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A balustrading system that allows for the contemplation of...


IDSystems provide the perfect glass balustrade solution without interrupting that all important view, adding elegance and functionality...


Glass balustrades are usually installed for safety reasons, to prevent a fall from...


Satin Etch is a translucent clear glass with a light diffusing etched surface to which patterns may be applied....

Ceramic frit is a pigmented enamel permanently fused to the glass surface at temperatures in excess of 1200°F. This is a versatile...


16 conception possibilities :






Our Softwood Balustrade components can easily be stained, oiled or left to weather naturally to match your...


Systems for protection from the sun (Cold profiles) are widely used in interiors and buildings where insulation is not a requirement.With Wide range...


Today, it is impossible to imagine private dwellings and office buildings without glass balustrades. We can provide you with...


Balustrade glazing: laminated glass with inserted decorative...

Balustrade glazing with decorative inlay: CODINA metal fabric...


How to choose this product


A glass railing (balustrade) is a safety barrier, which is suitable for many different environments. Its transparency maximizes visibility and light. On ArchiExpo, these items are arranged by properties such as complementary materials (stainless steel, wood, etc.) or intended use.


These railings are found in domestic, commercial and public spaces. They are used for a variety of applications, including balconies, staircases and around swimming pools. They also enhance light, visibility and surveillance capability in shopping centers, libraries and other interior settings.

How to choose

Consider glass thickness, transparency and safety features, including resistance to fire, shock, heat and vandalism. Choice also may be influenced by the quality, texture and color of the finish, such as frosted, sand blasted or printed. Determine maintenance and cleaning needs.

Ensure that handrails and other fixtures and fasteners are appropriate for the style of the surroundings. Streamlined designs using stainless steel have an industrial look, while frameless versions blend into many different environments.


- Maximizes light and visibility
- Appropriate for different environments


- Regular cleaning may be required

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