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Bespoke aluminium windows from Apropos, a perfect compliment to an exisiting Apropos structure that you are undertaking or you may be considering. One of the many appeals for our clients to Apropos, is the flexibility offered by our system enabling breath taking designs to come...

fixed window / aluminum - SUPERTHERM 80

The window system SUPERTHERM 80 is based on a slim, thermally broken and isolated aluminium frame system and captivates with its highly efficient insulation. The premium manufacture guarantees stability and longevity.
SUPERTHERM 80 offers...

roof-top window / fixed - SKYVIEW

A stylish classic, our SkyView is the very best in beautifully simple and traditional fixed roof windows, skylights and roof lights. The SkyView model is a great addition to your roof, bringing in abundant natural...

roof-top window / fixed - PYRAMID

Looking for a skylight that will add the maximum amount of light into your home? Then check out our Pyramid Skylight. This model is not only architecturally beautiful and contemporary but has been engineered to ensure the maximise amount of light filters through. Pyramid-style roof lights have become a popular architectural statement...

roof-top window / fixed - BESPOKE

When specifying your Sunsquare skylight you have an almost unlimited range of configurations to choose from.

Due to the modular nature of our core designs we are able to configure your skylights to have any of the following specifications:


fixed window / aluminum - TAGLIO TERMICO

sUB FraMe moulded metal sheet, wooden jamb for thermal break on 3 sides, assembled.

FraMe and leaF 6060 EN515 aluminium alloy with thermal break coplanar profiles, with fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips, assembled with caulked and glued aluminium angle brackets, continuous...

roof-top window / fixed - SF500

SF500 system rooflights are available as in plane profiled rooflights...

roof-top window / fixed - SF500

Standingseam system rooflights are available as in plane profiled rooflights or multivault domed systems - please contact the Technical office for...

fixed window / PVC - TUDOR : TUSCANY®

Tudor homes predominantly feature combinations of tall, narrow windows (single hung, double hung and casement) and often have darker trim. Many...

fixed window / PVC - PRAIRIE STYLE : TUSCANY

Frank Lloyd Wright revolutionized the American home when he began to design Prairie style houses with low horizontal lines and open interior...


Frank Lloyd Wright revolutionized the American home when he began to design Prairie style houses with low horizontal lines and open interior spaces. Clerestory...

fixed window / wood - PRAIRIE STYLE : ESSENCE

Frank Lloyd Wright revolutionized the American home when he began to design Prairie style houses with low horizontal lines and open interior...


Today, these Ranch/Split-Level homes are often called mid-century homes as they were most popular in the middle...

fixed window / aluminum - KALWALL

CENTRIA and Kalwall have formed a unique partnership to share the design and manufacturing that have made each company a leader in the commercial building products market. Kalwall, with over 50 years of leadership in translucent daylighting systems and CENTRIA with a history of over 100 years in exterior metal wall construction, have co-designed the Formawall Dimension Series Integrated Translucent...

fixed window / aluminum - FORMAWALL FORMAVUE

Formavue window systems reimagine integration and are designed to provide a high-performance, thermally efficient window/panel interface...

fixed window / aluminum - FORMAWALL FORMAVUE

HANSE HAUS can provide outstanding energy-saving potential...

fixed window / aluminum - FORMAWALL FORMAVUE

Fixed frame made of steel tubing painted with a base coat, fire-resistant stratified glass (assembly...

fixed window / thermal break / glass-front - HR-4500-T

The HR-4500-T series is a fixed flush glazing system designed to replace operable window units in historic factory buildings. The system...

fixed window / aluminum - SI9201

Solar Innovations, Inc. is a manufacturer of glazed garden windows, or greenhouse windows. These windows can be used to replace a standard flat window in a gardeners in-home haven. Garden windows project outward from the existing structure to create a shelf or set of shelves commonly used to house plants, including flowers and herbs. Custom garden...


How to choose this product


A fixed window is one that does not open.


Such windows allow light to enter but do not open. They are often installed in inaccessible areas, such as high on a wall. As picture windows, they improve views of a structure's surroundings and increase the feeling of interior spaciousness.

How to choose

Choice will depend on thermal and acoustic insulation qualities, such as double or triple glazing, and argon gas between the panes. Other factors include ease of maintenance and security, which can be improved by use of laminated or tempered glass. Aesthetic factors include: shape, size relative to the environment and frame color. Applicable local regulations should be observed.


- Relatively inexpensive
- Enhances perceived spaciousness


- Does not provide ventilation
- Sometimes hard to clean

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