. It may be installed over existing surfaces such as concrete, ceramics, marble, mosaics, tiles, steel, plaster, gypsum and wood. MicroCement is one of our ...

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filling coating / cement-based
filling coating

... Concrex Fine Filler is extremely strong and economical to use - mix only what you need. Paint the finished repair with any coating or leave it as-is. Features and Benefits of Concrex™ Fine Filler - Repair Product: Ideal ...

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Watco Industrial Flooring
exterior coating / interior / for walls / floor
exterior coating

2-4mm coloured cementitious coating with texture imitating natural stone. Different textures can be achieved as Flagstone, granite, coquina, etc. It can be installed on floors, walls and stairsfor interior and exterior ...

decorative coating / indoor / for walls / cement-based
decorative coating

Un bi-composant à base de ciment. Applicable sur tout support (béton, bois, métal et plastique). Le béton est devenu un matériau, créateur d’espace de la décoration intérieure et se décline dans toutes les pièces, du salon à la salle ...

filling coating / for indoor use / for concrete / for bricks
filling coating

... blocks, concrete, cement render, breeze blocks, cellular concrete, brick, earthenware. PACKAGING Sacks of 5 and 20 kg on film-wrapped pallet. COVERING Once completely dry the filler may be covered with any type of paint, ...

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decorative coating / interior / for walls / cement-based
decorative coating

Time and surfaces tell the story of distant territories with an everyday feel. The wise warmness of nature flows through its elements giving them cohesion. Flexuous and fascinating images rise on a material peeled by the passing of time. ...

cold-applied coating / cement-based
cold-applied coating

DESCRIPTION SEALING JOINTS BETWEEN PARAMETERSSealing and repair of all types of joints, both new construction and repairs.

decorative coating / indoor / cement-based / waxed concrete look
decorative coating

Harmony Béton Waxed Concrete is a fine two-component mortar formulated from white or grey cement, selected aggregates and resins, which has been specially formulated to ensure a high degree of tensile strength and perfect ...

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Harmony béton
sealing coating / cement-based
sealing coating

Hydrostop Grout is a non-shrink waterproof grout that is used to repair surface cracks.

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Kryton International, Inc.
indoor coating / floor / microcement / smooth
indoor coating

MicroCement is a coating that can be applied to any hard surface such as walls, floors and furniture, both indoors and out. This cement and quartz based layer is at most 2mm thick. The ...

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Living Concrete Ltd
decorative coating / interior / floor / cement-based
decorative coating

iCOAT Flooring products are designed and formulated to exceed performance and results expectations of distributors, installers and end users. iCOAT Products have stood the test of time for nearly 20 years installing interior and exterior ...