Corner fireplaces

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Gas fireplace / contemporary / metal / closed hearth

The corner version (available from the...

Wood fireplace / contemporary / stainless steel / steel

Corner coating made in stainless steel or...

Wood fireplace / contemporary / steel / stone

90° corner cladding in flamed and...

Wood fireplace / contemporary / cast iron / closed hearth

In this corner suspended fireplace...

Gas fireplace / contemporary / closed hearth / corner

This multifunctional atmosphere...

Wood fireplace / contemporary / metal / open hearth

MetalFire's wood-f ired f (replaces...

Gas fireplace / contemporary / glass / closed hearth

The Duet Premium XL is a wide 2-sided built-in corner fireplace with Step...

Gas fireplace / contemporary / steel / closed hearth

The Faber Honest is a frameless, equilateral corner...

How to choose this product


Corner fireplaces feature two sides (open or glazed) from which the fire can be seen, the remaining two being set against a wall.


While generally found in living rooms, these fireplaces can be placed anywhere a smoke-removal system can be installed. However, bioethanol and electric fireplaces, as well a some gas models, do not require such systems, as the smoke production is minimal.


Wood, gas, bioethanol and electricity are all used as fuels. The hearth can be open or closed.

How to choose

The fireplace's main function, heating or decoration, will determine fuel type. Carefully consider its style: design, contemporary, or traditional. Define a budget, as price varies greatly.

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