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contemporary wall light / aluminum - COLIBRI' cod.1421 by Emiliana Martinelli 2014


contemporary wall light / metal - SISTEMA Q8 cod. 1296/ by Elio e Emiliana Martinelli 2014

Wall lamp swivel direct light /D, indirect light /I and direct/indirect light...

contemporary wall light / aluminum - COLIBRÌ cod.1410/ by Emiliana Martinelli 2011-2013

It is a wall lamp with adjustable direct-indirect light.
A tubular element rotates on a central pivot and the LEDs placed on the ends are adjustable separately thus creating different effects of light.

contemporary wall light / aluminum - COLIBRI' cod.1410/B/AD by Emiliana Martinelli 2011-2013

It is a wall lamp with adjustable direct-indirect light.
A tubular element rotates on a central pivot and the LEDs placed on the ends are adjustable separately thus creating different...

contemporary wall light / metal - BLANCOWHITE C1 / R1 by Antoni Arola

A collection of wall lamps that fully harness the advantages of a thin LED plate. Comes...

contemporary wall light - CARE by Miguel Milá

The little sister of Miguel Milá’s very famous Cesta lamp, both designed over fifty years...

contemporary wall light - ARNE by Santa & Cole Team

Although its discrete dimensions, ARNE can house several LED plates,...

contemporary wall light / fabric - COMODÍN by Santa & Cole Team

A wall light with a minimalist spirit that...

contemporary wall light - CORSO by Antoni Arola

Wall lamp whose lighting arm runs from left to right, like a scanner of vertical light on a colour...

contemporary wall light / aluminum / LED / IP65 - CARINI

The combination of various shapes characterises the look of the...

contemporary wall light / aluminum / LED / IP65 - FIDENZA

The FIDENZA luminaire family captivates with its aesthetic and slim design. Ideally...

contemporary wall light / aluminum / borosilicate  / LED - AMALFI

These are real gems for entrances, passages and historically unique...

contemporary wall light / PMMA / aluminum / fluorescent - CASSINO

The CASSINO models have a cube-shaped luminaire housing made from satin-finished polymethyl methacrylate,...

contemporary wall light / aluminum / galvanized steel / HID - DEVIO

The DEVIO luminaire is ideal for the indirect and glare-free lighting...

contemporary wall light / glass - SENTO: VERTICALE

single light, pivotable wall lamp, mains...

contemporary wall-mounted light / metal / reading - SENTO: LETTO

single light, pivotable wall lamp, mains...

contemporary wall light / with jointarm - SENTO: PARETE SINGOLO

single light, pivotable wall lamp, mains voltage...

contemporary wall light / with jointarm - SENTO: PARETE DOPPIO

two light, pivotable wall lamp, mains voltage halogen...

contemporary wall light / glass - PURO: VERTICALE A

single light, pivotable wall lamp, mains...

contemporary wall light / glass - PURO: VERTICALE A

Reading light for wall installation
To be mounted on the system power...

contemporary wall light / aluminum - IO by Merete Christensen & Bo Seedorff

Key features:
100% glare • Free • Diffuse light distribution • Evenly illuminated shade surface, no bright patches • Simple design • Decor rings...

contemporary wall light / for indoors / outdoor - F+P by Foster & Partners

Key features
Minimalistitic elegant design • No glare • LED with long life>50.000h • Very low energy consumption • Easy maintenance • Can be used both...

contemporary wall light / aluminum - OJ by Ole Jensen

ey features:
glare-free channelled light simple design decorative light distribution easy to clean sturdy great architectural versatility belongs to a family with table and floor models

contemporary wall light / acrylic - OSLO by Kurt Nørregaard

Key features:
glare-free discreet design primarily directs light upwards/indirect lighting suitable for wall illumination in rooms with computer...

contemporary wall light / glass - PH 2/1 by Poul Henningsen

Key features
glare-free light symmetric light distribution the opal glass and matte undersurface reflect the light downwards design icon the fixture illuminates itself timeless...

contemporary wall light / aluminum / variable - MULTI STORE

Wall or ceiling mounted multi-optical system for metal halide and halogen lamps. Body made of extruded anodised aluminium and plate made of transparent methacrylate....

contemporary wall light / glass - BASE

A series of appliques and ceiling light fixtures with a...

contemporary wall light / metal - BIRBONA

Coordinated series of ceiling fixtures and appliques, all characterised...

contemporary wall light / HID - DESE

Materials: Painted aluminium body and bayonet connection end collar made of polycarbonate with an anti-glare black internal section. Transparent...

contemporary wall light / HID - MINIDESE

Materials: Painted aluminium body. Anti-glare ryton tng.


contemporary wall light / polycarbonate - FLIP by Simon Pengelly

A wall sculpture with a dynamic frame, this lamp merges functionality with style to offer maximum versatility as a light source. Flip is a lamp to admire...

contemporary wall light / polycarbonate - BIRDIE by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

The Birdie wall model expands the possibility of creating combinations of the various versions. Owing to the breadth of appeal...

contemporary wall light / by Marc Sadler - KITE

Wall light with diffusor in fiberglas fabric with yellow Kevlar®...

contemporary wall light / by Marc Sadler - MINI KITE

Wall light with diffusor in fiberglas fabric with yellow...

contemporary wall light / polycarbonate - BAHIA by P. Lucidi et L. Pevere

Large-scale wall lamps, Bahia is ideal for adding a hint of softness...

contemporary wall light / acrylic - MAVEN

Wall luminaire, Up-/Downlight

contemporary wall light / metal / variable - LIGHT BOOK by Ottenwälder & Ottenwälder

Wall luminaire, revolving head
Dim switch
Not externally dimmable
Memory function: Most recent brightness setting is stored


contemporary wall-mounted light / aluminum / reading - JUST A LITTLE

Brushed aluminium head, matt silver flexible...

contemporary wall-mounted light / metal / LED / reading - IXO by Christoph Niedeggen

Base and head black metal, braces brushed spring steel

contemporary wall light / metal - GRACE UNLIMITED by Ralf Keferstein

GRACE UNLIMITED is made up of five basic elements which can be individually...

contemporary wall light / methacrylate - AFTER DARK by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Pure light in space. After Dark is the result of in-depth research on the physics and behaviours of light: light conduction is the basic principle for the products creation, reflection and refraction are the means, light diffusion in space is the final destination.


contemporary wall light / methacrylate - DIAPHRAGM by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Diaphragm is a high-precision optical instrument originating from a thorough study on light-shaping principles: using a system of interchangeable lenses and diaphragms, light emission - calculated with high precision from the optical viewpoint...

contemporary wall light / metal - FLASHIT by Massimo Tassone

“Luminous lines drawn in space, creating new forms and patterns in the room. Its sequential and/or modular use allows to achieve a variety of aesthetic options...

contemporary wall light / metal - TOOL by Pio & Tito Toso

Wall lamp We decided to clamp the wall. Thus Tool naturally takes...

contemporary wall light / aluminum - COPERNICO by C. de Bevilacqua & P. Dell'Elee

Three concentric elements obtained from a single aluminium plate support...

contemporary wall light / glass - SOLE by Dino Amato

Wall/ceiling lamp. Fixture body in matt white Corian®. Diffuser...

contemporary wall light / glass - CHIGNON by Piero Russi

Wall lamp. Upper diffuser in opal white blown acid-etched glass....

contemporary wall light / glass - FLÛTE by Franco Raggi

Wall lamp. Borosilicate transparent...

contemporary wall light / aluminum - YVES by Gabi Peretto

Wall lamp. Indirect light emission. Structure...

contemporary wall-mounted light / metal / reading - BESTLITE : BL5 by Robert Dudley Best

The arm of the lamp is made of chrome and the shade is powder...

contemporary wall-mounted light / metal / reading - GROSSMAN : COBRA by Greta M. Grossman

The Cobra lamp takes its name from the shape of the oval shade, which is reminiscent of a Cobra´s neck (or hood). A solid brass arm joins the wall base and shade. The shade...

contemporary wall light / metal / swingarm - 265 by Paolo Rizzatto

Design Paolo Rizzatto
Material Steel
3 Colors ...

contemporary wall light / by Rodolfo Dordoni - ALL LIGHT

Indoor or outdoor wall lamp providing direct/indirect lighting. Opaline polycarbonate enclosure...

contemporary wall light / by Piero Lissoni - BUTTON

Indoor and outdoor wall/ceiling lamp providing diffused light. Slightly opaline (PC opal), injection-molded polycarbonate...

contemporary wall light / by Antonio Citterio - CLESSIDRA

Diffused direct/indirect-light wall lighting device. Body obtained by means of aluminium pressofusion...

contemporary wall light / aluminum - E04 by HABITS Studio | 2007

The cylindrical body in aluminium links up to the wall with a flowing...

contemporary wall light / by Alberto Meda / by Paolo Rizzatto / reading - BAP LED | 2011

The new BAP with LED source guarantees the...

contemporary wall light / by Alberto Meda / by Paolo Rizzatto / reading - BERENICE | 1985

The Berenice wall lamp comes in two different sizes (arms measuring 45+45 and 30+30 cm). The smallest version (30+30 cm), complete with electronic transformer, is advised for the bed zone and narrow spaces. It is the inimitable founding product of a new...

contemporary wall light / polycarbonate - COSTANZA by Paolo Rizzatto | 1986

In Costanza the switch has moved! The lamp uses a sensorial dimmer rod-switch close to the light, which has only to be lightly touched to adjust its on-off intensity through four degrees of brightness. The light and washable shade, resting on two points of balance and therefore capable of oscillating if bumped, diffuses a warm and pleasant light. Its unmistakable,...

contemporary wall light / polycarbonate - COSTANZINA by Paolo Rizzatto | 1992

The wall lamp can be mounted regardless of whether a light socket happens to be available. It is in fact fitted with a cable that can be lowered to the nearest mains plug.

Costanzina appears...

contemporary wall light / glass - CLEO by Barbara Maggiolo

The main characteristic ot this collection is the
shape of the glass that presents an upper ellipsis

contemporary wall light / glass - LUNAE by Mauro Olivieri

A collection that takes its inspiration from

contemporary wall light / glass - TAHOMA ROUND by Andrea Lazzari

The evolution of the Tatioma design keeps the same
geometrical principles of...

contemporary wall light / crystal - MINIGIOGALI by Angelo Mangiarotti

Collection of lamps composed of
handmade crystal elements which
can be combined...

contemporary wall light / glass - NORMA by Pio & Tito Toso

A result ota synthesis that explores the relation between the

contemporary wall light / Murano glass - 684 A

For some collections, the glass-metalwork colour combinations are predeterminated.
Requests for modifications and/or different conminations must be submitted for approval and quotation.
La Murrina S.p.A reserves the right...

contemporary wall light / glass - ABSOLUTE BLACK 1A

Materials : Metal structure, diffuser in tempered...

contemporary wall light / glass - ABSOLUTE BLACK 1F

Materials Metal structure, diffuser in tempered...

contemporary wall light / glass - AQUARIUS by M. Barbaglia & M. Colombo

Materials Diffuser in moulded prismatic glass. Finishes and colours Ring in...

contemporary wall light / glass - AQUARIUS MAJOR by M. Barbaglia & M. Colombo

Materials Diffuser in moulded prismatic glass surface. Finishes and colours Metal part in silver grey or anthracite

contemporary wall light / polycarbonate - ARCTURUS by Mario Barbaglia

Materials Body in polycarbonate, Pyrex glass. Finishes and colours...

contemporary wall light / halogen - 12-25 by Co Twee

Initally the ’12-25’ is a lamp for walls and ceilings, which can rotate via a built-in magnet...

contemporary wall light - JUICE by Ivan Missinne

Juice is not just a lamp, it’s a lightscape. Numerous possibilities in positioning as well...

contemporary wall light / aluminum - PAROQ by Oldsjö Hultgren

PAROQ refers to a world full of romance. A fantastic image is cast on the wall...

contemporary wall light / aluminum - ROSET by Frederike Top

Roset is designed to bring atmosphere, both ceiling or wall mounted. The light...

contemporary wall light / glass - OLYMPIA: AP7600-23X60-CN

Wall sconce fit out with transparent glass ring pendants, nickel plated structure....

contemporary wall light / glass / blown / handmade - CHAPEAU: APP0360-2-KA-1

Applique with 2 lights and lampshades....


How to choose this product


A contemporary wall light can be installed indoors or out. Its form varies, but is usually characterized by clean lines. The fixture can be made of several materials. It is fastened to the wall using screws or brackets, and provides subdued illumination.


These fixtures illuminate vertical surfaces, paintings, bookshelves, corridors, bedrooms, living rooms and other areas. Each type creates a different ambiance. The light can be oriented up or down, and be diffuse or concentrated, among other configurations.


Traditional incandescent bulbs provide instantaneous illumination and create a sharply defined lighted zone, while fluorescents are more efficient and last longer. Other bulb types include LED and metal halide types.

How to choose

Since wall lights can be decorative, their placement should be carefully considered, especially when installation requires piercing the wall.

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