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A clay brick is a traditional masonry construction element. It may be solid or perforated and may be used for building or paving. On ArchiExpo, clay brick is categorized by use (e.g., for load-bearing walls) and type (e.g., solid, hollow).


These bricks are used in load-bearing walls, partition walls, facing, ceilings and floors. Solid bricks offer good thermal properties, load bearing capacities and compressive strength.


Solid clay brick offers several advantages over other structural materials. It has very high compressive strength, requires no formwork, its constituent materials are widely available and its manufacture is less damaging to the environment than the production of concrete. A clay brick may be produced in different ways. It is molded and may be fired or naturally air dried.

How to choose

Choose a clay brick suitable for the intended application. If it will be used for load-bearing structures, its grade and properties must comply with local and international standards. Installation techniques also should comply with relevant regulations (e.g., use of reinforcement bars).

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Hock GmbH & Co. KG PROCREA®
Clay and wood block for partitions walls (100% recyclable) PROCREA® Hock GmbH & Co. KG

ProCrea® clay building elements are made of clay and sawdust. They are building biologically certified. To process with a circular saw with a hard metal blade, band saw or a regular saw....

Hock GmbH & Co. KG PROCREA®
Clay block for partitions walls (100% recyclable) PROCREA® Hock GmbH & Co. KG

ProCrea® Clay Bricks Unburnt and air dried clay bricks. Application:...

Lime Technology  SUMATEC
Clay block for partitions walls (100% recyclable) SUMATEC Lime Technology

Sumatec® blocks are manufactured from clay Sumatec® extruded earth blocks are unfired blocks and as such should not be used as an external wall, but are ideal as an internal leaf of certain...

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Clay bricks
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