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12-channel DMX controller - STUDIO

Studio 12 Scan Control is a reliable user-friendly lighting console, able to control 12 or 24 channels of dimmable fixtures, and 12 'intelligent' units using up to 36 DMX channels each.

Studio 12 Scan...

24-channel DMX controller - STUDIO

Studio 24 Scan Control is a reliable user-friendly lighting console, able to control 24 or 48 channels of dimmable fixtures, and 12 'intelligent' units using up to 36 DMX channels each.

The controls on the...

DMX controller - PILOT 3000

Pilot 3000 is a sophisticated DMX controller ideal for controlling large and small lighting systems.

Pilot 3000 can control up to 1024 DMX channels via two independent DMX outputs....

6-channel DMX controller - PLDM6KN

Analogue dimmer 6Ch - 2kW/Ch DMX or analogic input Each channel can be controlled with a slider Pre-heat Magneto...

12-channel DMX controller - PLBR256MH3

136 control channels DMX (128 scanner section - 8 PARCAN section) 12 pages with up to 8 scenes can be programmed 8 chasers each with up to 99 steps Joystick Pan / tilt CF...

16-channel DMX controller - PLCNDXN

DMX controller for scanner and moving head with max 16 channels each Max 12 projectors 8 programmable scenes,...

DMX controller - PLCEN

Possibility to use under manual normal speed, flash sync, or chase controls. Pre-installed chasing programs. Programmable Sound and Auto Sound. Adjustable speed. Full/on effect. Reference norm CE.

constant current DMX controller / LED - REGOLED

output voltage: = to input

constant current DMX controller / LED - REGOBOX POWER

Digital control for max 36 LED at 350mA constant current
Controllable via DMX 512 or remote control
1 outputs RJ 45
Digital dimmer of the controlled leds
Electronic strobe,...

constant current DMX controller / LED - REGOBOX POWER IR

number of controllable led: 36
max. output current: 350 mAmps

32-channel DMX controller - DIRECTOR 768

24 fixtures, with maximum of 32 channels each +
dimmer (768 Total DMX channels)
Playback: 4 different sequences at the same time
Master fader to adjust general light intensity
Jog wheel...

DMX controller - CREATION II - 1024

The Creation 1024 is just at home cont rolling productions of up to 800 fixtures with ease, and offering exceptional usability for both fixed and temporary...

DMX controller - CREATION II - 4096

Continuing in the spirit of the original Creation controller, the Creation II impresses with a powerful feature set and solid hardware platform whilst keeping full focus on a simple to operate user interface.


DMX controller - BUTTON WING

If additional button control is needed for your show, then the Creation II - Button

Wing is the solution...

DMX controller - FADER WING

If additional button control is needed for your show, then the Creation II - Button Wing is the solution of...

16-channel DMX controller - SCAN OPERATOR FX

The Scan Operator FX II features a simple to operate interface allowing control of up to 12 moving lights, each with up to 16 control channels. Built upon a solid and reliable hardware platform which has fail safe memory in case of sudden power loss, the Scan Operator FX II supports a massively...

digital DMX controller - APP-CPXXX

The CP series of manual control panels from Leviton are simple to operate...

32-channel DMX controller - D4104-1LW

Brand Features

The D4100 is sophistication made simple, enabling the...

digital DMX controller - N0804-CP0

The Luma-Net® architectural control stations are some of the most reliable, easy-to-use controls...

digital DMX controller - N0808-CP0

The Luma-Net® architectural control stations are some of the most reliable, easy-to-use controls...

digital DMX controller - RMBXX

Integrated with DMX512, the Remembrance series of controls from...

DMX controller - BUTLER PRO

The Butler PRO is an e:net to DMX512/RDM output (DMX512/RDM Version) or an e:net to e:pix output (e:pix Version) engine that interfaces seamlessly with the Lighting Application...


There's so much that's new with Palette. And so much that you already know.

Clean, elegant, and very, very powerful, classic Palette is a thoroughbred. Starting with 250 channels (upgradeable to 8,000 channels), a single playback and 16 submasters, basicPaletteII will eat up complex shows, easily elegantly.

Product Features

* Two DMX ports with...


Product Features

* Two DMX ports with 1,024 outputs
* Hard disk cue storage
* USB Key Library storage
* Strand ShowNet standard on all systems with over 18,000 DMX outputs
* PaletteOS Vista Business Operation System
* High-resolution Graphical User...

DMX controller - PALETTE VL

Product Features

* 16 or 64 Submaster models with Unlimited Submaster Pages
* Two DMX ports with 1,024 outputs
* Integrated Moving Light Controls with integrated trackball, and 4 rotary encoder wheels
* Hard disk cue storage
* USB Key Library storage
* Strand ShowNet standard...


Single-scene/two-scene is still the best starting point for a lighting control education, but these preset boards are a far cry from the one your daddy learned on!

With 32/64 or 48/96 single/two-scene operation, presetPalette hasn't even broken a sweat! These consoles are full capable memory desks with unlimited cueing capabilities and up to 8,000 channels of control.

When students...


Product Features

* Graphical User Interface
* Windows Embedded OS
* Dual Core processors for optimum performance
* Color Picker for direct color selection
* Abstract Control Model for optimum...

DMX controller - LICON 2X

The LICON 2X is a lighting console for...

96-channel DMX controller - LICON 1X

Lighting control console for 32 moving...

96-channel DMX controller - LICON 1X TOURPACK

Lighting control console for 32 moving...

48-channel DMX controller - LICON CX

Combined lighting control console for 16...

48-channel DMX controller - LICON CX TOURPACK

Combined lighting control console for 16...

digital DMX controller - LIGHT PALETTE CLASSIC 1500

Classic Light Palette delivers power in a traditional console with two timed split crossfaders and 12 combination submaster/playback...

digital DMX controller - PALETTE CLASSIC 500

Clean, elegant and powerful new-generation console with 2 playbacks and 32 submsters. Its sofisticated...

48-channel DMX controller - LEAP FROG

Lighting console with 2x24ch presets (48 in wide mode) + 24 motorized fixtures control,...

digital DMX controller - FROG

Lighting console with 2x24ch presets (48 in wide mode),...

24-channel DMX controller - COMMANDER

Small lighting console with 2 x 12ch presets (or 1x24), manual...

32-channel DMX controller - 512™

The DMX Control 512 offers control of up to 16 fixtures with a maximum of 32 channels each. The DMX Control 512 supports ROBE and...

16-channel DMX controller - DIRECTOR 256

Director 256 is a compact DMX controller, especially designed for an independent control of max of 12 projectors
with 8/16ch control mode.The internal...

RGB DMX controller / LED - MIAMI

Miami is a light controller dedicated to control 4 RGBW LEDs projectors....

32-channel DMX controller - MICMAC

This unit is a 32 channel programmable DMX controller. It is possible to program 12 scenes....

24-channel DMX controller - COMMANDER 24

The Commander 24 is a 2-banks 12 fader, 1-bank 24 fader mixing console, it controls DMX and has also the capability to be used with MIDI protocol to allow real-time...

48-channel DMX controller - COMMANDER 48

The Commander 48 is the Big Brother of the Commander 24 : with 48 channels instead of 24 ! The Commander 48
is a 2-banks 24 fader, 1-bank 48 fader mixing console.The Commander 48 controls...

80-channel DMX controller - C-80

80 channels of DMX
100 scene memory
48 chases...

DMX controller - C192

192 channels of DMX 512 controlls 12 fixtures of up to 20 channels of
DMX per fixture 30 bank memory...

DMX controller - C240 JS AND C240 F

240 DMX channels controls 12 fixtures of up to 20 channels of DMX per fixture 30 bank memory (each composed of 8...

DMX controller - C-80

The C-80-LED Controller is a very simple controller to operate. Simplicity was the mission...

digital DMX controller - M-PC™

This Windows-compatible version of the Maxxyz™ and M-Series console is an online and offline editing tool that gives you total Maxxyz functionality from the ease and convenience of a PC or laptop. It is ideal for training purposes and preprogramming...

digital DMX controller - WI-LIGHT

Wi-Light is an easy application for smart-phone and tablets, it replaces the previous Smartboard DMX and it is available on Google Play...

DMX controller - MASTER512

The DMX Master 512 is designed for Small to Medium Rental and Production...

DMX controller - CLUB512

This a great DMX Club controller....

DMX controller - ATLANTIS XL5

The Atlantis is the first of our TOUR Class control boards. Design with tons of features to assist Lighting Designers...

12-channel DMX controller - PD12-200

Description: Powered DMX Buffer
Item Code: PD12-200
IP Rating: 20
Voltage: 85-277V AC 50-60Hz Power: 200 Watts


Ultrafast programming with two wide screen touch monitors offering a huge workspace area. Ultimate live control from...

DMX controller - EXPERT PRO

The Pearl Expert Pro is high performance. Built upon the user friendliness of the industry’s most popular console. More submasters, more flash buttons, MORE POWER to control the larger...

DMX controller - TIGER TOUCH PRO

The Avolites Tiger Touch Pro represents the perfect combination...

DMX controller - TITAN MOBILE

Avolites TITAN Mobile binds the awesome power of TITAN software with a compact and lightweight unit that connects to your laptop to produce a fully featured moving light control system. Small enough to carry hand luggage on flights large enough for complex shows, transferrable shows to and from...

DMX controller - PEAR 2010

A variation of the Pearl, the Pearl 2010, sees Avolites a contemporary streamlined look for its global bestselling console. This includes new graphics and an ergonomically curved front and back, complimenting the physical aesthetics of the Pearl Expert and Pearl Tiger consoles.

The Pearl 2010 is a cosmetically updated Pearl 2008 with the addition...


The grandMA2 full-size represents MA Lighting's most powerful console and offers the control of conventional light, moving lights, LED fixtures and media from on one platform.

Equipped with the most up-to-date technology and even some special features (e.g. keyboard drawer and multi-touch command screen), the grandMA2 is suitable for all lighting segments...

DMX controller - GRANDMA2 LIGHT

The grandMA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two touchscreens available. All further features and controls are identical to those on the grandMA2 full-size.

The grandMA2 light is the perfect tool to control all kinds of lighting genres like conventionals, moving...


The grandMA2 ultra-light features the full network performance of the grandMA2 series. All controls are at the same place as on the on bigger consoles.

With its 4,096 parameters and 6 DMX outputs the grandMA2 ultra-light is the perfect backup solution...


The grandMA2 replay unit offers the same features and functions as the grandMA2 consoles in a 19" housing. It can be easily built into a rack and is therefore perfect for fixed installations as a archictetural lighting control or as a backup solution.

The grandMA2 replay unit is...


The grandMA2 fader wing offers a comfortable way to increase the number of motorized executor faders and executor buttons. Up to four grandMA2 fader wing can...

12-channel DMX controller - CX-1203

If the light fittings are to function synchronised, the DMX control console can run an indefinite quantity...

digital DMX controller - USBDMX/SA

The USBDMX/SA system allows the control of RGB spots connected to it in a simple and intuitive method by...

DMX controller - SENSA

Stand alone DMX Controller and associated devices for the implementation of DMX networks in outdoor...

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