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Maximum power: 4200 Watt.
Elegant and innovative aesthetics with varnished steel cabinet and no sharp corners.
Exclusive DeLonghi...


Economic: immediate warm up.
Heating by area. Absence of air drafts.
Absence of stratification.
Low emission of CO...

High efficiency (venturi burner).
Stainless steel reflector....

Horgo 88_91_96_105...


TopVent gas are gas-fired recirculation air or supply air units for heating with recirculated air, mixed air or fresh air. They are equipped with a modular...


Hall heating with the highest energy efficiency.
The REMKO series is characterised by their compact dimensions,
flexible application possibilities, and particularly by their microprocessor

Series GPM with modulating gas burner

Hall heating with higher energy efficiency.
This REMKO series is characterised by compact size, flexible applications with the particular feature of microprocessor controlled modulating gas burner technology. The...


Condensing technology enters in the world of gas unit heaters offering higher efficiency and energy savings for human and environmental comfort thanks to the automatic modulation of the flame and ventilation.

The winning characteristics

High thermal efficiency and respect of the new norms about the...

Continuous modulation for maximal comfort.
Gas unit heaters with variable air flow rate and modulated heat input.

The winning characteristics

Modulation of heat output and ventilation according to ambient requirements.

High efficiency up to 96% for greater...

Gas unit heaters for the heating of small and medium size premises.
It can be installed in horizontal or vertical position.


High performance and low NOx emissions gas unit heaters.

The winning characteristics

Efficiency of 91%...


Centrifugal fan designed for ducting application.

Flange duct outlet suitable to be connected...


MARK manufactures a gas-fired, high-performance air heater with an axial fan. This condensing equipment provides efficiency greater than 106% (lower value). Heat is generated via a modulating (5:1) premixburner which results in very low gas consumption. The GS+...

In addition to the HR air heater, the MARK range also includes a gas-fired, high performance air heater with a centrifugal fan. The GC+ is particularly suited for connection to duct systems, or systems where high pressure is required. This condensing equipment provides efficiency greater than 106% (lower value). Heat is generated via a modulating (5:1) premix burner which results...

We have manufactured more than 350.000 GS gas-fired suspended air heaters over the past 65 years. In the light of all the experience gathered over previous years, MARK provides a 2 year product warranty and a 10 year reducing warranty on the standard stainless steel heat exchanger....

In addition to the standard GSE, MARK also offers a compact gas-fired suspended air heater, the MARK SHOPHEATER AR. With its low height, this air heater is...

Over the past 65 years, this gas-fired air heater with centrifugal fan has proven itself to be a highly reliable and versatile heating appliance. The enormous variety of additional sections provides the option of configuring this appliance relatively easily for any required indoor climate. The MARK GC has various burner controls: on/off, high/low or pulsing....


For industrial and tertiary sector premises characterized by a low height and well insulated
• Compact & Aesthetic...

Hot air heating solution "Condensation" for industrial and tertiary premises
Direct blow "Condensation" hot...



In-direct fired Oil or Gas systems
Reillo burners fitted to all units as standard
Chromium steel combustion chamber
Warehousing, Workshops, Showrooms, Factories, Garages, Spraying Cabinets, Drying Tunnels Etc.
Standard or customised



Version: G ( vertical)
Supply: methane gas,...

Version : GO ( horizontal )
Supply : methane...

Version : GE ( outside/vertical )
Supply: methane...

Version : GEO ( outside/horizontal )
Supply :...

Warm air heaters for pressostatic and tensostatic structures

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