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Coat hooks
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coat hook - FASHION

Fashion collection comprises:

- Robe Hook
- Worktop...

coat hook - HOTEL'S 2

The Hotel's 2 collection comprises:

- Robe hook
- Soap dish

coat hook - SUPERINOX

Robe hook for bathroom, part of the Superinox collection

The Superinox collection comprises:

- Robe...

coat hook - FRONTALIS

Robe hook from the Frontalis collection

The Frontalis accessories collection...

coat hook - BOX

Articles in this collection:

- Robe hook

coat hook - HOOP by Jeremy King & Riccardo Roselli

Hoop accessories, by the architects King and
Roselli. were originally designed forthe...

coat hook - TWO by Giulio Cappellini

Even this wall hung series retraces the Flaminia
philosophy. In fact all Flaminia products are
conceived as...

Patrick Norguet coat hook - MONO' NOKE'

Mono' collection is completed by a full line
of taps and accessories: Noke'.

coat hook - FOLD by Lorenzo Damiani

Fold is a collection of bathroom accessories
made of mechanically bent chrome pipes.
With the...

locker room coat hook - STRX692

Hook for wall mounting, stainless steel,...

locker room coat hook - HDTX692

Coat hook, stainless steel, material thickness 2 mm,...

locker room coat hook - HDTX691

Coat hook for wall mounting, stainless steel, surface satin...

wooden coat hook - GYM by Staffan Holm

This versatile wall-hung clothes hanger is just as much a sculpture as a clothes hanger. The rings...

aluminium coat hook - BEAM

Beam is a hall rack in aluminium that gives your coat a lift, where other halls racks are weighted down by heavy cold weather gear. The strong aluminium bar is fitted with versatile wooden hooks that slide along the bar for maximum flexibility. More hooks can be added as...

coat hook - by Olaf Von Bohr

This classic of 1970's Kartell design is revisited...

coat hook - CILYNDER

Coat and clothes hanger.
Year of production: 2009.
Dimensions: cm 5 x 8,5 x 10,5.
Materials: stainless steel.

Rational and sober but at the same time taut and...

coat hook - LOVE

Valet hanger.
Year of production: 2009.
Dimensions: cm 15 x 41 x 47.
Materials: stainless steel.
Design: Massimiliano Pavon.

Affective works as LOVE, KISSME and SILVERWING by INSILVIS aim to enter in a emotional relationship with users, in order to deliver perceptual contents capable of stimulating positive psychological experiences: they explore the...

coat hook - QUID 1B

Valet hanger.
Year of production: 2009.
Dimensions: cm 15 x 30 x 45.
Materials: stainless steel.
Design: Massimiliano Pavon.

INSILVIS valet hangers express handiness in beauty.
Installation is foolproof and steady, versatile functionality is an important goal achieved.
Use-value is a pleasant pretense to achieve a significant contribution...

coat hook - FLOU 1A

Coat and clothes hanger.
Year of production: 2007.

coat hook - PIX 1A 140 Extradimensional

Coat and clothes hanger.
Year of production: 2009.
Dimensions: cm 14 x 14 x 17.
Materials: stainless steel.

With this work INSILVIS intends to bestow dignity of form and...

coat hook - S4

Brass, Solid Surface, flexibility, functionality and design; this is S4.
The nobility of brass and the innovation with the solid surface brackets...

coat hook - S2

Pure and sophisticated lines in perfect horizontal...

coat hook - TRE 2813


TRE # 2813
Wall-mount robe...

coat hook - MINIMAL 3913

Wall-mount robe hook made of stainless steel.


coat hook - QUADRO 4413

Wall-mount robe hook made of stainless steel.


chromium-plated bar coat hook - RONDA 0213

Wall-mount robe hook made of chrome...

chromium-plated bar coat hook - ELEGANZA 1813

Wall-mount double robe hook made of...

coat hook - PURO TOWEL HOOK by Michael Rösing

with two striking hooks the RADIUS PURO TOWEL HOOK...

coat hook - BORCHIA by Lapo Ciatti

Fused nickel-plated clothes hanger...

coat hook - CSC by Bruno Rainaldi

The opening of any building site is always witness to the habitual act of a handed-down legend. Builders, a few gestures, some deal boards left over from a closed building site and a handful of nails. The...

chromium-plated bar coat hook - MK HAK1

MK HAK1 MIKADO Hook single...

coat hook - CL HAK2

CL HAK2 CLASSIC Hook double...

coat hook - CL HAK1

CL HAK1 CLASSIC Hook single - chrome


coat hook - TB HAK 41 51

TB HAK41 TUBE Hook single - chrome


chromium-plated bar coat hook - TB HAK42

TB HAK42 TUBE Hook single...

coat hook - SIGNATURE 13.1659

Robe hook
Surface mounted

coat hook - SIGNATURE 13.1658

Robe hook
Surface mounted

coat hook - SIGNATURE 13.1657

Robe hook
Surface mounted

coat hook - SIGNATURE 13.1656

Large satin finish stainless steel...

coat hook - SIGNATURE 13.1660

Satin finish stainless steel robe...

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