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bar stool / contemporary - DADDY LONG LEGS by Martin Solem

With this product I first and foremost wanted to reach a wide group of consumers. I wanted to make a product that could fit in many places. Ive also tried to...

contemporary stool / in wood - INFLATED by Zanini de Zanine

Most of us look at wood as a warm material, elegant but also uncomfortable and hard. With contemporary techniques of carpentry, Zanini wanted, in this case, to subvert the theorem, floating in the middle of the solid material of demolition with a new proposal. Lines and sinuous curves suggest, in the three pieces of this limited series armchair, bench and stool an idea of material inflated and blown:...

bar stool / minimalist design / contemporary - ALODIA by Todd Bracher

Stackable stool created in metal tube and steel sheet,...

contemporary stool / stackable - NOM by Ran Amitai and Gilli Kuchik

NOM is a series of stackable furniture. Each object is folded from a spread of laser cut aluminum sheet, which then bends to the final form using a bending mold.
The concept of the...

bar stool / contemporary / by Jasper Morrison - HI PAD

Stool with seat in beech an birch plywood, multi-density...

contemporary stool / galvanized steel / in wood / for public spaces - BLOCQ by David Karásek

A massive block stored on sharp peaks, exactly this contrast impresses in a public space in the best way. The generous proportions, which are folded up from several modules in long...

contemporary stool / sheet steel / in wood / for public buildings - RADIUM by David Karásek & Radek Hegmon

The unique design of this range draws on the aesthetics of bent sheet steel. Through a well-designed intersection of walls, a high rigidity and overall excellent durability is achieved. The newly designed extended versions bring a more slender elegance in all variants...

bar stool / contemporary / galvanized steel / with footstool - BISTROT by David Karásek & Radek Hegmon

A completely new concept for public seating. Ideal for a quick meeting, a snack,or to send messages from your laptop, the increased seating area is trulycomfortable,...

bar stool / contemporary / in wood - JALIS by Jehs & Laub

For all those who cannot get enough of Jalis, here is the new
bar stool. With a chrome-plated wire frame or a wooden frame
in oak, walnut or...

bar stool / contemporary / in wood - TORII STOOL

The Torii stool is an addition of the Torii chair collection, available in Bar and Counter height. Like the chair, the design is simple yet sophisticated and defined by its characteristic arched backrest. Its minimal appearance and simple construction hide a surprising amount of comfort and sturdiness.

The name Torii comes from the characteristic wood entrance arches...

contemporary stool / in wood - OM 16.2

Stool om16.2
Stool in solid oak. Top, leather, nubuck or...

contemporary stool / in wood / solid - OM 4.1 by Olivier Moravik

Bob is a versatile stool in solid oak or walnut

contemporary stool / in wood / solid - OM 4.1 by Olivier Moravik

Low stool in solid wood.
Inspired by comfort, playfulness,...

bar stool / contemporary / in wood / solid - GRABLE STOOL

Betty Grables smile and legs have served as inspiration for this piece.

The Grable stool has an elegance and refined design. Detailed handmade joinery work completes the look.
It is easy to appreciate the mortise and tenon joints...

contemporary stool / in wood / solid - OOS2

The seat that rolls.


contemporary stool / in wood / solid - QoWood stool

The noble touch of wood expressed with the sober and simple geometry.

contemporary stool - OLD TIMES by Maurizio Peregalli

Stool. Steel tube frame Ø 14 mm, copper black colour epoxy...

contemporary stool - DEMIAN by Maurizio Peregalli

Ø 43 x H 48 cm
Ø 43 x H 65 cm
Ø 43 x H 80 cm


bar stool / contemporary - SGABELLO by Maurizio Peregalli

L 40 x 38 x H 82 cm - Seat H 72 cm

Frame: semiopaque...

contemporary stool - SGABELLO BASSO by Maurizio Peregalli

L 44 x 38 x H 48 cm

Frame: semiopaque black...

contemporary stool / steel / oak / solid - ANKARA by Constance Guisset

Standard-bearer of French avant-garde design Constance Guisset extends the ANKARA collection of tables created in 2013 for Matière...

bar stool / contemporary / steel / for kitchen - HEGOA

Complementary of our HEGOA tables, the HEGOA stool is slight and relaxed. IT fits any environment...

contemporary stool / aluminium / steel / living room - FUN

Sympathic, funny, playful. The Fun stool can obviously be...

contemporary stool / aluminium / PET / stainless steel - ONTIGO 100

length / width / height / seat height: 730 / 760 / 450 / 450

The frame structure is made of stainless...

contemporary stool / PET / stainless steel / aluminium - ONTIGO 300

length / width / height / seat height: 730 / 820 / 465 / 465

The frame structure is made of stainless...

bar stool / contemporary / aluminium / garden - LEUVEN LBB

Elegant and pure bar stool matching perfecty bar stool Leuven. Minimalistic...

bar stool / contemporary / aluminium / garden - LEUVEN LBH

Aluminium bar bench matching perfecty...

contemporary stool / stackable - COBRA by Mattias Ljunggren

Art. 135, 136, 137.
h 45/65/85, w 32, d 32 cm

bar stool / contemporary - COBRA by Mattias Ljunggren

Art. 135, 136, 137.
h 45/65/85, w 32, d 32 cm


contemporary stool - SKEPPARPALL by Mats Theselius

Art. 280. Ø 30 cm, H 60 cm.
Stool. Engraved...

contemporary stool / stone / modular / for public spaces - APOLLO

Monolithic modular seat with shape designed for attractive unit assembly. Available in...

contemporary stool / granite / modular / for public spaces - IDRA

Monolithic modular seat with geometrical line and shape designed for attractive...

contemporary stool / marble / modular / for public spaces - QUADRO

modular bench monolithic with anatomic seat in white...

bar stool / contemporary / technopolymer / metal - MICRO X

With its elegance and aestheticism, the MICRO X bar stool will bring a design touch to the room of your choice.


bar stool / contemporary / technopolymer / metal - MOEMA

Combining modernity and design, MOEMA bar stool, whose technopolymer seat rests on a chromed...

bar stool / contemporary / oak / upholstered - LAIA by Jean-Louis Iratzoki

The LAIA range enriches with new models:

high back
low back

bar stool / contemporary / metal / adjustable-height - ZANZIBAR by Raul Barbieri

The collection includes different types of stools: with adjustable...

contemporary stool / garden - MOMA by Javier Mariscal

The collection MOMA, designed by Javier Mariscal for the Spanish brand
VONDOM, is a series of objects for outdoor. It was decided to do a new
typology of furniture to unite the function of a flowerpot and an outdoor
table, thus MOMA was born, a collection characterizes for its versatility
and originality.
From the question ¿how do we sit down?...

contemporary stool / garden - QUADRAT

The elegance and simplicity define the collection designed by Studio
VONDOM called QUADRAT. A beautiful...

bar stool / contemporary - JUT

JUT, a series of different pieces specifically designed for outdoor and
indoor spaces in the forefront of modern design: a sun lounge, a sofa,
an armchair, one chair, two tables of different size and an innovative
extendable table, as well as some stools and a high table.
Impossible, rectilinear and pure shapes, which are difficult to obtain with
the process of fabrication...


How to choose this product


A contemporary stool is a footrest or seat normally without a back or armrests. It may take certain elements from familiar designs while expressing originality through its use of color, form or materials. For example, it might have an organically-shaped polypropylene seat supported by a stainless steel frame. These pieces are often compact. Some are folding, stackable or mounted on wheels.


There are many designs for both outdoor and indoor use. Tall models are ideal for use with a high table or workbench. They are common in bars, restaurants and similar commercial settings. Lower versions are suitable for use with coffee tables, dining room tables or desks.


The seat and frame may constitute a singe unit, but they are often separate components made of different materials. Popular frame materials include wood and tubular metal, while pedestal designs are often made from stainless steel. Unusual materials include ceramics and Plexiglas.

How to choose

Consider how the style, color and form of the stool will fit with its environment. Make sure that its height is appropriate for the function. It may need to slide beneath a table and allow for leg room. Stackable or folding models are advantageous in the case of multiple stools which will be moved or stored regularly.

Determine sturdiness and care requirements. For commercial applications, scratch, stain and tear resistance may be important. Outdoor models should be weatherproof.


- Light and easy to move


- Usually no back or armrests

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