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precast direct-finish concrete facade panel - FIBRE C : SPECIAL

The development of fibreC was inspired by Rieders vision of a concrete cladding panel that is both stable and lightweight, able to withstand the effects of weather and environmental conditions and at the same time sustainable and aesthetic. fibreC the name is an acronym of the words glassfibre and concrete is a glassfibre-reinforced...

glass facade panel - MCCOY FEDERAL BUILDING

Currently in the Design Assist phase, this multi-million dollar addition to the Mccoy Federal Building in Jackson, Mississippi will update the image of the building as well as its functional purposes. The building features a curving glass facade which wraps the entire vertical surface...

glass facade panel - MOCA CLEVELAND

The new museum in Cleveland is being designed and engineered with the architects at FMA (Farshid Moussavi Architects). The architects designed an elegant prism to house the museum's collection in a new space that will maximize the 34,000 square foot structure. Zahner was brought on to perform several services for the project, including design assist, engineering, fabrication, and installation of the...

glass facade panel - SUZANNE ROBERTS THEATRE

Completed in 2007, the new theater for Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts was designed by Kieran Timberlake and named for Suzanne Roberts, former actress, playright, and director. Zahner was brought on to do the dynamic shape and curves of the curvilinear signage on the front facade of the theater. The complex...

ceramic facade claddings facade panel - TERRART® LARGE

TERRART®-LARGE provides large-format elements, which are individually manufactured based on the project specification. Ideal for projects where large-sized or oversized elements support wind load and structural and design aesthetic are a consideration.

Length: max. 1800 mm. The length of the ceramic elements can be adjusted...

ceramic facade claddings facade panel - TERRART® MID

TERRART®-MID provides medium-format ceramic elements, which are individually manufactured according to the project specifications. TERRART®-MID is ideal for standard façade projects using a medium-format panel size in a middle price segment.

Length: max. 1500 mm. The length of the ceramic elements can be adjusted individually...

ceramic facade claddings facade panel - TERRART® LIGHT

TERRART®-LIGHT provides medium-format and small-format elements, which are individually manufactured according to the clients desired dimensions.

Planners and building owners can now consider terracotta elements whenever renovating and reconstructing facades with the new, attractively...

ceramic facade claddings facade panel - TERRART® SHINGLE

TERRART®-SHINGLE - medium-format ceramic elements, which are arranged in such a way, that the horizontal joint is overlapping. TERRART®-SHINGLE is ideal for a scaled façade or a façade with a "clapboard" effect. The TERRART®-SHINGLE ceramic elements are always produced individually for each project in the colour...

ceramic facade claddings facade panel - TERRART® SOLID

TERRART®-SOLID offers solid ceramic elements for precast construction, which are available either as a prefabricated façade with pre-grouted joints or as a shiplap rainscreen joint.

TERRART®-SOLID can be used for all facades where there is a demand for panels without hollow chambers, for facades which have to be constructed with a "Natural Stone" appearance...

precast concrete facade panel - BUDIN DAYCARE CENTER

A place where children and their care-givers may enjoy themselves, the Budin daycare center in the 18th district of Paris, designed by architects Dominique Marrec and Emmanuel Combarel, plays on all poetic aspects of childhood.

Softness, light, carefree, waves, exploration,...

precast concrete facade panel - by Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec

Combining the durability of a concrete façade and a self-supporting structure, this innovative system is constructed of precast panels with 3 cm of Ductal® and 20 to 30 cm of insulation, depending on the targeted performance. It can be adapted...

precast direct-finish concrete facade panel - RATP BUS DEPOT

Fully covered with a Lego® style textured skin made with Ductal®: the RATP administrative center in Thiais has an extremely strong visual identity.

Located in a suburban industrial zone frequented by 300 buses, 24 hours a day, this project is the brainchild of ECDM (Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec) architects...

precast concrete facade panel - RHODIA

The facade of the Rhodia corporate building in Aubervilliers (near Paris) is covered with large, ribbed Ductal® panels, pinned to its supporting...

precast concrete facade panel - BELLEVILLE DAY CARE CENTER by Bruno Rollet

Conceived by Parisian architect Bruno Rollet, the textured, glistening white Ductal® panels that decorate the façade of the Belleville day care center are innovative because of the...

precast concrete facade panel - BELLEVILLE DAY CARE CENTER by Bruno Rollet

The demand for maximum transparency, natural light...

clay facade panel / acoustics - ACOUSTIC PANEL

Favemanc Acústica is an absorbent wall parameter, which is composed of large format Clinker clay plates with perforated frontal face. The panels are fixed to a wall...

clay facade panel / acoustics - XB SYSTEM

Favemanc Acoustic Panel System XB...

clay facade panel / acoustics - XA

Favemanc Acoustic Panel XA system...

clay facade panel / acoustics - PHONBRIC®

Phonbric® is a large-sized (up to 400 x 900 mm) double-skinned terracotta facing, filled with rock, wool and fitted to a framework.
It is available in ten colours.
Diameter of the perforations:...

decorative facade panel / perforated - ÖREBRO UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL by YLP Arkitekterne

An original moucharabieh
A moucharabieh in a Swedish hospital is already a mark of originality but the choice of the pattern...

insulated glass facade panel / solar control  - KLIMAGLAS

Modern architecture: This means large glass surfaces, transparent buildings and no annoying fixed solar protection.

The Klimaglas product family has been developed especially for these requirements. The premium Semco...

insulated glass facade panel / solar control  - KLIMAGLAS

Fascinating glass – playing with nature

There is no other building material...

insulated glass facade panel / solar control  - KLIMAGLAS

Solar control blades: Straight and curved , vertical...

glass facade panel - SATIN ETCH

Satin Etch is a translucent clear glass with a light diffusing etched surface to which patterns may be applied....

glass facade panel - SATIN ETCH

Laminated glass is a type of multi-ply glass consisting of an assembly of two or more lites of glass bonded with an interlayer that holds together...

insulated glass facade panel / solar control  - MINISTÈRE DE L'INTÉRIEUR

The production lines of curtain panels allow for maximum freedom of choice both about the performance of the...

insulated glass facade panel / solar control  - STOPRAY

Magnetron-coated glazing for solar control and improved thermal insulation

High selectivity and colour neutrality are no longer mutually exclusive in solar control...

insulated glass facade panel / solar control  - SUNERGY

Glazing with a pyrolytic coating for increased solar control and thermal insulation with low light reflection

Modern architecture sets high aesthetic...

insulated glass facade panel / solar control  - STOPSOL

Glazing with pyrolitic coating for improved solar control

Glass processors require glazing that is flexible to work with and can be used in many ways. Stopsol has a hard coating, a metal oxide layer applied...

glass facade panel - GIGA LITES

International demand for oversized glass products is on the increase. They are used, for example, when architects want...

glass facade panel - FG-5000 STORMMAX™

The FG-5000 system is an impact resistant storefront system designed to accommodate...

glass facade panel - FG-5100 STORMMAX™

The FG-5100 system is an impact resistant storefront system for insulated impact...

glass facade panel - FG-5100T STORMMAX™

These heavy-duty flush glazed storefronts provide...

facade panel - NEW LIBRARY - ALEXANDRIA by Snohetta Hamza Consort

The building of a roof to cover a suspended geodesic dome made of glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC).
At the beginning of the project, the architect imagined...

facade panel - GENOMIC PLATFORM by Raguenaud & Roux

Owner : Conseil Régional dAquitaine

facade panel - MEDIA LIBRARY – COURRIÈRES by Karine Millet

The media library of Courrières includes a reception area, an auditorium seating 125 people,...

facade panel - HOME IN COLLONGE by Pentacle & Eauboiron

Owner : undisclosed
Location : Switzerland


How to choose this product


A facade panel is an exterior wall covering which resists impacts and inclement weather, while offering aesthetic qualities. ArchiExpo offers a range of panels classified by material and characteristics: vibrated, cellular and prestressed concrete, glass wool sandwich, expanded cork, metal, wood and glass, among others.


Differing manufacturing techniques and different materials may be combined to confer a variety of characteristics. Panels may be fire-retardant, water-repellent, impact-resistant and offer acoustic insulation. A wide range of colors and surface designs, including finishes imitating other materials, is also available.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the aesthetic and physical properties of the panel, which must be durable, standing up to harsh weather and strong sunlight. Local regulations and project requirements must be considered.

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