Folding tables

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Boardroom table / contemporary / folding / indoor

In addition to application in multifunctional meeting, conference and seminar environments with...

Contemporary table / folding / indoor / for public buildings

The success of training and skills development depends greatly on the facilities...

Contemporary table / polyethylene / steel / folding

Versatile ValueLite folding tables let you respond to shifting needs. You can set up for...

Contemporary table / folding / adjustable-height / interior

Inspired by architecture, Synthesis tables...

Contemporary table / modular / folding / interior

Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the innovative articulating...

Traditional table / folding / garden / home

A pedestal table that can...

Contemporary table / steel / folding / outdoor

Puck is a sleek, stackable...

Contemporary table / in wood / steel / folding

The trestle table is a design classic....

Contemporary table / teak / folding / garden

With its original system of...

Contemporary table / teak / folding / extending

Previous Tectona catalogues lacked...

High bar table / contemporary / aluminium / folding

These contemporary design objects are produced...

Traditional table / folding / garden / home

Made of galvanized iron and available...

Dining table / conference / contemporary / laminate

The EASY folding table is multifunctional,...

Contemporary table / folding / home

A nomad and polyvalent collection...

How to choose this product


A folding table is often used in multipurpose spaces because it can be stored easily when not in use. While many are freestanding, some are attached to a wall, the top folding against the wall. On ArchiExpo, such tables are categorized by properties including style, use or material.


These tables can be used to create temporary dining areas, such as for a luncheon in a public space. While designed for easy storage, they may remain in place, their configuration changing to adapt to varying needs. For example, a living room table may have a drop leaf to accommodate extra guests. Some have wheels to facilitate movement.

Outdoor models are easily stored in winter to protect them from damage and weathering. Light, compact models can be used for camping. Some have integrated seating to optimize transport and use of space.


Popular construction materials for folding tables include aluminum, solid wood, laminated board and glass.

How to choose

Ensure that the unfolded table does not hinder movement. Determine the amount of space needed for storage. Verify suitability for the intended use. While camping tables should be as light as possible, those designed for regular use in a public or commercial environment must be robust, easy to set up and to store.

Evaluate how table style, materials and form will transform the space. Wooden finishes add a solid, natural look, while bright colors add visual interest to neutral surroundings.

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