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An elegant Cabin for existing shafts

The Cibes A6000 is a cabin lift designed to fit into existing shafts in all type of buildings. All...

The cabin lift Cibes A6000 is a cost effective, space saving solution for residential buildings with demands for improving accessibility in existing and new environments. Cibes Lift...

Cibes A9000 represents an alternative to conventional platform lift models.

The cabin lift Cibes A9000 is suitable for new as well as existing buildings. Especially appropriate in environments where easy installation...


Suitable for the use of both senior and less able users through our attention to detail during the project phase that results in an easy and practical to use...

The aluminium car has come to light.
A lightweight and functional car for a domestic elevator that allows a significant reduction in assembly time and thus reducing cost....

For a person who is not satisfied with a standard platform cab
For the person who is looking for something more than a simple elevator.
For a person who wants something different from the normal or classic.


Sophisticated rigour

Angular, well-defined shapes put the Quadra in perfect keeping with current design trends.

The extremely rigorous design, wich dispenses with a number of traditional decorative elements to the advantage of...

Young and dynamic aesthetics

Characterised by a young and dynamic look, Asia is a comfortable and versatile car. The wide range of colours for the plastic finishes and different types...

Extreme versatility

Alias is synonymous with versatility. Distinguished by an extremely flexible structure enabling it to be adapted also to non-standard shafts, Alias is the ideal car for installations with a refined look, special custom...

Stylish design
Walls made in wood staves embellished by horizontal stainless steel mouldings, these features made Opera a contemporary and stylish design...


The configurations represented here are always...

PIXLIGHT, a light and essential cab, in shape and substance.
The most modern production technologies make PIXLIGHT the lightest...


Patent Pending

Type: Special Ceiling T310 (Curved Steel Sheet White with hidden lightnd Blue Lines)
Light Type: 2...

Type: 010
Material: Stainless Steel Mirror
Light Type: 3 fluorescent tubes


Type: 05
Material: Stainless Steel Mirror and plexiglass
Light Type: 3 fluorescent tubes


Working with architectural metals is another service offered by Couturier Iron Craft. We have considerable experience working with architectural brass, architectural stainless steel and architectural aluminum. If youve spent any time...


Lift car cladding in:

* skinplate in different types...


Our Designer model is popular and versatile for those wishing to create or decorate their own unique cab interior.


The Heritage offers a new look with timeless beauty.

• Textured neutral wall panels...

The Estate is a distinctly crafted, hand finished model that features:

• Oak wall panels
• Hardwood trim
• Textured...

The elegant, fine quality Estate Limited cab features:

• A hand finished cherry interior

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