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Their unique outline appeals to industrial design enthusiasts.

classic style chair - MINA by Joe Gentile

Chair in beech with padded...

classic style chair - ROSETTA  by Joe Gentile

Chair in beech with padded...

classic style chair - PAULINE NL.580 by Joe Gentile

Small armchair hand made decoration...

classic style chair / Regency - RTFA10/1

Dimensions : 104 H x 56 W x 49 D cm.


classic style chair / Regency - RT10

Dimensions : 95 h x 52 w x 45 d cm.

The charm and elegance of this chair lie in the fine Rocaille carving, the perfect curves of the front legs and the rare horseshoe-shaped design...

classic style chair / Regency - RT5

Dimensions : 100 h x 50 w x 45 d cm.

The characteristics of this style are present here - no deep mouldings, carvings of medium depth,...

classic style chair / Regency - RT16/1

Caning, a fashion which...

classic style chair / Regency - RT16

Dimensions : 103 h x 55 w x 51.5 d cm.

The tendency towards Rocaille carving and the Regence taste reigning in Europe due to the influence...

classic style chair - EUROPEAN: 1534

in 19.7x20.1/40.9/19.3 - cm 50x51/104/49
Selva Timeless Beauty

classic style chair - TZSAR: 1750

in 20.5x27.6/45.3/18.9 - cm 52x70/115/48

classic style chair - VERONA/GARDA: E118

in 18.5x20.5/37.4/18.9 - cm 47x52/95/48

Regency chair / classic style - CANNES DUGIERE

This Regence style dining chair has a scalloped apron and cabriolet legs.

classic style chair - TILLY

Ref. 600714

classic style chair - RNT 133

Designed by Rukotvorine Dimensions:...

classic style chair / rosewood / with armrest - ORUPGAARD by Baron Charles de Selby

This dining room set was made for Orupgaard Estate, Falster, Denmark, of which the main building was built in English style by the...

classic style chair - ARLETTE

Name Arlette Chair

classic style chair / bar / bar - MILTON

Handcrafted chair shown in high gloss black lacquer with Swarovski...

classic style chair - MILTON

Handcrafted chair shown with Espresso finish with high...


How to choose this product


A classic chair uses construction methods, materials, shapes or colors used in previous historical periods, normally before the 20th century. Form, finish and materials may vary with the epoch. For example, a Louis XIV style chair may be broader and more rectilinear than a Louis XV chair, which has more rounded features.


These chairs can be part of a set or a standalone piece. A single chair may be used with a small table, such as a dressing table, while a set of period chairs may be used in a dining room. A classic chair constitutes a luxurious addition to conference rooms, restaurants and bars. Some are stackable to facilitate storage.

How to choose

Consider whether the chair will complement other period furnishings or be used to contrast with a more contemporary environment. Another factor is required maintenance. Chairs upholstered with special fabrics can be difficult to maintain or to replace, a particular concern for commercial environments such as restaurants and conference facilities.


- Elegant
- Often high quality


- Expensive

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