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double bed / classic style - COLOURS

Are you looking for a classic kind of furniture with a modern touch? Nothing easier with Colours collection. Colour is the key which makes elegant furnishings absolutely modern. You can choose how to match boookshelves fronts...

double bed / classic style - LA SCALA

Across our range of classic bedrooms, La Scala collection represents tradition. It’s completely produced in walnut wood, customizable with black details, featuring the pleasure of handcrafted finishes. Carvings show a lively note...

double bed / classic style / with storage - BOHEMIA

If you esteem nobility, you will be fascinated by the charm of classic bedrooms Bohemia and the accurate workmanship employed in their production. The elegance of this bedroom manifests itself in the wooden...

double bed / classic style - SORRENTO

Classic bedrooms from Sorrento collection provide a balanced and elegant kind of furniture. The craftsmans skills meet the deep knowledge of woodcarving...

single bed / classic style - CHOPIN

Chopin by DallAgnese is a classic bedroom based on distinguishing features such as simple, squared lines, play of frames, rounded corners, grinded glasses for wardrobe doors and brass decorations....

double bed / classic style - Le22K

LE22K Arts Padded bed cm. 229 x 230 x 137 h.
Bed with curved...

double bed / classic style - Le21K Arts intarsiato

LE21K Arts Inlaid bed cm. 229 x 230 x 137 h.
Bed with headboard rounded, fully inlaid...

double bed / classic style - LE04 BOUQUET

An important bed which gives the idea of an embrace, which is a hymn to life and an exaltation of colours....

double bed / classic style - LE06 REGALE

This bed is made of solid wood slabs plated with walnut.
There is a grand scenic effect created by the swirl working...

double bed / classic style - LE05 FUSION

This bedroom is a wise “fusion” of styles and contrasts.
In every piece: bed – chest of drawers...

double bed / classic style - BON BON

Sommier and headboard : Fabric Velluto Plain col. beige cat. Maxi

double bed / classic style / fabric / upholstered - LADY D

Covering as seen :

Sommier and headboard : Fabric...

double bed / classic style / fabric / upholstered - DECÒGLAM - CASA GIOIELLO : LADY D

Covering as seen:

Fabric art. Roadster col. 103 cat. Extra

double bed / classic style - MARILYN

Covering as seen:

Fabric art. Mousse col. 208 cat. Mn

double bed / classic style - PARISIENNE

covering as seen:

leather: Las Vegas col. Bronzo...

double bed / classic style - 20-0530


A statement of sumptuous...

double bed / classic style - 20-0534


Designed in the Art...

double bed / classic style - AC-10046

Bed model AC-10046 with canopy AC-10046-19

double bed / classic style - AC-701-19

Bed model AC-701-19
double bed with...

double bed / classic style - AC-7610-19

Bed with upholstered head and...

double bed / classic style - AC-42200-19

Bed modell AC-42200-19
upholstery: fabric...

double bed / classic style - AC-42200-19

Fusion Bed, natural finish (215x225x113h cm)
This bed has a refined image underlined by the use of precious...

double bed / classic style - LOUVRE

Bedrooms of Louvre collection include beds v/ith fabric headboard and sides in walnut and rich...

double bed / classic style - FRENCH 19TH CENTURY

Elegance and practicality. The collection includes beds v/ith headboards in leather and...

double bed / classic style - MAGGIOLINI

Hot colors, precious floral inlays. The bedroom Maggiolini combines elegance...

double bed / classic style - CARUSO

Caruso, chalk-white decorated...

double bed / classic style / with storage - HERMES

Bed with headboard frame made of solid-wood and inlayed elements. Padded...

double bed / classic style / forged iron - ERALD

_Hand forged and decorated solid iron bed with cast iron details, silver leaf pickled
finish cat. C
_Handkerchief bedspread in Degas/24 fabric, cat. B
_Round cushion in Degas/24...

double bed / classic style - LUXOR

_Iron and bronzed brass bed with alabaster...

double bed / classic style - MELODY

_Iron bed with ceramic-coated details,...

double bed / classic style - LUIS

_Wooden bed, wax silver leaf finish, cat. C, with buttoned padding...

double bed / classic style - MOZART

_Carved wooden bed in rose oxidized...

double bed / classic style - VESTA


double bed / classic style - PANDORA


double bed / classic style - ASEA


single bed / classic style - CALIPSO


double bed / classic style - ELENA


double bed / classic style - PARMA : L63-160

When considering the overall design of a home, in terms of both fitting out the spaces and the actual lifestyle, the Parma collection plays an exclusive role.

Fully fitting out a living space. This...

double bed / classic style - BISANZIO : L88-180P

Pregno is offering its viewers a special collection. Bisanzio is the result of in-depth aesthetic and functional research and gives you a feeling of being taken back in time.

A refined, intriguing design, full of...

double bed / classic style - BYBLOS : L91-180TR

Byblos makes you want to stay at home to enjoy the colours, light, atmosphere and objects as something stylish and rare.

A top quality design experiments with new materials to give...

double bed / classic style - VALENTINA

Dimensions vary based on pieces selected. Scroll below for pieces and sizes available.

double bed / classic style - RIBBON

Dimensions vary based on pieces selected. Scroll below for pieces and sizes available.


double bed / classic style - SERENDIPITY

Dimensions vary based on pieces selected....

double bed / classic style - ARABESQUE

Footboard height 37 9/16 in. (97 cm.) Top of side rails 14 3/4 in. (37 cm.) from floor. Box spring 10...

double bed / canopy / classic style - ARABESQUE

Headboard height 80 in. (203 cm.) Footboard height 17 1/2 in. (44 cm.) Top of side rails 17 1/2 in. (44...

double bed / classic style - CASTELLINA

Drop-down fronts on top drawers with triple electrical outlet in right drawer....

double bed / classic style - OSTERLEY MANOR

Footboard height 34 1/2 in. (88 cm.) Side rail height 14 1/2 in. (37 cm.) Height from floor to bottom of box spring 8 3/4 in. (22 cm.) or 12 in....


How to choose this product


A classic or period bed can be categorized by size (single, double, etc.) and its style, such as Louis XVI, Directorate and Empire. Options include a frame with storage compartments for bedding or with drawers.

How to choose

Bed length should exceed the user's height by at least 20 centimeters. Width is a function of desired comfort and room size. A bedroom measuring less than 10 square meters should not have a bed over 140 centimeters wide. Aesthetics depend on personal taste, though bed style should blend with existing decor.

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