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fingerprint reader - TK AMI FP

Personalised biometric access control


fingerprint reader - LS BIS 50 WW

Access control by fingerprint

The Fingerprint System is used for access control in the indoor area for the protection of highly sensitive corporate areas. The fingerprint system checks the access permission of persons based on their fingerprint which because of its uniqueness...

fingerprint reader - LS BIS 50 WW

Gira Keyless In Fingerprint is based upon a biometric system and uses probably the oldest attribute for identification: the fingerprint. This is absolutely unique, a feature that together with the latest biometric...

fingerprint reader - ARTE

The highly compact finger scanner
ekey arte can be mounted almost
invisibly in front...

fingerprint reader - FSB ISIS

In this award winning finger scanner, the ekey technology...

fingerprint reader - FS OM

The ekey FS OM I is designed for installation into various door entry systems of leading third party suppliers. Due to its highly neutral shape and via suitable blind modules, the finger scanner can be fitted...

fingerprint reader - OUTLET-MOUNTED E

With its compact dimensions, the outlet-mounted finger scanner is the ideal solution...

fingerprint reader - WALL-MOUNTED 2.0

The wall-mounted finger scanner combines simple...

fingerprint reader - Q3008

Also protect individual, restricted-access rooms with up to 50 users with the Biometric Reader Q3008. Battery operated and...

fingerprint reader - USB SCANNER

Fingerprint enrolment...

fingerprint reader - DGID

Free software.
Up to 400 fingerprints.

fingerprint reader - DGIDW

26, 30 or 44 bits Wiegand outputs.
Connection to the panel via the Wiegand bus interface...

fingerprint reader - AX BIO

Easy to install and configure, it controls doors as well as alarm systems. Stand-alone version performs easy configuration using special programming cards (supplied).

AX BIO is a high security stand-alone door opener with the most advanced id and security...

fingerprint reader - TRAX+G

929 TRAX+G is a family of data collection terminals designed to satisfy your need to monitor the activity of production personnel and operating machinery, as well as provide you with full attendance recording and access control capabilities in offices, factories, hospitals and work sites.

All main communication and Auto ID technologies are offered incorporated in different...

fingerprint reader - FINGERTRAX +G /ST & /SU

Based on the versatile TRAX+G platform, FingerTRAX/ST and /SU are PoE data collection terminals for AIDC (Automatic Identification & Data Collection) applications like Time & Attendance and Access Control integrating a fingerprint reader module beside more traditional card readers....

fingerprint reader - FINGERTRAX +G /ST & /SU

FingerReader is a simple biometric device with 1 blue and 1 dual color LED.

Its biometric features and reliability are unrivaled thanks to the adoption of the best technology and the most reliable capacitive sensor available on the market.


fingerprint reader - FINGERTRAX +G /ST & /SU

In some situations, the use of keycards may not be suitable or sufficient. They can be lost, forgotten, given to someone else or manipulated. Some security environments require an exact verification of the users identity, which adds significantly to costs when done manually.


fingerprint reader - SSA-X500

Product Details


fingerprint reader - SSA-X500

Access control device with a digital fingerprint reader...

fingerprint reader - 4GFVST

A Powerful and Flexible Solution Utilizing Finger Features at a glance Vein Technology

The 4G FingerVein Station is a full featured device utilizing industry leading finger vein technology and is built on the L-1 4G multi-biometric platform. The device unleashes a combination of...

fingerprint reader - 4GFXS

L-1 Identity Solutions delivers the next generation of the Bioscrypt V-Flex fingerprint reader - built on our new 4G technology platform that transforms an access control device into a flexible and smart security appliance through improved performance,...

fingerprint reader - SIEDLE VARIO

As part of the Vario system, the fingerprint reader is a function module which can be positioned at will within the system and combined with other modules.

The integration of access control within the door communication...

fingerprint reader - SIEDLE STEEL

In the Siedle Steel system, the fingerprint reader is part of the mounting level, and projects forward through the cut-outs in the front control panel. Both levels can be varied in terms of their material and surface finish. Taken together, these permit a broad spectrum of design possibilities.

Outside at the entrance or inside in front...

fingerprint reader - BIO-VEINZ

The reader BIO-VEINZ uses a biometric scanner made by Hitachi that reads the veins of the finger to identify people. It comes from a medical investigation. All the people have got an unique vein pattern so there aren't two people with the same disposition of the veins. In the registering phase, the finger is illuminated...

fingerprint reader - BIOMET

1900 fingerprints in memory and only 1 second to response

-Biomet works with stand-alone systems but also with PC systems. The stand-alone unit is the OMNIA access controller, connected to the reader through a RS485...

fingerprint reader - BIOPTEC-SOLO

Biometric fingerprint reader with optic technology, based in the SAGEM sensor.

Works as a standalone reader with a maximum of 250 fingerprints or along with an OMNIA controller (connection RS485) and optionally a TRANSEO software. Can...

fingerprint reader - DIGITOUCH

The DigiTouch ® series, are versatile biometric terminals intended for access control and time & attendance. They use the Sagem Sécurité optical sensors, which have acquired worldwide reputation for their...

fingerprint reader - MA 100

The MorphoAccessTM 100 series features a new range of indoor/outdoor biometric and contactless smart card terminals available at low cost. The MA100 is compact, easy to install and compatible with legacy or new access control systems. The MA100 model operates exclusively in identification mode. It offers storage capacity of two biometric templates per person for up to 500 individuals.The database...

fingerprint reader - FP2005

The SKS fingerprint system FP2005 is a biometric access system with fingerprint detection. The finger is not placed on the surface. Instead it is...

fingerprint reader - KB-TASTIN

IN ROOM transponder...

fingerprint reader - BIOKEY® 3000

This module has been developed with due consideration to recognition and manipulation safety as well as ESD- and EMV-compatibility.

Resilient fingerprint line sensor

Two line sensors has been integrated...

fingerprint reader - BIOKEY® 3010

This module has been developed with due consideration to recognition and manipulation safety as well as ESD- and EMV-compatibility.

Resilient fingerprint line sensor

Two line sensors has been integrated...

fingerprint reader - BIOKEY® 3020

BioKey® 3020 Module has been designed for direct integration into doorlock systems and switch boxes.

All-in-one feature


fingerprint reader - BIOKEY® GATE BASIC/PLUS

BIOKEY®GATE ist a Patented (EU-Patent) biometric access system based on fingerprint recognition

As stand-alone application it establishes trust due to its easy handling. Thanks to the unique masterfinger concept all necessary programming is executed remotely, without the need to access PC or type the...

fingerprint reader - BIOKEY® GATE INFRARED

BIOKEY®GATE + Infrared-Keypad is a patented, biometric access control system with a pocket-sized management station. Using BIOKEY®GATE + Infrared-Keypad one can arrange and manage access...

fingerprint reader - MODESTA: FPM-200

biometric access control using fingerprint

fingerprint reader - FPE-200

biometric access control using fingerprint

fingerprint reader - FPM-200

biometric access control using fingerprint

fingerprint reader - T1000 BIO

Specially designed for small businesses, T1000 Bio is the ideal choice for a time and attendance solution using a fingerprint reader.

The unit has a pleasant design wich enables its installation in any environment.

Choosing T1000 Bio you receive a complete kit for time & attendance, including all the componentes you will need for an efficient control of your employee's...

fingerprint reader - OCTOLINE

Multispectral OctoLine fingerprint sensor.

The Alphatronics fingerprint sensor is...

fingerprint reader - VEINIX PALM

Full automation with control and closure monitoring increases personal security and enhances living quality.

Intelligent security...

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