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contemporary pouf / garden - SENSATIONS : WEEKEND

Our collection of Single and Double...

contemporary pouf / garden - SENSATIONS : WEEKEND

Our collection of Single and Double...

bed pouf / contemporary - XTRA : 6030

the ultimate in functionality our sofa beds easily convert from a sofa into a comfortable bed for last-minute overnight guests
combining design and functionality, they will help...

contemporary ottoman - INDIVI 2 : AA30

our footstools and ottomans offer both comfort for you while seated and additional seating space for extra guests too

Please contact your local store...

contemporary pouf - BERGEN : 100

our footstools provide you with optimum comfort and can be used as an extra seat for your guests

Please contact your store for further information

contemporary pouf / luminous - LIVE M2 by Dsignio

Sitting program Live M2 has the possibility to be partial retro.lighted by hundreds of leds for obtain different effects in the room. Organic and friendly design, its wide module variety made it...

contemporary pouf - OPOF by Dario Gagliardini

Opoff is above all originality, a design whose proportions surprise and stimulate contemporary spaces, full of vitality. A full-color and daring piece who...

contemporary pouf - SOFT: 97350

Pouff collection in which we play with comfort, colors, sizes and constructive details for obtain a family of products thinking...

contemporary pouf - SOFT: 97370

Pouff collection in which we play with comfort, colors, sizes and constructive details for obtain a family of products thinking...

contemporary pouf - SOFT: 97310

Pouff collection in which we play with comfort, colors, sizes and constructive details for obtain a family of products thinking...

contemporary ottoman - PARTY by JBA Design

A range of poufs or ottoman with different sizes and fabrics. The proportions are always generous and welcoming. The fabrics used to dress the poufs are soft and elastic and are ornamented by the...

contemporary pouf - GIRO by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Giro is a system of poufs that develop in a series of circular seats.

Like a whirlwind unfurling, thanks to the size of...

contemporary pouf - POLLON

The pollon ottoman is characterized by a rounded, cylindrical shape. This ottoman is stuffed with expanded...

contemporary ottoman / resin wicker / garden - HARDY by Atelier Créatif

Hardy is a collection that takes over from the age-old basket weaving...

contemporary pouf - QUARTIER by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The term interior landscape is sometimes used to describe interior spaces and the furniture within them. In the case of Quartier, we
have chosen instead to view interiors...

contemporary pouf - SPIN by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Spin is a family of poufs and ottomans which resumes a technique such as random stitching...

contemporary pouf - TRIFOGLIO by Pietro Arosio

A system of pouffes of compact dimensions...

contemporary pouf / leather - LUCA by Estudi Sb

Wooden frame padded with high density polyester and pre-uphoJstered

contemporary pouf - BIG BANG by A. Espar

Collection of poufs with v/ooden frame readded with high density

contemporary pouf - CUBO

Parallelepiped-shaped stool...

contemporary pouf / rattan - E 14 by Egon Eiermann

A milestone in the history of modern rattan
furniture took place end of the forties. Through
the activities the co-founder of the newly estab-
lished German Council of Design, »Rat für Form-
gebung«: Egon Eiermann with his...

contemporary pouf - CHAT by Nadadora

Chat is sharing, interacting, talking…
Chat is public and private.
Chat is round, suggestive, bicolour…

Chat: a collective space, a place as a meeting point, a symbol of interaction among people....

contemporary pouf - COMPLEX by Dual Design

Complex is a one-dimensional pouf that has been designed as a complement...

contemporary pouf - DADO by Dual Design

Dado is a small pouf, a nice, compact design adaptable to any space. It can be used as a complement...

contemporary ottoman - FOLK by Rafa Garcia

More is better. More backrest, softer, more wood, smaller, rounder, more comfortable, more detail, more practical and more popular. Folk lives up to all our expectations. As its name suggests, it is a popular model in every way: competitive price, maximum comfort,...

contemporary ottoman - JAZZ by Dual Design

Jazz evokes the happy, roaring twenties of the last century. With this contemporary reinterpretation reminiscent of the classical chesterfield, the Dual Design Studio opts for harmonizing a tough...

contemporary ottoman - FIELDS by Stone Designs

The origin of the Fields sofa is the view of fields of crops disappearing over the horizon. From these breaks in the land come the...

contemporary pouf - SAKE by Stone Designs

Weve distilled the main features of sake barrels to get down to a collection of furniture which is full of life....

contemporary pouf / garden - TANDEM : EM3TOM

90 x 90 x 31 cm
Lacquered aluminim...

contemporary ottoman / garden - KAMA : EM5POF by Benjamin Ferriol

85 x 50 x 37 cm
Lacquered aluminim frame (22 colors)

contemporary pouf / garden - KUBE : EM9KUB

3 cushions - 1 structure/table
Cushions : assembly of foams

contemporary pouf - BOSTON

Accents of the present day. Furnishing details reveal...

contemporary ottoman - DIAMOND by J&D

The ottoman collection Diamond, is introduced in
two different versions, both keeping the basic spirit

contemporary pouf / by Marcel Wanders - BOUTIQUE CHAMELEON HALLINGDAL 153

Marcel Wanders is a product and interior designer who drew international recognition for his Knotted Chair produced by Droog Design in 1996. His work is ubiquitous;...

contemporary pouf / by Marcel Wanders - BOUTIQUE DIARY

Try to find Marcel driving his Bisazza car and did you see Casper between the...


How to choose this product


A contemporary pouf is a cushioned low seat or footstool without armrests or a backrest. It may retain certain aspects of a traditional pouf while expressing creativity through unusual use of color, form or material. In contrast to an ottoman, it usually does not have legs, and the frame is often completely covered.


This furniture may be designed as exterior and/or interior seating. It may have integrated features such as storage or lighting. It may also be stackable, facilitating storage when not in use. The use of several modular poufs offers the possibility of versatile and interesting arrangements.


The pouf may have a defined geometric form such as a cube with straight edges. Some are composed of an upholstered dense foam such as polyurethane. Others have a rigid structure of MDF or another material which is then cushioned and upholstered. Synthetic rattan and other stain-resistant, weatherproof models are often used outdoors.

How to choose

If the pouf is likely to be moved or rearranged regularly, its dimensions, mass, robustness, stain and weather resistance may be particularly important. A neutral style or color facilitates use in a variety of settings and decors. Pouf design and placement should guaranty sufficient legroom without hampering movement around it. A child's model is often smaller and lower than one designed for and adult.

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