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contemporary ottoman - DUNE

Height 38 cm | 14.96"
Width 80 cm | 31.5"
Depth 80 cm | 31.5"
Features -Modules secured together by bracket on bottom.

contemporary ottoman - ROWDY

Product information
Foot rest

contemporary pouf - CAP by Leila Atlassi & Karolina Adolfsson

Peuf CAP is made in standard seat height 45 cm. The round CAP is available in 40, 60 and 100 cm diameter....

contemporary ottoman / wood / garden - FRA


contemporary pouf / wood / garden - FRA


contemporary ottoman / wood / garden - NOON


convertible pouf / contemporary - CAR.GO by Giulio Manzoni

A minimal ottoman becomes a single bed. Under the padded...

convertible pouf / contemporary - YAKI

Ottoman bed covered with fabrics in bright colours or classic...

contemporary pouf / inflatable - AIRPOUF by Lorenzo Damiani

ts a hard life for vacuum cleaners, although they are essential electrical appliances, they can hardly be considered as pleasant items. Lorenzo Damiani (2005) has worked...

convertible pouf / contemporary - SANTAPOUF by Denis Santachiara

A design ottoman, with a lycra colored cover,...

convertible pouf / contemporary - XL by Giulio Manzoni

Large padded ottoman easily convertible into a single or...

contemporary ottoman - B25 by Cate & Nelson

B25 ottoman in compression-moulded...

contemporary ottoman - DUNDER by Stefan Borselius

Dunder is an extendable modular sofa that adapts easily and elegantly to the setting in which it is used. Dunder modular seating consists of five different sections – middle, corner, left-hand end unit, right-hand end unit...

contemporary ottoman - PEBBLE by Osko & Deichmann

Pebble is a sofa and easy chair- range that could provide both calm and an opportunity to recharge – right in the midst of a hectic life. As the name indicates the range is inspired by rocks and stones, because of their size, strength and unchangeable qualities, they...

contemporary pouf - PUPPA by Stefan Borselius

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Before Oppo there was Puppa… Or was it the other way round? You can use Puppa as a footstool together with Oppo, or as a freestanding...

contemporary pouf - QVARTO by Börge Lindau

Qvarto Stool can be used free standing as a stool or linked with other menbers of the Qvarto family. Qvarto can be used in many different locations; waiting areas, universities, hotels and many more. Use our design tool to configure your own Qvarto!

Qvarto S10S

contemporary pouf - QVARTO by Börge Lindau

Frame in multilayer.Solid fir-wood....

contemporary pouf / by Paola Navone - PETITE LEA

Textile ottoman, removable fabric. Solid wood...

contemporary pouf / by Paola Navone - PETITE LEA : COUTURE

Textile ottoman, removable fabric. Solid wood...

contemporary ottoman - ROYALE by Castello Lagravinese

Solid fir-wood frame. Upholstered in different...

contemporary ottoman - LARIO by Giuseppe Viganò

Frame in wood with elastic belts...

contemporary ottoman - ADDIT by Anya Sebton

With a high level of comfort and several different units, AddIt is a collection that inspires...

contemporary pouf - CAT by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

Cat is a seating sculpture which develops from an arched quadrate and opens up conically like a flower. The upper border is inclined and describes the line of the...

contemporary pouf / by Patricia Urquiola - MANGAS NATURAL : CARAMELO MP1N


MM1 90x69 cm, MM2 100x90 cm, MM3 136x80 cm
MM1 3'x 2'3",...

contemporary pouf / by Patricia Urquiola - MANGAS NATURAL : GLOBO MP2N


MM1 90x69 cm, MM2 100x90 cm, MM3 136x80 cm
MM1 3'x 2'3",...

contemporary pouf / by Patricia Urquiola - MANGAS NATURAL : CAMPANA MP3N


MM1 90x69 cm, MM2 100x90 cm, MM3 136x80 cm
MM1 3'x 2'3",...

contemporary pouf / by Patricia Urquiola - MANGAS


90x69x43h cm, 100x90x43h cm, 136x80x43h cm


contemporary pouf / garden - ILLA

Sofa 225x137x40h - Pouf 100x100x40h
High density polyurethane...

contemporary pouf / garden - PAU by Ronan Rlsselin

Relax and design, indoor-outdoor, the perfect mix. Choose the number

contemporary ottoman / garden - MODÌ by Moredesign

MODÌ comes to be with the will to interpret space insideand outside the house.
It features...

contemporary pouf - XS/XL by Ivano Redaelli

Pouf realized in wooden structure and polyurethane...

contemporary pouf - PATRICK by Ivano Redaelli

Pouf realized in wooden structure and polyurethane...

contemporary pouf - AVEDON / SCOTT by Ennio Arosio

Pouf mod. “double” and pouf mod. “pastiglia”realized in multilevel...

contemporary pouf - CLOUD by Ivano Redaelli

Pouf with a polyurethane structure...

contemporary ottoman / garden - BLOC : 4813CM by Mark Gabbertas

Combining luxury with the ultimate in simplicity, Bloc is a strikingly geometric interpretation...

contemporary ottoman / garden - CAPE : 3112 by Povl Eskildsen

Generously proportioned seating and taller backrests combine to ensure Cape's form...

contemporary pouf / garden - CLOUD : 6053V by Mark Gabbertas

Sitting on a Cloud provides the ultimate outdoor experience with new softer fabrics that are ideal for allowing your mind to drift away...

contemporary pouf / garden - HAVANA by Povl Eskildsen

Reassuringly familiar in styling, Havana shows how man-made wicker can...

contemporary ottoman / resin wicker / garden - MONTEREY by John Caldwell

Width: 580mm
Depth: 730mm

contemporary pouf - EGG by Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan is one of the most representative designers of the mid-twentieth century.
His creations, already appreciated at the time of their launch, are real gems contended today by the greatest...

contemporary pouf / luminous - INOUT 108 108L by Paola Navone

Ottoman in opaline white polyethylene, available also with internal...

contemporary ottoman / fabric / recycled - CUBEX

The Cubex Ottoman provides a multi-functional little spot for socializing, lounging and...

contemporary ottoman / fabric / recycled - BLOCK

In the tradition of Japanese design, the Block offers floor level seating that celebrates comfort and simplicity. Available in a variety...


How to choose this product


A contemporary pouf is a cushioned low seat or footstool without armrests or a backrest. It may retain certain aspects of a traditional pouf while expressing creativity through unusual use of color, form or material. In contrast to an ottoman, it usually does not have legs, and the frame is often completely covered.


This furniture may be designed as exterior and/or interior seating. It may have integrated features such as storage or lighting. It may also be stackable, facilitating storage when not in use. The use of several modular poufs offers the possibility of versatile and interesting arrangements.


The pouf may have a defined geometric form such as a cube with straight edges. Some are composed of an upholstered dense foam such as polyurethane. Others have a rigid structure of MDF or another material which is then cushioned and upholstered. Synthetic rattan and other stain-resistant, weatherproof models are often used outdoors.

How to choose

If the pouf is likely to be moved or rearranged regularly, its dimensions, mass, robustness, stain and weather resistance may be particularly important. A neutral style or color facilitates use in a variety of settings and decors. Pouf design and placement should guaranty sufficient legroom without hampering movement around it. A child's model is often smaller and lower than one designed for and adult.

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