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table lamp / contemporary / stainless steel - GLADYS by Louise Hederström

Table lamp in white lacquered steel with lace pattern. Feet...

table lamp / contemporary / metal / adjustable - GLASGOW by David Taylor

Design: 2006

Table lamp made of anodised aluminium, making...

table lamp / contemporary / glass - MANHATTAN

Table lamp with foot in brushed stainless steel and jointed shade in clear glass,...

table lamp / contemporary / acrylic - OBILITE by Kersti Sandin & Lars Bülow

Pendant, table and floor light with white, red or black shade in pleated acrylic. Pendant with shade in two sizes,...

table lamp / contemporary - OLLE by Olle Anderson

Design: 2006

Table lamp made out of two geometrical elements in white...

table lamp / contemporary / metal - ORTEN'ZIA: M41B by Bruno Rainaldi


table lamp / contemporary / glass / halogen - BOND by Bruno Rainaldi


table lamp / contemporary / metal - GLAMOUR by Dodo Arslan


table lamp / contemporary / in wood - BEE

Walnut base, steel platform, brown linen shade

table lamp / contemporary / metal - FALLING IN LOVE

small but brilliant, a spherical light in its own nest.

table lamp / contemporary / glass / blown - FIVE

Five is an LED table lamp with mouth-blown glass...

table lamp / contemporary / metal / adjustable - FALLING STAR

next to the bed, on the desk no matter where its used, this luminaire arouses emotions in their purest form....

table lamp / contemporary / glass / blown - LITTLE MARY

The table lamp LITTLE MARY consists of a hand-blown white crystal...

table lamp / contemporary / porcelain / tripod - MY

The MY lampshade range is a blend of bone china porcelain, oak and polished aluminium....

table lamp / garden - ROAMING by Alberto Brogliato

Portable lamp with RGB LED light with an internal battery.


table lamp / contemporary / polycarbonate - BOLIO by Filipe Lisboa

Bolio's opulent design teases curious bystanders. Its half metallic, half translucent form reveals the...

table lamp / contemporary / polycarbonate - ZEBRA by Filipe Lisboa

Silver metallic stripes evoke a spectacular idealism and sophistication. This engagingly original...

table lamp / original design / oled - TEKA by Aldo Cibic

Teka is a timeless object, inspired by the shop storefronts of the viennese natural...

table lamp / original design / oled - ECLAT by C+B Lefebvre

ECLAT, a true "Ike ban a" of light and metal,...

table lamp / original design / oled - GALAXIE by Bertrand Médas

We created Galaxie to express the extreme softness and
delicacy of...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - GIRO 2410 by Ramos & Bassols

White lacquer
Polymer and aluminium
E27 230V 60W...

table lamp / contemporary / polyester - JAZZ by Diego Fortunato

Table lamp designed by Diego Fortunado. General ambient...

table lamp / contemporary - FOLD by Enrico Franzolini

Fold Collection is a range of lights with lampshades that create optical effects: the diffusers are produced in either stainless steel with a super mirror finish or steel painted with a...

table lamp / table / original design / metal - GLOW MINI by Enrico Franzolini

The Glow lamp collection finds new ways to express itself with the advent of the Glow Mini family. The variety and freshness of the three versions it comes in - Ceiling, Mini-Table and Mini-Pendant...

table lamp / original design / PVC - CRINOLINA TABLE by Susanne Philippson

Crinolina is a collection of lights which evokes the shape of oldfashioned skirts. The defining feature of the lights is the diffuser with its perfectly balanced arrangement of filled and empty sections....

table lamp / original design / polycarbonate - CORAL

Coral is a range of lights with a uniquely shaped modular element which is reminiscent of a branch of coral and is produced in injection moulded polycarbonate. “We wanted to create a light that was both visibly rich and articulated, starting from a very simple module. The module repeats itself like a fractal...

table lamp / contemporary / glass / blown - LUCENTE DESIGN: DECO

Blown glass diffuser available in glossy...

table lamp / table / original design / metal - LUCENTE DESIGN: TAMBURO by Roberto Favaretto

Metal round structure, chromed for the Ø 370 lamp series...

table lamp / original design / aluminium - LUCENTE DESIGN: LIBERA by Brian Rasmussen

A suspended pendant consisting of differing sizes of formed aluminium sheets. These are placed...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - BRONTE by Paolo Dell'Elce

Bronte is a bookrest lamp: a multifunctional tool which brings together, through the language of the designer, the manufacturing technologies adopted by Danese. The luminous element, made of a cut and...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - ECLITTICA 20 by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Eclittica is an innovative family of luminaires, which greatly benefits from the technological evolution of the LED. In fact, they ensure optimal control for superior lighting performance,...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - MIA by Paola Monaco di Arianello

Mia is a table lamp that is made up of two elements physically separated but dependent on each other, which are held together by a stem that makes the design stylish, functional and harmonious. The sculptural form balances with the light output. The...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - SOL by Marco Zanuso Jr & Christophe Mathieu

Sol is a system entirely based on innovative optical computing principles and LED technology, made of transparent materials and characterized by simple features. The technological innovation and the thorough research developed by Danese over the years are in line with the designers principles of light that have been adopted and...

table lamp / original design / by Naoto Fukasawa / polycarbonate - AMÁMI

Opaline polycarbonate shade and stem.
Amami creates a luminous panorama, giving the...

table lamp / child's unisex - BACI BÄR : 1412 V39

Lamp Carousel
height: aprox. 13,5 cm, diameter: aprox. 12...

table lamp / traditional - SPRING

Like its name, this design evokes joy and optimism, something desired and expected. It is creative, new and...

table lamp / traditional - ATHENEA

This romantic collection with a delicate and unique aesthetic is very appropiate for any interior that requires an exclusive and distinguished accent. Technically we can highlight...

table lamp / traditional - CHIC

It is not necessary to know the French language to understand the meaning of the word CHIC:...

table lamp / contemporary / metal - ALUX

Alux collection was born when its designer Christian Vivanco of Mexican origin dreamed of a carácter of the maya mithology,...

table lamp / contemporary / metal - CONE by Roger Persson

With this collection we have wanted to create a collection of luminaries with a strong graphic and geometric...

table lamp / contemporary / metal - COCO by Sleeplate Projects

Working a piece of extreme simplicity, aesthetics and function, including materials, texture and geometry, but above all, the treatment of light was the premise when addressing the design...

table lamp / traditional - TRIA

Based on the classic lamp, Tria revitalizes this archetype with...

table lamp / contemporary / metal - LIGHTBOARD

This beautiful and simple lamp has been designed to create an ambience for those hours...

table lamp / original design - EDGE by Amanda Levete

In collaboration with Philips, Edge is driven by a desire to exploit a technology that is in its infancy but is destined to change the way we see light. Dubbed the new lighting technology of the 21st century, an OLED is essentially an extremely...

table lamp / contemporary / LED - FLATLINER by Jason Bruges Studio

Jason Bruges has interpreted a classic lamp, rethinking its form and experiments with intelligent surfaces, creating an element...

table lamp / contemporary / steel - FOLD by Alexander Taylor

This design derives its name from the production process where a metal sheet is subjected to multiple folding. This forms the basis of the design of the small...

table lamp / contemporary / by Luca Nichetto - GOLCONDA

Golconda is inspired by the Magritte pairing Golconda, 1953. The directional table light depicts a scene of almost identical men dressed in dark overcoats and bowler...

table lamp / original design / by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec / glass - LIGHTHOUSE

When designing for Established & Sons and Venini, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullecs idea was to light up a voluminous round glass structure...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - VINTE2 by Fernando Prado

vinte2 was designed by fernando prado to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the brazilian...

table lamp / contemporary / glass / blown - PICCOLO by Fernando Prado

simplicity and versatility are hallmark characteristics of fernando prados lamps. his experience as luminis creative director and...

table lamp / contemporary / glass / blown - BAJU by Fernando Prado

in baju, designer fernando prado suggests a sophisticated...

table lamp / contemporary / textile - WISH by Fernando Prado

simplicity and versatility are hallmark characteristics of fernando prado’s lamps. his experience as lumini’s creative director and his daily practice in the factory guarantee the perfect alignment between design and technique in the production of his designs. the wish line is an example of functionality...


How to choose this product


A period table lamp is characterized by finely-worked elements and decoration that call to mind the luxury and ostentation of by-gone eras. Its base is usually of exquisitely fashioned bronze or iron, and its shade features complex, curvilinear design and sumptuous decoration.


These low-power lamps serve primarily as decorative objects in a main room.


Such lamps usually use incandescent bulbs and traditional materials, such as bronze, cast iron, crystal or glass, crafted by artisans.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the lamp's size and aesthetic qualities, and the dimensions of the table.

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