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façade paint / polymer - ACRONAL®

Many historic façades have been recently restored to their former glory in St. Petersburg, Russia, including a number of palaces and churches which are officially recognized...

interior paint / vinyl  / matte - DULUX TRADE

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt is the market-leading matt emulsion professionals prefer for interior walls and ceilings....

interior paint / vinyl  / matte - DULUX TRADE SUPERMATT

A top quality, economical, high opacity matt emulsion,...

interior paint / vinyl  / energy-efficient / low VOC - DULUX TRADE FAST MATT

A low sheen interior matt emulsion that delivers excellent touch-up properties...

interior paint / acrylic / energy-efficient / low VOC - DULUX TRADE FLAT MATT

A high quality fashionable, water- based completely flat finish with excellent opacity and coverage, for use on walls...

outdoor paint / for indoor use / for metals / for wood - DULUX TRADE HIGH GLOSS

Dulux Trade has improved its solvent-based High Gloss formulation to be our whitest formulation*.

A solvent-based,...

interior paint / acrylic - CLUNCH NO. 2009

As in the chalk stone building...

interior paint / acrylic - WHITE TIE NO. 2002

The white of old, pre-brightened,...

interior paint / acrylic - NEW WHITE NO. 59

Lighter and warmer than the much used...

interior paint / acrylic - MATCHSTICK NO. 2013

Mostly used as a warm wall colour...

wood effect paint - TEXTURE : EDYXO®

The new Edyxo® collection is a printed steel made of thermosetting resin and finished with a natural timber veneers or patina...

effect paint - NATUREL

Our coating Naturel promotes a very high natural effect thanks to its matt appearance and its special colours inspired by architects.
The fine textured surface...

metal look paint - TEXTURE : AUTHENTIC

The range of colors Authentic is specifically designed for the urban environment. It retranscribes the estetical value of pure metal such...

effect paint - HAIRPLUS

Hairplus® offers a modern range of more that 40 colours for Roofing and Cladding including an extended metallic colours variety.

wall paint / washable / for public spaces / dust control - HAIRCLYN®

Hairclyn® emerged from the desire to provide solutions which answer building...

exterior paint / alkyd  / acrylic - ELASTOCOLOR PITTURA

Protective and decorative elastic paint based on acrylic resins in water dispersion.
Elastocolor is used to protect the surfaces of concrete and cement renders from aggressive agents present in the atmosphere.
Elastocolor, once dried, forms a very...

interior paint / for floors / epoxy / colored - EPOKOAT PLUS

Multipurpose epoxy paint with high resistance to chemical agents.

Coloured epoxy paint, solvent -free, with high chemical resistance, able to realise a special...

interior paint / for floors / epoxy / colored - EPOKOAT FOOD

Epoxy paint suitable for vehicles and food environments.

Epoxy paint, solvent-free, suitable for professional structures working in contact with food substances...

interior paint / exterior / for façades / acrylic - VERPLAST

Elastomeric colored finishing formulated with acrylic resins.

Highly-elastic acrylic paint, ideal...

interior paint / exterior / for façades / acrylic - VERPLAST

Rust converter.

Synthetic polymers dissolved...

insulating paint / for indoor use / for wall / latex  - C.W.C.

Anti-mold and anti-condensation paint for cold and wrongly insulated surfaces.

White coating, latex-based, with particular mineral powders that, thanks to their insulating features, keeps the surfaces...

floor paint - CLASSIC FINITURA

Atriafloor epoxy paint finish is a water-leveling high build easy to apply, with excellent chemical and physical resistance, over paintable even with transparent finish. The applied film is anti-absorbent,...

sand effect paint - SOFIA

Innovation, comfort and style for the whole house.
Sofia Thermo Decorative Paints are the most innovative decorative products for interiors in the sector. Combining aesthetics and technology and perfectly in keeping with tradition, Sofia gives interiors that touch of class that makes them special and unique - but that's not all: the...

wall paint / water / metallic effect - LJOS

Water based paint, based on special metallic pigments


interior paint / concrete / for wall / sand effect - GHIBLI

Quartz paint with sand effect


interior paint / for bricks / water / metallic effect - SILK

Water based decorative finish with metallic silky effect


interior paint / for bricks / for wall / mineral - MYCENE

Water based decorative finish,
based on special mineral extenders - metallic effect


interior paint / for bricks / for wall / mineral - LUMIERE PEARL

Pearly finishing glaze


interior paint / exterior / acrylic - PAINT AIR

PAINT AIR is a paint that contains an acrylic-siloxane aqueous emulsion, fillers, additives and pigments, formulated to provide the product with high vapour permeability, water resistance, deformability and excellent...

floor paint / polymer / anti-slip - PAINT FLOOR

PAINT FLOOR is a walk-on, non-slip, semi-glossy, two-component, polyurethane-based, solvent-free finishing paint, featuring good elasticity and high resistance to abrasion.

exterior paint / polymer - PAINT POOL

PAINT POOL is a two-component, semi-glossy, polyurethane-based, solvent-free paint, characterised by good elasticity and high resistance to water and aggressive chemicals.
Suitable for contact with drinking water.

acrylic paint / for wet rooms - VITEX KITCHEN & BATH

Emulsion paint suitable for the painting of interior surfaces in areas with high moisture and vapour condensation such as kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings and basements. VITEX KITCHEN & BATH, due to its special formulation prevents effectively the growth of mould and fungi in the film of paint. It provides great hiding power, high spreading capacity and superior whiteness....

interior paint / vinyl  - VITEX CLASSIC

Premium quality, vinyl emulsion paint, for interior use, based on PVA-VEOVA copolymers. It provides great hiding power, high spreading rate and exceptional fastness to frequent washing and atmospheric weathering. It has very good levelling properties and produces a smooth, flat surface. VITEX CLASSIC emulsion paint, can be applied to properly prepared surfaces of...

interior paint / vinyl  / energy-efficient / European Eco-label - VITEX ECO

Premium quality, ecological vinyl emulsion paint for interior use, based on PVAVEOVA copolymer resins. It is certified by the Greek council for eco-label Awards (ASAOS) and fulfils the criteria of the European Union Eco-labelling Board (EUEB). It is odourless during its application because...

interior paint / acrylic / satin - VITEX

VITEX Satin is a luxurious silk finish emulsion paint for interior use. It has great levelling properties and produces a velvet surface on plaster, concrete, plasterboard etc. It provides superior whiteness, great hiding power, high spreading rate and exceptional fastness to frequent washing, detergents and yellowing...

interior paint / vinyl  - VITEX ANTIBACTERIAL

Premium quality, vinyl emulsion paint, for interior use, based on PVA-VEOVA copolymer resins. Due to its excellent fungicide action, it is suitable for use on all surfaces, which are mouldy or may develop mould. It provides great hiding power, superior whiteness and exceptional fastness to frequent washing and atmospheric weathering. It has very good levelling...

interior paint / acrylic / energy-efficient / GreenGuard® certification - HARMONY® INTERIOR

Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex paint is a zero VOC formula that helps reduce common indoor odors from your pets, cooking and smoke to help rooms stay fresher, longer. Harmony...

wood floor paint / for wood / for floors / water - MINWAX® ULTIMATE

Minwax® Ultimate Floor Finish works well for any hardwood floor...

interior paint / acrylic / latex  - DURATION HOME®

Duration Home paint and primer in one features exclusive cross linking technology that actually...

interior paint / acrylic / latex  - CASHMERE® INTERIOR

For an ultra-smooth, rich, silky finish, count on Cashmere. This paint easily...

metal look paint - GLAMOUR EFFECT

Refined, highly transparent and shining Glamour Effect can alone be used as a finishing layer for walls and ceilings. It can also serve as a base for creating unusual decorative...

interior paint / acrylic - PIGMENT MIX

Pigment MIX is a pigment concentrate, available in 29 colours, including titanium white, ideally tints all water-based paints, especially Farba MIX Paint, and most solvent-based ones (alkyd, phthalic, nitro and chlorinated...

exterior paint / acrylic - MIX-BUD MAX

MIX-BUD Max pigment concentrate is designed for tinting concrete underlayment, acrylic plaster and water-based elevation...

interior paint / acrylic - EMALMIX

Emalmix is designed for repairing splintered, chipped and cracked areas...

exterior paint / interior / acrylic - FUGAREMIX

Fugaremix is designed for renovating grout between glazed, terracotta and mosaic tiles with glazed or other non-porous surfaces....

anti-mold paint / water / VOC-free - 806 COLD : CWC

Latex-based and comprising specific mineral powders which, thanks to their insulating features, keep the surface to which it is applied warmer, eliminating any thermal bridge.

Key Benefits

ceiling paint / color changing - GLIDDEN® EZ TRACK®

Think painting the ceiling is a challenge? Not anymore! Glidden EZ Track? Pink To White ceiling paint dries bright white but it goes on pink to help...

ceiling paint / interior / low odour / low VOC - GLIDDEN® 2 GAL

This flat white ceiling paint will spruce up...

exterior paint / interior / oil-based / high-gloss - GLIDDEN® TRIM & DOOR

Glidden offers an attractive color palette of Trim & Door interior/exterior paint. This interior/exterior paint is formulated to eliminate drips and brush marks. Glidden Trim & Door interior/exterior...

interior paint / latex  / acrylic / energy-efficient - GLIDDEN® HIGH ENDURANCE™ FLAT

Refresh your home with Glidden High Endurance® interior paints. This high-quality latex paint...

interior paint / latex  / energy-efficient / semi-gloss - GLIDDEN® HIGH ENDURANCE™

Refresh your home with Glidden High Endurance® interior paints. This high-quality latex paint...


How to choose this product


Decorative paint is formulated for indoor or outdoor use, the latter better resisting the effects of adverse weather. The various finishes include matte, metallic, satin and glossy.


Some interior paints are moisture-resistant, making them a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms.


Water-based versions are acrylic, alkyd or vinyl, while the oil-based paints include glycerophtalic, epoxy and polyurethane types.

How to choose

Though color and finish are primary criteria, the paint type should be appropriate for the locale (bedroom, kitchen, exterior, etc.). Water-based paints are generally less toxic, but oil-based types stand up to wear better. Paint composition and detailed specifications should be consulted carefully.


- Aesthetics

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