natural stone floor drain / rectangular / for showers
natural stone floor drain

Easy Drain Modulo stone is a unique frameless shower drain with tileable grate that is developed for natural stone floors of any thickness. The frameless design makes it completely invisible ...

plastic floor drain / round / for showers
plastic floor drain
FLEX by Alan Wisniewski, Anthony Keeler

A dual-function drain stop and hair catcher. Press the center button to allow water flow and use as hair catcher. Push the upturned edges to snap valve shut and use as a drain stop. Easy to care for. ...

stone floor drain / square / patio
stone floor drain

They have flamed surface and sawn sides, with steel frame, and can be flat or concave.

stainless steel floor drain / square / for kitchens / grated
stainless steel floor drain

LA-8010 (Floor drain) 1.Material:201# Stainless steel 2.Specification:5" 3.Chromate conversion coating. 4.Quality Assurance: 5-year guarantee non-human damage.

stainless steel floor drain / square
stainless steel floor drain

Stainless steel body Brush finish