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The Photovoltaic AA 110 is a curtain wall and glass designed to produce electricity by solar energy. The Photovoltaic AA 110 is manufactured in same way as a traditional curtain wall.

Residential or non-residential
New or refurbishing


The elegant design lines complement each feature: the glass is adjustable in 3 positions.
Faraone proposes this model as a combination of elegance and functionality. The stylization...

Aluminum and glass for clean design accessible for everyone.

Anodized aluminium fittings, silver colour:
- Art.FP04 Wall connection with screw anchors at...

More attention to design. Easy to assemble. More substance to the model Sfera N.

AISI 316 stainless steel fittings...


Point-fixed canopies with rods - Informo

Getting to the heart of...

Point-fixed canopies with rods - Basic I

Getting to the heart...

Point-fixed canopies with rods - Basic II

Getting to the heart...

Linearly-mounted canopies - Model I

The benefits of a slim line


Linearly-mounted canopies - Model II

The benefits of a slim line



Pre-painted aluminuim structure, in two colours:...

Pre-painted aluminuim structure, in two colours:...

Pre-painted aluminuim structure, in two colours:...


Esdra cantilever roof in wrought iron has a very accurate...

Dafne cantilever roof has a very simple design...


Aluminum tubular structure with aluminum casting joints. Essential coverage...

Aluminum tubular structure with aluminum casting joints. Essential coverage...

The most classic shape of the dome interpreted by this modern and light...


Simple solutions are often the best, as shown by the small roofs realised with SEP polycarbonate...


Porch roofs made from aluminium profiles painted with polyester powder and transparent or bronzed acrylic panels or security glass. Elegant...


Our company produces forged elements such as different garden furniture, decorative fencing and stairs railings. These wrought iron elements can be...


The solution against humidity and rain problems is COSPICO CANOPY, with semi-arched form. The Canopy can be placed above entrances and windows while it can be used for the...


Laminated glass is a type of multi-ply glass consisting of an assembly of two or more lites of glass bonded with an interlayer that holds together...


CANAL tendered against both British and American metalwork companies for this prestigious project on Bermuda and was successful in securing the contract by not only offering...


All of our covering structures are engineered for a high quality assembly and possess an original design. The weight carrying beams can be made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum. The upper...


The front canopy was reinstated...


Stainless steel canopies are usually extra integrated structures to the building that have functional, flexible design...


- Our stainless-steel products are conform to the norms: NF P01-012 (July 1988) : Balustrade dimensions NF P01-013 (August 1988) - Norms XP-405, road safety...


How to choose this product


A door canopy is installed above the outside entrance to a structure to protect people entering or leaving the building or house from rain or sun.


These devices are found on all types of structures, including private homes, office buildings, stores, etc. They also can be used to protect windows, whose width is often similar to that of doors.


Canopy frames are often made of wood or metal (aluminum, steel, wrought iron, etc.). When not of the same material, the cover may be of glass, polycarbonate, tile, fabric or another material.

How to choose

Choice will depend on doorway dimensions, intended canopy function and desired style. The canopy should be wide enough and long enough to provide sufficient protection against the rain. A transparent cover (glass, polycarbonate) will tend to concentrate the sun's heat. Shading the doorway will require use of an opaque cover of tile, wood, etc. A wrought iron framework lends a traditional touch, while an all-glass canopy offers a modern look.

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