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Sorrento by DallAgnese achieves a well-balanced elegance in the classic style furnishing for the living area. This dining room is penetrated with a proportioned coexistence of classic...



A truly delightful piece, ideal as...


As harmonious as a drop of water (as the name implies) falling gently...

This piece is a true artistic sculpture. The doors...

The entirely curved structure is of solid wood slabs with the outside part in cherry...

The glass cabinet, of a pyramidal form, has a solid wood structure...

With essential design. The structure...


Liberty wooden cabinet, worn...


Yew, rosewood and mahogany display cabinet with mother-of-pearl...

Mahogany display cabinet with gilt...


art.508 1 door...


Cherrywood, Olive...

Half-round curio cabinet
Style:Neo classic


One door cabinet in cherry wood...

Glass cabinet "Trianon" in...


The interior shown on this page almost seems...


An evening can be spent in Venice calmly contemplating the plays of light on the lagoon...

Imagining the great masters of art whose pictures are engraved in our minds...Forgetting about time...

Pregno is offering its viewers a special collection. Bisanzio is the result of in-depth aesthetic and functional research and gives you a feeling of being taken back in time.

A refined, intriguing design, full of...


Behind glass doors are six adjustable glass shelves with plate grooves, two fixed wood shelves with glass inserts, two...


Behind two tempered glass doors are three...


How to choose this product


A classic display case is a cabinet with glass doors or panes for displaying and storing items. Its form, construction or finish is associated with a particular era or period style. On ArchiExpo, this furniture is arranged by properties such as design period, type or finish.


These pieces can be chosen to complement existing period-style furniture or for their individual finish, quality of construction or materials, which may add a historical or elegant note to a space. They are used at home to display objects, antiques or kitchenware. Commercial and public uses include displaying information or products at exhibitions or in other settings.


Cherry and birch are among the woods used to manufacture such furniture. Special finishes include lacquer, veneer and, in some cases, crystal glass.

How to choose

Choose style and dimensions with respect to the space. The unit can complement other furniture or stand out as a feature piece. Evaluate sturdiness. Placement in a high-traffic area increases the risk of damage, while direct sunlight degrades finishes more quickly. Determine maintenance requirements and whether protective coatings must be reapplied.

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