contemporary side table / oak / steel / powder-coated steel
contemporary side table
TABLOID Tables by Floris Hovers

Height: 520 mm
Length: 414 mm
Width: 289 mm

... paper), coated steel frame dimensions based on tabloid sizes flower table: 1 panel of 289x289mm, 1150mm high side table: 2 panels of 289x414mm, 520mm high coffee table: ...

contemporary side table / wooden / MDF / lacquered MDF
contemporary side table

Height: 66 cm
Length: 42, 55 cm
Width: 28, 35 cm

LAN tables have been designed to be a practical accessory for sofas and armchairs. It is an element that can be used as a support for a laptop, tablet, for taking notes or simply a place to leave a coffee cup. The surfaces ...

contemporary side table / ABS / round / contract
contemporary side table
4/4 by Rodolfo Bonetto

Height: 50 cm
Length: 100 cm
Width: 100 cm

... live. Curving lines, glossy plastic and easy dovetailing turn the four elements making it up into a round coffee table, a serpentine table, a modular bookcase or even a corner shelving. Made in injection-moulded ...

contemporary side table / laminate / round / square
contemporary side table

Capri is the perfect portable tablet for many environments, including healthcare. Laminate tablet top mounted to solid steel base with 1.25" dia. steel tubing.

contemporary side table / brass / parchment / commercial
contemporary side table

Height: 50 cm
Length: 58 cm
Width: 58 cm

Side table, top in light grey parchment and feet in light bronze brass. Code: 180034 Width: 58 cm Height: 50 cm Depth: 58 cm

contemporary side table / wooden / steel / round
contemporary side table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 45 cm
Width: 45 cm

The Burgess Compact Table is a small occasional table with a bold personality. Constructed from a two piece powder coated steel base with a compact laminate table top, this elegant and ...

contemporary side table / oak / walnut / round
contemporary side table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 45 cm
Width: 45 cm

The Allesley Side Table is a strong, elegant looking table which is manufactured in either FSC walnut or oak. The table has a CNC cut circular linoleum inlay which has ...

contemporary side table / steel / oak / round
contemporary side table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 45 cm
Width: 45 cm

The Burgess Side Table is a small occasional table with a bold personality. Constructed from a two piece powder coated steel base with a solid oak table top finished ...

contemporary side table / stainless steel / square / commercial
contemporary side table
UENO by Takashi Shinozaki

Height: 36 cm
Length: 45 cm
Width: 41 cm

Inspired by the stools in Japanese schools, UENO is the perfect fusion of lines and surfaces: tubular metal is bent to meet the L-shaped top. Open and closed spaces combine in a simple perpendicular design to create a shape with rounded ...

contemporary side table / laminate / round / contract
contemporary side table
SAINT BARTH by Stefano Gallizioli

... versatility.Saint Barth is is available in different combinations: complete sofa, corner solutions , vis-àvis with integrated coffee tables.

contemporary side table / wood veneer / laminate / round
contemporary side table
TEAR by II BY IV Design

The Tear Drop table is a small yet significant piece of furniture. Elegant and sculptural. Understated and timeless. This highly functional side table with a sculpture shape is height ...

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contemporary side table / laminate / round / oval
contemporary side table

Height: 26 in
Length: 16, 18 in
Width: 16, 24, 25 in

... capturing your thoughts on paper, to using your laptop or tablet. Its lightweight design pulls up comfortably to lounge chairs or side seating, and complements your work as well as your work area aesthetic.

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contemporary side table / metal / wood veneer / plywood
contemporary side table
SWOOP by Brian Kane

... lecturer at the California College of Art, industrial designer Brian Kane observed how students interacted with furniture in public spaces on campus. He noticed that very few of them sat in what might be considered a ...

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Herman Miller Europe
contemporary side table / wooden / metal / round
contemporary side table
SWOOP by Brian Kane

... instructor at the California College of Art, industrial designer Brian Kane observed how students interacted with furniture in public spaces on campus. He noticed that very few of them sat in what might be considered ...

contemporary side table / PMMA / rectangular / for offices
contemporary side table

Height: 15.6 in
Length: 19 in
Width: 19.1 in

Mobil is a system of containers that simultaneously boasts agility, mobility, practicality, resistance and durability. Thanks to its design and the glamour of the colours available, it fits into any room in the home or office, lending ...

contemporary side table / American walnut / chrome steel / round
contemporary side table
BOBINE by Michael Koenig

Height: 45, 73 cm

Top in 12 mm thick toughened glass, 15 mm thick white lacquered clear glass or solid American walnut. Base in brilliant-chromed steel. Height of table may be adjusted by means of a gas piston.

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Ligne Roset Contracts
contemporary side table / wooden / glass / steel
contemporary side table

Height: 18 in
Length: 16 in
Width: 15.8 in

Warren Platner 1966 In 1966, the Platner Collection captured the “decorative, gentle, graceful” shapes that were beginning to infiltrate the modern vocabulary. The iconic pieces are created by welding hundreds of curved steel rods to ...

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contemporary side table / brushed stainless steel / acrylic / square
contemporary side table
PK71™ by Poul Kjærholm

Height: 29, 27, 25.5 cm
Length: 28 cm
Width: 28 cm

PK71™ consists of three nesting tables that can be stored under each other. With these tables and their ongoing 3-dimensional shape was Poul Kjærholm showing the square in all 3 dimensions in his work ...

contemporary side table / metal / crystal / lacquered metal
contemporary side table
E 1027

Height: 102, 64 cm
Length: 52 cm
Width: 52 cm

... comes from her: E is for Eileen, 10 for Jean (J is the 10th letter of the alphabet), 2 for B(adovici) and 7 for G(ray). Side table. Height-adjustable base, powder-coated tubular steel in black or chrome-plated. ...

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contemporary side table / walnut / ash / American walnut
contemporary side table

Height: 43 cm
Length: 125 cm
Width: 125 cm

Besides the table La Rotonda, already part of the collection, a low table h. 43 cm (17”) with top Ø 125 cm (49.3”) come as a new introduction. The low table is proposed in the finishes: ...

contemporary side table / polyethylene / square / outdoor
contemporary side table

Height: 50.8 cm
Length: 46 cm
Width: 45.7 cm

... years we have continued to refine the appearance and function of all the pieces, as well as reduce the cost. The Seattle Public Library literally has hundreds of pieces of GO that are used every day in one of the most ...

contemporary side table / metal / glossy lacquered wood / matte lacquered wood
contemporary side table

Height: 55 cm
Length: 44 cm
Width: 44 cm

Puck is a round side table designed to help functionality. Its sloping base conceals intelligent thinking: as well as characterising the appearance of this designer side table, ...

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contemporary side table / laminate / rectangular / commercial
contemporary side table

The Split Table’s contemporary range consists of a coffee, side, high and dining table. Realised with individuality in mind, the Split Tables have the ability to be duo ...

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contemporary side table / steel / acrylic / Solid Surface
contemporary side table
WORKSTYLES by David Fuehrer, Ehren Gaag, Jay Koback, & Rob

At 26 inches high, the 31 wide trapezium top is a viable worksurface in a sitting position or with technology; the lower table is for hospitality or a secondary surface. The rotating motion of the tops allows both surfaces ...

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contemporary side table / wooden / round / square
contemporary side table
FLINT by Gert Batenburg

Flint is a whimsical coffee table with a surprising combination of simplicity and an understated natural character. It has a wafer thin top, tapered to the edges, which is sturdily affixed to the delicate base. Flint ...

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contemporary side table / glass / brass / iron
contemporary side table

Height: 40 cm
Length: 60 cm
Width: 60 cm

Flash tables are available in three heights and shapes, ideal for use as coffee or side tables. The rectangular version can cantilever over the arm of a low sofa. SKUFLT02-M1 FinishPlated Base ...

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Tom Dixon
contemporary side table / metal / commercial
contemporary side table

... the extent of retreat and discretion required, partitions can be configured as an L-shape or a U-shape. Three different tables serve as bridges, go-betweens and add-ons. In combination, these items of furniture create ...

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