contemporary coffee table / concrete / rectangular / garden
contemporary coffee table

Height: 450 mm
Length: 1,200 mm
Width: 450 mm

... purpose or personal preference it can be used as a bench, shelf, table, firewood storage, hall stand or sideboard both indoors and outdoors. Whether you're on the golf course, in the garden, in the wellness ...

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contemporary coffee table / recycled plastic / round / garden
contemporary coffee table

Height: 22 in
Length: 38 in
Width: 38 in

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original design coffee table / wooden / aluminum / square
original design coffee table

Length: 81 cm
Width: 81 cm

... relaxed lounge atmosphere. LEVEL is a lounge series consisting of 2 couch modules – one left and one right - a pouf, and a coffee table. Which makes it possible to mix the modules in many different ways.

Louis XVI style coffee table / wooden / square / garden
Louis XVI style coffee table
J LTL 16/100 - P

Height: 39 cm
Length: 100 cm
Width: 100 cm

contemporary coffee table / metal / acrylic / Solid Surface
contemporary coffee table

Material: Acrylic Solid Surface Thickness: 40mm Surface: Matt / Glossy Color: Black with White Chips

contemporary coffee table / polyethylene / round / garden
contemporary coffee table
TUMMY by Marc Th. van der Voorn

Height: 50.5 cm
Length: 72 cm
Width: 71.5, 72 cm

... polyethylene produced in various colors. A pot, a big ice bucket, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With the addition of the optional cover it becomes a practical table with inside a glove box. ...

contemporary coffee table / teak / rectangular / outdoor
contemporary coffee table

Height: 35 cm
Length: 82 cm
Width: 70 cm

Table, Woodie, 82x70 cm, h: 35 cm, 100% Teak MaterialProduct is made of teak wood. Teak has a large oil content from natures side, so it can last for a long time without the tree is degraded. Washing instructionsHowever ...

contemporary coffee table / aluminum / rectangular / garden
contemporary coffee table

Height: 54 cm
Length: 112 cm
Width: 44 cm

Stimulant upholstery with its own style. Intense and mature design. Refined own essence with an innovative spirit. captivating elegance.

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contemporary coffee table / aluminum / rectangular / garden
contemporary coffee table
WEST COAST by Carlos Aguiar

Height: 28 cm
Length: 68 cm
Width: 56 cm

... typical minimalism of SACHI design. Designed by Carlos Aguiar, the collection includes sun loungers with stowage areas, dining tables, bar and dinning Center, chairs with and without arms and bar stools. Both the structures ...

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SACHI - Premium Outdoor Furniture
contemporary coffee table / oak / zinc / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
LOCAL by G.der.Kinderen

Height: 75 cm
Length: 180 cm - 300 cm
Width: 90 cm - 100 cm

... Materials: Legs in solid oak, table-top in zinc. Oak can be stained in different colours. Specials on request. Can be used as a dining table, executive or working desk, conference and meeting table, ...

traditional coffee table / rattan / marble / rectangular
traditional coffee table

Height: 24, 46, 34 cm
Length: 148, 55, 130, 70 cm
Width: 70, 57, 55 cm

... Mazza collection, is performed exclusively by hand. A complete range of products is offered to meet every need: sofas, dining tables, sunbeds, foot stools, lights and much more. The Vienna straw maxi-weave is created ...

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Samuele Mazza by DFN srl
contemporary coffee table / galvanized steel / polyester / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 60, 50, 80, 70 cm
Width: 60, 50, 80, 70 cm

Tables made of galvanized steel, polyester powder coated. Suitable for outdoor, indoor, and contract use.

traditional coffee table / metal / square / garden
traditional coffee table

Height: 35 cm
Length: 49 cm
Width: 49 cm

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contemporary coffee table / steel / plastic / round
contemporary coffee table
CARIBE by Sebastian Herkner

Height: 360 mm
Length: 800 mm
Width: 800 mm

In Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast, Rafael and his friends produce tables from plastic string and tubular steel in »momposino« weaving technique, which are typical of the region. On this basis, Sebastian Herkner designed ...

contemporary coffee table / teak / square / garden
contemporary coffee table
PLATEAU by Karsten Weigel

Height: 20 cm
Length: 112 cm
Width: 112 cm

Materiel and Color: teak The design of the teak lounge PLATEAU is characterized by a visually floating solid teak platform bearing an inviting cubic upholstery landscape. The teak frame with teak slats of different widths forms a visual ...

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contemporary coffee table / glass / steel / ceramic
contemporary coffee table

Length: 60 cm - 140 cm
Width: 60 cm - 90 cm

Despite its name “dice”, this table is not a product of pure luck. Dare to combine our ceramic finishes with the structure’s finish and the size of the cover. With the different heights you can create an attractive set ...

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contemporary coffee table / cement / round / garden
contemporary coffee table

Height: 30 cm - 50 cm
Length: 50 cm - 150 cm
Width: 50 cm - 150 cm

All handworks LOVECEMENT are produced in Italy with the following characteristics: - Made of lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete treated with a protective transparent or painted with acrylic enamel. The surface treatment is a protective ...

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contemporary coffee table / glass / aluminum / square
contemporary coffee table
IPHONE by Jitrin Jintaprecha

Height: 52, 42, 53 cm
Length: 55, 75 cm
Width: 55, 75 cm

Materials Structure: Aluminum Finished: Entirely Woven Outdoor Rope Top : Glass

contemporary coffee table / glass / rectangular / garden
contemporary coffee table

contemporary coffee table / glass / square / garden
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 45 cm
Width: 45 cm

contemporary coffee table / teak / square / garden
contemporary coffee table
FIORI® : 9813

Height: 18 in
Length: 43 in
Width: 43 in

... Fiori Square Coffee Table are reminiscent of Renaissance and Empire periods. Back-to-back crescent or demilune forms recall aristocratic seats used in antiquity by using the double half-moon shape in ...

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contemporary coffee table / glass / polished stainless steel / square
contemporary coffee table

This collection is inspired by the architecture of American skyscrapers (The Westward Ho, 1927) from the capital and largest city in Arizona, Phoenix. Sérénité Luxury Monaco has managed to make the best products of the Phoenix collection. ...

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Serenite Luxury Monaco
contemporary coffee table / wooden / rectangular / garden
contemporary coffee table

Height: 34 cm
Length: 200, 140, 120 cm
Width: 100, 90, 80 cm

Your open-air living room : CUBIC nature lounge. "Lignum-T" allows manufacturing long-lasting wooden furniture. Equipped with comfortable seat pads and cushions for top relaxation. Sizes can be matched to individual wishes.

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herrenhaus werkstaetten
contemporary coffee table / polyethylene / round / garden
contemporary coffee table

Height: 30 cm
Length: 83 cm
Width: 83 cm

The dimensions of the MOAÏS low table are meticulously calculated so that it fits perfectly underneath the MOAÏS armchair to form a new and different chair! The graphic lines and sedate color of the base add to its contemporary ...

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My croisette
contemporary coffee table / glass / stainless steel / ceramic
contemporary coffee table
CHROMINOX by John Ghekiere

Height: 38, 29 cm
Length: 130, 100 cm
Width: 100, 70 cm

Whether in the dining room or on your patio, this Chrominox table will attract admiring glances. The table top, which is available in Matilux® glas, scratch-resistant Xeramica® or WOG®, appears to be ...

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Ghekiere Industries