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Floor cushions from GAUCHO DESIGN combine naturalness with durable seating comfort. Their cover made of high quality Argentine cowhide creates a comfortable surface and provides stability in any position. Thanks to its excellent processing, our floor cushions can be easily and gently cleaned with...


These versatile accessories can be used as a seat or small table...

These luxury authentic flat-weave rug represent an
ancient method of creating a faux animal...

These luxury authentic flat-weave rug represent an
ancient method...

contemporary ottoman - BRUG by Studio Creare

Solid wood frame, upholstered with non-defbrmable polyurethane foam. Back cushion and seat cushion in...

contemporary ottoman - MIO by Alberto Podestà

Frame in solid wood, upholstered with polyurethane foam and Dacron.
One body back seat upholstered...

bed pouf / contemporary / not specified - POUFF LETTO

A three-step folding mechanism turns...

contemporary pouf / luminous / garden - AURA by Peter Ellis + Gabriel Tam

An award winning illuminated modular seat using V4 Cordless...

contemporary pouf / luminous / garden - AURA MINI by Peter Ellis + Gabriel Tam

A mini version of the Aura, an award winning illuminated modular...

contemporary pouf / luminous / garden - ROMBI LIT

An illuminated seat using V4 Cordless technology...

contemporary pouf / by Piero Lissoni - SEASON MINI

An extension to the successful Season bench, now with separate, small pouffes whose concealed wheels and handle built into the...

contemporary pouf / by Arik Levy / luminous / garden - METEOR

The family of seats METEOR designed by Arik Levy, a sort of alien object crashed on earth, a new design of the typical natural stone found in the...

contemporary pouf / composite material / garden / for public buildings - STAMSKIN ZEN

100% Stamskin, 100% new!
Offering the renowned advantages of Stamskin coverings, our new Stasmkin Zen range is totally innovative through 3 major characteristics:

New design New aspect
Even more effective surface treatment
Compliance with the most...

contemporary pouf / stainless steel / garden / not specified - CLOUD : 6053V by Mark Gabbertas

Sitting on a Cloud provides the ultimate outdoor experience with new softer fabrics that are ideal for allowing your mind to drift away...

contemporary pouf / resin wicker / garden / not specified - HAVANA by Povl Eskildsen

Reassuringly familiar in styling, Havana shows how man-made wicker can...

contemporary ottoman / aluminium / garden / not specified - BLOC : 4813CM by Mark Gabbertas

Combining luxury with the ultimate in simplicity, Bloc is a strikingly geometric interpretation...

contemporary ottoman / teak / garden / not specified - CAPE : 3112 by Povl Eskildsen

Generously proportioned seating and taller backrests combine to ensure Cape's form...

contemporary ottoman / in wood / garden / not specified - FRA


contemporary pouf / in wood / garden / not specified - FRA


contemporary ottoman / in wood / garden / not specified - NOON


contemporary pouf - OMNI by Carl Öjerstam

Omni offers an attractive meeting point for active or passive interaction. Once youre seated, youll discover theres more to this armchair than you realised....

contemporary pouf - CHAT by Nadadora

Chat is sharing, interacting, talking…
Chat is public and private.
Chat is round, suggestive, bicolour…

Chat: a collective space, a place as a meeting point, a symbol of interaction among people....

contemporary pouf - COMPLEX by Dual Design

Complex is a one-dimensional pouf that has been designed as a complement...

contemporary pouf - DADO by Dual Design

Dado is a small pouf, a nice, compact design adaptable to any space. It can be used as a complement...

contemporary ottoman - FOLK by Rafa Garcia

More is better. More backrest, softer, more wood, smaller, rounder, more comfortable, more detail, more practical and more popular. Folk lives up to all our expectations. As its name suggests, it is a popular model in every way: competitive price, maximum comfort,...

contemporary ottoman - JAZZ by Dual Design

Jazz evokes the happy, roaring twenties of the last century. With this contemporary reinterpretation reminiscent of the classical chesterfield, the Dual Design Studio opts for harmonizing a tough...

contemporary pouf / garden - BIG CUT

Combined with the other elements of the "Big Cut family" it can serve as a comfortable...

contemporary pouf - QUARTIER by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The term interior landscape is sometimes used to describe interior spaces and the furniture within them. In the case of Quartier, we
have chosen instead to view interiors...

contemporary pouf - SPIN by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Spin is a family of poufs and ottomans which resumes a technique such as random stitching...

contemporary pouf - TRIFOGLIO by Pietro Arosio

A system of pouffes of compact dimensions...

contemporary pouf / garden - SAKURA by Mark Robson

- aluminium lacquered frame TT*
- Hydropass®*** TT*: a supple 3D thick textile frame in polyester fibres, and a honeycomb mesh which is added to this network
- optional:...

contemporary pouf / garden - OSKAR by Eric Carrère

- micro-sand blasted and satin anodized aluminium TT* (anodising, is an electrolytic passivation process used to
increase wear and corrosion resistance of the aluminium...

contemporary pouf / garden - TANDEM : EM3TOM

90 x 90 x 31 cm
Lacquered aluminim...

contemporary ottoman / garden - KAMA : EM5POF by Benjamin Ferriol

85 x 50 x 37 cm
Lacquered aluminim frame (22 colors)

contemporary pouf / garden - KUBE : EM9KUB

3 cushions - 1 structure/table
Cushions : assembly of foams

contemporary pouf - BABOESJKA

The Baboesjka is a mix & match pouffe of three separate...

contemporary pouf - POINT

The Point feels at home in every room, is down to earth, but oh so versatile, which is why it belongs...

contemporary pouf - THE AVENUE

Combine multiple Avenue modules and create the...


How to choose this product


A contemporary pouf is a cushioned low seat or footstool without armrests or a backrest. It may retain certain aspects of a traditional pouf while expressing creativity through unusual use of color, form or material. In contrast to an ottoman, it usually does not have legs, and the frame is often completely covered.


This furniture may be designed as exterior and/or interior seating. It may have integrated features such as storage or lighting. It may also be stackable, facilitating storage when not in use. The use of several modular poufs offers the possibility of versatile and interesting arrangements.


The pouf may have a defined geometric form such as a cube with straight edges. Some are composed of an upholstered dense foam such as polyurethane. Others have a rigid structure of MDF or another material which is then cushioned and upholstered. Synthetic rattan and other stain-resistant, weatherproof models are often used outdoors.

How to choose

If the pouf is likely to be moved or rearranged regularly, its dimensions, mass, robustness, stain and weather resistance may be particularly important. A neutral style or color facilitates use in a variety of settings and decors. Pouf design and placement should guaranty sufficient legroom without hampering movement around it. A child's model is often smaller and lower than one designed for and adult.

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