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contemporary coffee table / steel / wrought iron / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

Height: 33, 38, 43, 48 cm
Length: 53, 52, 33 cm
Width: 32, 52, 50 cm

What is immediately clear when we look at the XXX coffee table range designed by Lapo Ciatti is the contrast between the fine finishes and the shapes that are purposely irregular and unfinished. Gold ...

original design coffee table / crystal / aluminum / round
original design coffee table
TAB.U by Bruno Rainaldi

Height: 25, 43 cm
Length: 60, 82 cm
Width: 60, 82 cm

... at the core of Tab.ulino and Tab.ulone, as well as all the Tab.u Collection, stools and tables with absolutely distinctive lines. Tab.ulino and Tab.ulone, are tables on wheels embellished by mirror-effect ...

contemporary coffee table / polished brass / commercial / custom
contemporary coffee table

The Eden Series isn't quite like anything seen before. Their organic shape and texture is influenced by trees and flora, with their unique form achieved through several manual processes delivered by an experienced team of craftsmen. Available ...

contemporary coffee table / walnut / wood veneer / brass
contemporary coffee table

Height: 36 cm
Length: 94 cm
Width: 91 cm

... trees in the world. The different veneer from the table top show the passage of the years, enriched by the texture of the brass bark. SEQUOIA proves the beauty of the action of time. MATERIALS Table ...

contemporary coffee table / walnut / lacquered wood / wood veneer
contemporary coffee table

Height: 40 cm
Length: 160 cm
Width: 100 cm

... Robin Hood arises SHERWOOD, a wood coffee table that steals the name of the royal forest, which is believed the good thief has lived in. The chic walnut root table top and the elegant ...

contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / metal / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 30, 18, 45 cm
Width: 60, 76, 90 cm

... gesture. The combinations of finishes for the top and base can be playful or elegant, just as the combinations of multiple tables from the ABACO series can be varied and original.

contemporary coffee table / steel / round / custom
contemporary coffee table

... of each table Each table can have a different finish: matte, gloss, gold, bronze, blue, red or colors (All RALS are available in matt or glossy finish) Finish : matt varnish or glossy transparent ...

contemporary coffee table / teak / glass / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 400, 455 mm
Length: 650, 800 mm
Width: 650, 800 mm

Tough yet sleek … Teakwood centre / coffee table Beautifully carved crossed wooden structure Toughened glass top Number of size options available to suit any interior space Primary ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / round / commercial
contemporary coffee table

Height: 500 mm
Length: 650 mm
Width: 650 mm

Golden touch … Center table for residential / commercial use Metal base with golden color Golden mirror on top Size and color can be customised ...

New Baroque design coffee table / aluminum / wood / glass
New Baroque design coffee table

Height: 55 cm
Length: 60 cm
Width: 60 cm

... sight , which Orsiitalia proposes for the side table Oscar. Orsi Italia create a contemporary tea table with modern design, keeping alive the tradition of the typical Orsitalia wood, which makes Oscar ...

contemporary coffee table / copper / custom / golden
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 140 cm
Width: 130 cm

... all colors, but pink, red, green, blue and multicolored are its most well-known gem colors. Like the gemstone this center table has a special design, combining different colors of leaf: copper, gold and silver. A luxurious ...

contemporary coffee table / wooden / smoked glass / brass
contemporary coffee table

Darian is a luxurious round dining table that resembles polished craftsmanship techniques. Its delicate smoked glass circular top is supported by a geometric base made in black lacquered wood. Fine gold plated brass detailing ...

contemporary coffee table / brass / marble / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 40 cm
Length: 80 cm
Width: 80 cm

Empire has a refining and stylish aesthetic. A sophisticated round center table carefully made in brass and nero marquina marble to fit any interior setting. Linking gold plated bars create the circular base, which is ...

classic coffee table / wooden / rectangular / golden
classic coffee table

Height: 48 cm
Length: 108 cm
Width: 60 cm

Classic living room with grandfather clock painted and carved by hand Luxury classic living room with hardwood furniture handmade in Italy. The sofas and the armchairs have a solid wood structure and a bespoke padding on the seat. The ...

design coffee table / tempered glass / triangular / for hotels
design coffee table

Height: 25 cm - 50 cm
Length: 70 cm - 200 cm
Width: 70 cm - 200 cm

(All informations on www.vidamecreation.com) Hand-worked, these cylinders assemble themselves to make a coffee table, a stool or a side table. The meeting of these two materials their ...

traditional coffee table / glass / cast aluminum / oval
traditional coffee table

Height: 40 cm
Length: 180 cm
Width: 180 cm

PARISIAN GRAFFITI The dramatically alluring and sensuous curves of this coffee tables hand-cast aluminium base supports a transparent circular tempered glass top.

contemporary coffee table / oak / round / white
contemporary coffee table
TOLOWA by Peter Vanooteghem

Height: 74, 109, 90 cm
Length: 150, 90, 130, 70 cm

... were) 'outside' the table - there is more room and comfort. The contrasting colour of the fixing points underlines the originality of the design. High or low, cocktail table, dining table ...

contemporary coffee table / glass / steel / marble
contemporary coffee table

Height: 38.5 cm
Length: 92, 107 cm
Width: 91.5, 107 cm

... elegance to any dining room decor. FEATURES Ideal for any lounge, residence or office. Available as side and coffee table, but also as dining table. CONSTRUCTION Frame features vertical ...

original design coffee table / concrete / steel / black
original design coffee table
BASALT by Fredrikson Stallard

Height: 47 cm
Length: 45 cm
Width: 55 cm

Much of Fredrikson Stallard’s work is about fragmentation and deconstruction. There are many similarities between studying the beauty of the resulting forms, when deconstructing an object and the veneration of objects, or pieces of objects, ...

original design coffee table / tempered glass / stainless steel / brass
original design coffee table

Height: 42 cm
Length: 130 cm
Width: 90 cm

Inspired by the playful yet dynamic nature of a firework sparkler, the FLUX Low Table is a uniquely sculptural piece of furniture using a single energetic line that flows as an infinite and unsupported loop. ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / stainless steel / marble
contemporary coffee table
ARCHITECT by Mathilde Liu

Height: 36.5, 39.5 cm
Length: 60, 100 cm
Width: 60, 100 cm

Item Code:#M700B Material:Stainless Steel/Marble/Oak Veneer Finish:Black Powder Coating Width:60 cm Depth:60 cm Height:36.5 cm Volume:0.17 m3 Item Code:#M700G Material:Stainless Steel/Marble/Oak Veneer Finish:Brushed Gold Width:60 ...

contemporary coffee table / steel / round / white
contemporary coffee table
HOLLO by Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot

Height: 33 cm
Length: 70 cm
Width: 70 cm

... and Aissa Logerot used a band of steel to develop a series of tables in rhythmic lines. Their simple and solid allure, combined with their stability and epoxy coating mean that the HOLLO tables adapt ...

classic coffee table / crystal / rectangular / for hotels
classic coffee table

Height: 51 cm
Length: 121 cm
Width: 66 cm


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contemporary coffee table / polished brass / marble / curved
contemporary coffee table

Height: 38 cm
Length: 163 cm
Width: 107 cm

The 'Cloud' is a spectacular coffee table with structure in mirror polished brass and top in Marquinia marble. Coffee table dimension: L 163 x W 107 x H 38cm. The mirror-like ...

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Barberini & Gunnell
original design coffee table / glass / brass / round
original design coffee table

Height: 43 cm
Length: 92 cm
Width: 92 cm

original design coffee table / aluminum / round / golden
original design coffee table

Height: 54 cm
Length: 62 cm
Width: 62 cm

... and seem to float in space. Kiki has designed a new collection of anodized metal wire works such as a series of lights, a coffee table, candleholders, a wall clock, and a high cabinet, as an addition ...

organic design coffee table / glass / lacquered metal / fiberglass
organic design coffee table
GAIA : K1080

Height: 40 cm
Length: 141 cm
Width: 106 cm

Coffee table with body finished in bronze color on outside, inside with pale gold color and glass top. NOTE: Coffee table suited for outdoor with matte finish. Dimensions: ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / round / golden
contemporary coffee table

Crown your living room with this precious metal coffee table available in various metal colors. The confluent organic shapes counterbalance the texture of the nobel metal and make it an eyecatcher in your home.

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contemporary coffee table / aluminum / golden / silver
contemporary coffee table

Height: max 35.0 cm
Length: max 135.0 cm
Width: max 135.0 cm