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Decorative laminates
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A versatile, robust and hygienic surface.
High resistance to external stress ( abrasion, impacts, stains).
Silver ion-treated, antibacterial Sanitized® grade.
Nonporous, waterproof...


Core coordinated with the decorative surface for a solid effect.
High abrasion resistance.
Excellence resistance to heat and moisture.


Genuine Metal: aluminum.
Anti-oxidation treatment:polyester or epoxy varnish, or anodizing.
Excellent fire performance.
Lightweigh and...


Economical decorative panel ready to use.
Good scratch resistance and cleanability.
Aesthetic quality (edging, surface appearance) and MDF strength.
Decorative on both sides.

A collection where simplicity and performance are expressed through a selection of 65 elegant woods, discreetly enhanced by the FA eggshell and Grain finishes. The "Origine" woodgrain collection replicates the...


Alpiform is Alpi's reconstituted wood coupled with a non-woven fabric.

This is the ideal solution that makes it possible to combine the aesthetic characteristics...


Walls and Ceilings.

The ideal product range for finishes for...


EGGER compact laminate Flammex Euroclass B is classified as CGF (Compact General-purpose Flame-retardant) according to DIN...

EGGER Flammex laminate is classified as laminate type F (flame retardant) according to EN 438 standard. It...

EGGER FLEX laminate meets special postforming requirements. Depending on the laminate thickness, the specific...

The surface of EGGER genuine aluminium consists of lacquered aluminium foil. It is...

EGGER MED W1001 Solid Premium White is a laminate with white core structure. This composition creates a stained appearance....


Something special for young people to create their own atmosphere. Colourful and stimulating for the little ones, trendy and original for teenagers, Playstyle 832 is the...


This medium scale granite has a deep, blackened green hue with golden veining...

The classic beauty of Granite. This design has a layering of gold, amber, taupe...

Medium scale abstract marble consisting of medium brown, taupe and grey, balanced...

This large scale black marble is accented with fine white and black veining thorughout its varying shades of grey...


Impregnated papers with urea and acrylic resins, varnished on the...


Seven new designs and 17 colorations enhance our Abstracts collection, giving you a complete...

Seven new designs and 17 colorations enhance our Abstracts collection, giving you a complete...

Seven new designs and 17 colorations enhance our Abstracts collection, giving you a complete...

Seven new designs and 17 colorations enhance our Abstracts collection, giving you a complete...

Seven new designs and 17 colorations enhance our Abstracts collection, giving you a complete...


Frost is a range of decorative laminate, the surface of which contains thousands of tiny pieces of aluminum, distributed at random. The effect obtained is very deep and bright, while retaining all the...

Metal HPL is a range of laminates with a sheet of real aluminum on the surface.
The metal sheets are very thin, just 0.1 or 0.4 mm, so that they can be processed using standard machinery for use with wood.
The aluminum is protected via anodisation (items A000, A008, A009) or by a layer of epoxy...

Chrome is a range of high pressure decorative laminate which shows the same color on the surface and in the mass. Thus Chrome is colored throughout the thickness, avoiding the classic brown edge of the...

Techno is a range of postforming decorative laminate characterized by a very matt and textured finish with small glossy chips giving a nice...


BandoxalDecor, polished and anodised aluminium, is the innovative product of two prestigious companies in the decorative sector: Almeco and Satma, now jointly Almeco sas.

BandoxalDecor, produced by Almeco sas,...


Attractive, Functional and Affordable.

Paper Laminates by OMNOVA Solutions are attractive, functional and affordable surfacing options that are suitable for a variety of light duty, low-wear applications. They can be flat-laminated or profile-wrapped to a number of wood and wood-based substrates.
Paper Laminates are available in a large assortment of patterns and colors, including...

Flat Laminates by OMNOVA are flexible vinyl surfacing products suitable for widespread decorative and functional applications. They can be flat-laminated or profile-wrapped to wood substrates.
Flat Laminates are scratch, abrasion and stain resistant. High performance coating provides an added degree of protection, durability and easy clean-up when compared to paper laminates and painted surfaces....

OMNOVA's new duraMAX™ Flat Laminates are high
performance and cost effective alternatives to thermally fused
melamines (TFM) and vertical-grade high pressure laminates
(HPL), featuring superior impact, abrasion and stain
resistance. These products offer the same aesthetic values as
TFMs but do not require two-sided lamination,...

The Flat Laminate for Metal and Plastic.
radiance™ Flat Laminates by OMNOVA Solutions feature a
high temperature formulation which allows them to be
hot-laminated to metal and plastic substrates. Their
high-specification formulation provides gloss level, embossing,
and color consistency.
In addition...

3D Laminates, also known as rigid thermofoils (RTF), can be
membrane-pressed or vacuum-formed to contoured surface
profiles. This eliminates the need for T-molding, edgebanding,
visible seams and special edge treatments. A wide selection of
patterns and designs includes solid colors, realistic woodgrains
and abstract patterns.
Dimensional flexibility


Dichromatism, abstract geometries,...

Dichromatism, abstract geometries,...

Dichromatism, abstract geometries,...

Dichromatism, abstract geometries,...

Dichromatism, abstract geometries,...


How to choose this product


A decorative laminate is a composite sheet made from layers of a paper or a similar material bonded and cured under pressure with resin. It may be high or low density with a decorative finish covering one or both sides. On ArchiExpo, these elements are categorized by properties such as finish or type.


These laminates are designed for wall panels, furniture, or even flooring. Economical and available in a wide range of finishes, they are common in both residential and commercial settings.


High-pressure laminates (HPL) are cured under high pressure. Some laminates incorporate fire retardants, antibacterial or anti-fungal agents. Thickness and finish vary. Options include printed decorative paper and thin veneers of metal or wood, offering natural or unique finishes.

How to choose

Ensure that the laminate is appropriate for its intended use, be it flooring, furniture, work or other surfaces. Verify compliance with local and international standards, including fire resistance, antibacterial and other properties.

Environmental considerations are also important. Some products release release volatile organic compounds or are difficult to recycle. Determine sturdiness and ease of cleaning. Choose finish in light of surrounding decor. For example, using a wood finish may work well in spaces with natural color scheme.


- Uniform, easy-to-maintain finish
- Economical
- Wide variety of finishes


- May be difficult to recycle

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