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Look around you at a reception and you will see guests grabbing a chair to sit down or to just lean against its backrest. Abachus...

Table-seating combination specially created for the balcony, small surfaces and semi-public...


Top is available in clear glass or aluminum and can specified with a 2 umbrella holeGlass top is available in 30, 42, and...


The graceful shape of elegantly curved leaves is the spin-off...


BUM BUM was born from the principle of not designing objects, but
rather musical instruments to be used for another purpose; the same
as a person who holds a shell to their...

BIOPHILIA Collection explores the new design language that forms
a dialogue between time , form and space combining the pioneering
organic design of Sagrada Famila by Antonio Gaudi , VONDOM expertise
in advanced roto-moulded technology and my studios ongoing research

DOUX, a collection of different pieces derives directly from the pen
sketching freely: organic, spontaneous, friendly, and colorful. The
zoomorphic forms are to...

As the name suggests, was to develop elements we can find in nature
creating a synergy between the natural and the artificial landscape.


Whether in the living area or in the garden, as an extraordinary meeting table or in the catering industry; the different versions...


Dining table iron made treated for outdoor use, designed by Samuele Mazza.


Dining table iron made treated for outdoor use, designed by Samuele...


A modular element, unique yet capable of being joined with anything without limits, a three-dimensional...

The innate elegance of Lily models, convivial, sparkling, the table immediately...

Liberty liveliness depends on the empty and full space prefect mixing, developed on surfaces and volumes...


Solar is a new type of object, a contemporary hearth around which to gather and chat, at home or outside. The surface finishes are different:...


A synthetic drape forms a covered table and at the same time a table structure. Entirely resembling a starched hail blank tablecloth, but...


How to choose this product


A design garden table is a contemporary item representing innovative concepts in terms of configuration, function, materials or appearance. ArchiExpo classifications include side, coffee, high bar, folding and other tables.


A range of weatherproof materials can be used to manufacture tables suitable for use in yards and gardens, on terraces, patios and other outdoor areas.


Wicker, wood, polyethylene, plastic, synthetic and natural fibers, glass, stainless steel and other materials are used in these tables.

How to choose

Choice will focus on quality and constituent materials, which should be especially resistant to moisture, UV rays and all types of inclement weather. Comfort, aesthetic appeal and coordination with other garden furniture and the overall environment are additional factors to be considered.

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