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Key features
100 % glare-free diffuse comfortable light distribution very uniform lighting intensity across the glass surface the fixture housing creates a decorative spacing between the glass...

Key features
* glare*free light * adjustable head angle and rotation * channelled light * unique design * design classic * timeless design * available in several colours * belongs to a family which includes table and floor lamps
The fixture emits downward directed...

Key features:
Outdoor product • Glare free light • Channelled light • LED light source • Innovative and future • Proof • Warm light •...


Designed as a pivoting wall lamp for the 'Maison Tropique', Potence...


Designed as a pivoting wall lamp for the ‚Maison Tropique‘, Potence is regarded as


Wall luminaire, Up-/Downlight
Matt silver resp. graphite coated metal

White surface synthetic mount box, transparent cables, body made of black metal/synthetic,...

Wall luminaire, Up-/Downlight
Bright silver coated metal


Hand-riveted white painted louvered steel shade

White plastic cable...


In a m2 of surface where the light flows in a fluid way on transparent wires and, through a mirrored reflector, materializes a lighting and volumetric effect wich is controlled....

Wall lamp, extending the range of Cadmo...

“The undulating waves have been studied to capture light from several different sources as a way...

Florensis is new concept in lighting aesthetics for all kinds of applications. Its floral bud has been arrived at through a unique way of creating form ; the convergence of two different flows and processes.

The host form has been extruded in a linear way , suggesting upward growth, whereas the...


Wall lamp with diffused and reflected light. Lamp consisting of 4 diffusers with different shaped oblique injection moulded...

Wall lamp composed by spheres made of polymethylmetacrylate, trasparent...

Innerlight was conceived as a wall sculpture, which once lit comes to life and transforms into an elegant platform for the light. Composed of three...

Nuage thanks to the special nature of its design and its brand new combination of light and shade, plays, just as optical art, with different perceptions of a figure, Nuage produces a light...

Wall lamp with silkscreen-printed satin glass diffuser, mounted...


Iridescent colours and reflections for a wall lamp inspired by the shape of swimming goggles and the mirror treatment of sports eyewear lenses. Goggle...

Incredibly light and easy to assemble, Hope represents the magic of traditional lamps, reinterpreting them with sophisticated technologies and contemporary materials.

A series of thin polycarbonate...

The Synapse system is based on repetition of a three-lobe module composed of shells...


The 14 sconces are visually quite subtle in and of themselves. In the 14s, the light interacts with the imperfections,...

This low voltage fixture results from a complex glass blowing technique, which creates a unique spherical shape with a composed collection of inner...

This low voltage fixture results from a complex glass blowing technique, which creates a unique spherical shape with a composed collection of inner “satellites”, one of which is an...

The ‘s’ designation in this variation on the 57 refers to it being surface-mounted, with transformers mounted remotely. This surface light has a discrete 55mm (2.2”) in diameter mounting plate designed to be mounted on walls as well as ceilings. 57 is an exploration of a technique of making analogous to that used for producing closed cell foam. The process involves trapping voids...


Wall- and ceiling fixture. Two-piece cylinder with...


Wall/ceiling light in clear plexiglass (acrylic glass), supplied...

Wall light with shade in transparent plexiglass, supplied...


A lamp of simple and essential design, available in
two versions: wall lamp and suspension lamp.
The wall lamp...


Experience the molecular design, a new trendy sensation that few know. Atomic wall lamp is a spot-on interpretation of the...


Back to art deco and again with musical inspiration, this time through the dramatic pipe organ. Brubeck fixture lamp is an instant classic...

Charles fixture lamp is a pure 50's stilnovo design. With 1 or 2 aluminium cones, this wall lamp is even more beautiful...

Coltrane fixture lamp is a design with a strong character and the ability to draw your attention to it. It has a magical and a...

DIANA Diana Wall fixture lamp is a \ sculptural and malleable vintage piece of art. This contemporary cool lamp suits into a cozy ambiance....


How to choose this product


The design wall light provides decorative occasional illumination and is characterized by original configurations, unusual materials, extravagant decorative or technical innovations.


These unique decorative pieces are at home in nearly any setting.


Wall lights can use LED, fluorescent or halogen bulbs. Some include movement or photoelectric sensors, or timers for automatic on-off or dimming functions.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the effect to be created, one of harmony or contrast with existing decor. Constituent materials, bulb type and power are other important factors.


- Originality
- Aesthetics


- Expensive

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