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Chesterfield sofa - CHESTER

Chester evokes the classical armchair model of King Edwards times, which Renzo Frau reproduced for Poltrona Fraus first catalogue in 1912, drawing inspiration from the sofas and armchairs that...

Chesterfield sofa - OLD CHESTERFIELD

Chesterfield sofa with solid wood structure.
Down cushions and...

Chesterfield sofa - CHESTERFIELD CLASSIC.

Producing CHESTERFIELD sofas is an art we learnt 50 years ago.
Today like 50 years ago we use same materials to guarantee the original Chesterfield style.

Chesterfield sofa - CHESTERFIELD CLASSIC

CHESTERFIELD sofa available with different cover and sizes (we produce it so we can make it at your specific size).

Chesterfield sofa - OLD CHESTER.

OLD CHESTER no cushion os a sofa we totally produce inside our factory. Our expert workmen produce this sofa...

Chesterfield sofa - OLD CHESTER

Chester loveseat, the upholstery of the sofa is made ​​with...

Chesterfield sofa - LC009

Choose from a selection of sofas and armchairs that are a perfect match...

Chesterfield sofa - FERDINAND : LS022

Choose from a selection of sofas and armchairs that are a perfect match for our furniture styles...


Options Available:
1003-1 Buttoned Back Foam...

Chesterfield sofa - BURLINGTON CHESTERFIELD  3

Options Available
1004-1 Buttoned Back Foam...

Chesterfield sofa - BROOKHOUSE

Avaiable Options:
322-1: Buttoned Back, Foam Cushions...

Chesterfield sofa - CANTERBURY

Options Available
CAN-VIC2-1 Buttoned Back...

Chesterfield sofa - LIBERTY

Available Options:
313-1 Buttoned Back Foam Cushion Seat
313-2 Buttoned Back Feather Cushion Seat

Chesterfield sofa - CHESTER

3 seater Chester Sofa
Solid wood frame, wood feet, steel spring suspension seat,...

Chesterfield sofa - DEVON

Maxi 2 seater Devon Sofa
Solid wood frame, wood feet, steel spring suspension seat, without cushions, with capitonnè work,...

Chesterfield sofa - KENT

Maxi 2 seater Kent Sofa
Solid wood frame, wood feet, steel spring suspension seat, down filled cushions with foam...

Chesterfield sofa - OXFORD

3 seater Oxford Sofa
Solid wood frame, wood feet, steel spring suspension seat, down filled cushions with foam...

Chesterfield sofa - KENSINGTON

Maxi 3 seater Kensington Sofa
Solid wood frame, wood feet, steel spring suspension seat, down filled...

Chesterfield sofa - SIR WILLIAM

A sinuous profile, with capitonné patterns and maximum...

Chesterfield sofa - CHESTER

Code: D/3103
Name: Chester

Chesterfield sofa - TUDOR by Alessandro  Dubini

It  left to the  collection  of  high  quality  upholstered sofas  from  “i  4  Mariani”,  an  element  classic  and 
decorative like Tudor, which name recalls British atmospheres, a timeless rigour and style. 
This new ...

Chesterfield sofa - STAMFORD

The Stamford is the classic, timeless design...

Chesterfield sofa - GRAHAM

The Graham has been produced...

Chesterfield sofa - HAMILTON

The Hamilton gives off an aura of traditional elegance...

Chesterfield sofa - EDWARD

The hide is pre-dyed before arriving at the workshop and subsequently antiqued by...

Chesterfield sofa - HOWLAND

The Howland is a delightfully charismatic...

Chesterfield sofa - HERMES MAXDIVANI

Framework: Solid beech wood and multi-ply covered with polyether foam 20kg/m3 Sprung: Seat: Bowed...

Chesterfield sofa - CHESTERFIELD

Covering as seen :

Leather : Revenge col. Dark cat. 500

Wood finishing : cod. 102 - Belle èpoque...

Chesterfield sofa - MARILYN  by Bretz Brothers Design

MARILYN is a glamorous, burlesque sofa monument with soft, cuddly upholstery decorated by either original...


How to choose this product


The chesterfield is a large, comfortable, luxurious sofa whose origins reach back to seventeenth-century Britain. The style includes a wide variety of models either entirely or partially button tufted.

Very popular in the Victorian period, it was one of the first sofas to be completely padded and to have armrests at the same height as the back. Several manufacturers continue to produce this type of furniture. On ArchiExpo, they are found among the classic sofas.


Synonym for luxury, the chesterfield is an English classic with a 200-year tradition. The prestige it lends a room can be enjoyed in homes, offices, hotel lobbies and a variety of upscale settings.


Created by artisans, this furniture can be custom-made. While often large enough for three, good quality two-place models also can be found. It is characterized by button-tufted back and armrests.

Chesterfields are often covered in leather, usually from British and European workshops, though velour, linen, damask and other fabrics are also employed. There is a wide range of available colors and several different finishes. Traditionally, these pieces were stuffed with spun silk.

How to choose

Keep in mind that the outer covering of these sofas cannot be removed because of the manufacturing process and the large number of buttons. Chesterfields are usually bulkier than other sofas, making them particularly suitable for large rooms where they can serve as a focal point. They are equally at home in traditional and contemporary decors.

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