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chromotherapy shower - SENSORY SKY by Sieger Design

How does mist feel? What does a rainbow smell like? What does warm summer rain look like?

Just like being in the open air. SENSORY SKYATT turns showering into a unique experience that awakens all your senses. Different...

chromotherapy shower - COLD MIST

The Cold Mist program with its unique jet spray dispenser spraying very fine drops heated to 39°C also contains blue LED lighting with cold...

chromotherapy shower - COLD RAIN

The Cold Rain program with his unique droplet jet also contains green LED lighting with Ice...

chromotherapy shower - COLD STORM

The Cold Storm Program with its unique wide downpour jet comes with blue LED lighting and Scots pine aromas to offer refreshing,...

chromotherapy shower - KROMOTERAPIA: 70.K500

The emotional showers produced by Re.Pack are made with self- extinguishable high density polystyrene foam, coated with fiberglass net and cementitious resin ready to receive the final coating. The artifacts in EPS created by Re.Pack may possibly be prepared for the insertion of the technical plants according to the needs...

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