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contemporary chiffonier / in wood - MAGGIO by Alessandro Mendini

Narrow and elongated, Maggio is an amusing chest of drawers with a diamond-shaped section and crowned with a mirror; its 8 drawers open thanks to the design-enhancing side grooves. It is created with...

contemporary chiffonier / in wood - INLAY by Front

Inlay entirely recovers the inlay technique, an ancient and precious old time tradition. The product is available in two models: a sideboard for the sitting room and a chest of drawers with 2 drawers, covered...

contemporary chiffonier - CHAMELEON by Front

The Chameleon unit is a truck opening on itself as a Chinese box game, changing its appearance and revealing its double leather...

contemporary chiffonier / in wood / by Studio Kairos - DADO


contemporary chiffonier - CARTEGGIO by Aldo Rossi

A wood writing desk with drawers...

contemporary chiffonier / in wood - ELEA II

Solid structured beech

The 6-Raster single units featuring...

design chiffonier / Bauhaus design / by Marcel Breuer  - S41

lacquered black or white, with castors, 2 handles...

design chiffonier / Bauhaus design / by Marcel Breuer  - S43

Lacquered black or white, with castors, 9...

contemporary chiffonier / in wood - NINE, by Alessandro Dubini

The Nine chest of drawers: a column which forms a visual composition hiding...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered - SUPER

Do you feel creative? Choose yourself the combinations or colour contrasts for bedroom set Super. You can diversify...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered - VINTAGE

A modern review of the timeless round bedside table: here is Vintage, a retro design but practical, contemporary, functional. Vintage rounded bedside table is characterized by a circular...

classic style chiffonier - BOHEMIA

If you esteem nobility, you will be fascinated by the charm of classic bedrooms Bohemia and the accurate workmanship employed in their production. The elegance of this bedroom manifests itself in the wooden...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered / by Werner Aisslinger - CUBE CHANGE

cube change has a handle on all the details. It allows you...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered - MELL by Jehs + Laub

mell is the latest new arrival to the interlübke portfolio and has proved to be a highly appealing...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered - NEWCASE by F. Bettoni & B. Fattorini

Modular system. Units, both stackable and modular as a column, made with medium-density...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered - TRAY

Wooden night tables and chests of drawers with total extraction rails and push...

contemporary chiffonier / in wood - ERMES

Five-drawer tallboy in traditional or natural...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered - MAYA by Operadesign

Elegant, coloured and luminous-this elegant series of accessory units includes night-tables, chest-of-drawers and tallboy. The

contemporary chiffonier - PRINS

Furniture accessories in MDF,...

contemporary chiffonier / in wood - CITY : CS/576-C

CITY model 6-drawer chest. Wooden frame and glass top.
CITY is a chest of six drawers with a clean and elegant design....

contemporary chiffonier / in wood - PASSWORD : CS/6031-21

PASSWORD model bedroom chest. 3-drawer wooden frame.
PASSWORD is a 3-drawer bedroom chest,...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered / by Shiro Kuramata - DINAH

Reissue of the drawers belonging to the famous collection Progetti Compiuti. True to the original draw...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered / by Shiro Kuramata - PROGETTI COMPIUTI

Furniture collection composed of different kinds of chest of drawers.
SIDE 1 / SIDE 2 (1970) - Chests of drawers in two different shapes, case...

contemporary chiffonier / lacquered / by Shiro Kuramata - PYRAMID & REVOLVING CABINET

Chest of drawers on castors. Pyramid-shaped structure in transparent acrylic...

contemporary chiffonier - Co22

New como collection 2014 made out entirely in...

classic style chiffonier - MB31 SILHOUETTE

This elegant, functional piece of furniture has slender, sinuous lines. Its image features a geometrical, stylised...

traditional chiffonier / in wood - POIS MUSICAL

Art. MB37 Pois musical furniture (cm 96x48x149 h)
The line reminds of a bass fiddle, the upper...

classic style chiffonier / lacquered - BLANCA

Structure is lacquered in ivory white tempera, glazed and slightly wrinkled, embellished...

traditional chiffonier / in wood - CO17 COMO ARTICO VANITY

Art CO17 dresser Vanity (cm 141x66x98 h) Wood érable "Arctic" from the line and rounded corners. The...


How to choose this product


Chiffoniers are taller than a chest of drawers. Also called "semainier," they used to have seven drawers, one for each day of the week, for storing clean clothes, especially undergarments.

They are categorized on ArchiExpo by features and finishes: classic, traditional, design, wood, lacquered wood, leather, etc.


Like a chest of drawers, they are often used for clothes storage in bedrooms.


Chiffoniers can be made of materials such as wood (solid, veneer, laminated, lacquered MDF), glass and metal. They can feature numerous amenities and options, including modularity, wheels and swivel-mount.

How to choose

Consider the unit's design, available space, storage and organizational needs, including number depth and width of drawers, and the quality of the slides.


- Optimizes storage and organization

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