contemporary coffee table / thermo-lacquered steel / round / outdoor
contemporary coffee table

Height: 41, 33 cm
Length: 71, 61 cm
Width: 61, 71 cm

Aspiring to be air. Air here, air there. Delicate and yet strong, this idea takes the shape of multi-purpose side tables and stools.

contemporary coffee table / wooden / glass / white
contemporary coffee table
ROCK by Rafa Garcia

Rock is a small family of tables inspired by the abundance, exuberance and optimism of the ‘50s. Rafa García has been influenced by the organic and biomorphic forms which were popularized by the pioneers of industrial ...

contemporary coffee table / lacquered MDF / painted metal / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
HAIKU by Marco Zito

... is a Japanese word used to describe a poem consisting of just three lines up to a total of seventeen syllables. The new coffee table designed by Marco Zito for Saba Italia is in fact made up of three ...

contemporary coffee table / marble / rectangular / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 30 cm
Length: 100 cm
Width: 100 cm

... of lightening the table itself.For the round table Michael placed the three legs just far enough to ensure stability, drawn together at the centre to create a three-part column.Please note that we do ...

original design coffee table / glass / polyethylene / garden
original design coffee table

Height: 35 cm
Length: 73 cm
Width: 73 cm

... inspiration to the ancient Japanese art of origami, Kami Ni is a coffee table with an irregular and elegant design. The glass top gives to the product a precious and sophisticated detail. The coffee ...

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contemporary coffee table / marble / tempered glass / oval
contemporary coffee table

DUBAI's magnificence was brought to this contemporary peculiar, luxurious coffee-table; the cultured marble base, shaped in a round and smooth pattern, holds a wonderful, tempered glass top.

contemporary coffee table / walnut / resin / epoxy
contemporary coffee table

Height: 50 cm
Length: 100 cm
Width: 60 cm

contemporary coffee table / iron / oak / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

The essentiality is Smart. An oak “materico” top thickness 3.5 cm designed to meet the demands of those who love a characterization that can be strong and simple at the same time.

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / ash
contemporary coffee table
BEAMS by Eric Chang and Johnny Hu

Height: 45 cm
Length: 120, 90 cm
Width: 65, 85, 45 cm

Beams Table is one member of Beams collection with the same element - H-Beams, offering the multiple choice for color and table top. The design is simply to every detail, where the bevel table ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / solid wood
contemporary coffee table

Height: 40, 44 cm
Length: 120 cm
Width: 90 cm

... triangular or circular. Coffee Table with three tapered solid wood legs. Table top has a wooden edging a feature a large triangle shape. Available in two different table ...

contemporary coffee table / glass / stainless steel / acrylic
contemporary coffee table

Height: 17.5 in
Length: 72 in
Width: 23.3 in

starfire glass, edgeglow acrylic (green,red,blue,yellow), stainless steel

contemporary coffee table / marble / oak / round
contemporary coffee table
BOUILLOTTE by Élise Fouin

Length: 52 cm - 77 cm
Width: 39 cm - 49 cm

... gallery. Redesigned to fit modern interiors, the Bouillotte table will find its place in the living room or the bedroom as a coffee table or a side table. Available ...

contemporary coffee table / galvanized steel / polyester / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 50, 60, 70, 80 cm
Width: 50, 60, 70, 80, 55 cm

Table made of galvanized steel, polyester powder coated. Suitable for outdoor, indoor, and contract use.

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iSi Contract
contemporary coffee table / steel / plastic / round
contemporary coffee table
CARIBE by Sebastian Herkner

Height: 360 mm
Length: 800 mm
Width: 800 mm

In Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast, Rafael and his friends produce tables from plastic string and tubular steel in »momposino« weaving technique, which are typical of the region. On this basis, Sebastian Herkner designed ...

traditional coffee table / oak / square / rectangular
traditional coffee table

Height: 34 cm
Length: 130, 110 cm
Width: 110, 80 cm

Dimensions: 130cm x 80cm , 110cm x 110cm , Height 34cm Material: Oak , Laquared

contemporary coffee table / wooden / glass / aluminum
contemporary coffee table

Height: 25 cm
Length: 160, 180, 200, 220 cm
Width: 52 cm

Aluminum structure with electrostatic painting and wooden, glass or mirror top. Available in four colors (black, white, green and red). Measurements W 160cm * D 52cm * H 25cm W 180cm * D 52cm * H 25cm W 200cm ...

contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / glass / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

contemporary coffee table / oak / lacquered wood / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
ALASKA : 42512C by D.Versavel

Height: 35 cm
Length: 120 cm
Width: 70 cm

Oak and matt painting rectangular top table Top: veneered oak and matt painting mdf pannel Box: mat painting mdf pannel Leg: solid oak Design : D. VERSAVEL

contemporary coffee table / painted metal / mesh / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 450 mm
Length: 500 mm

... chair, couch, rectangular table and round table. The lightweight metal pipe structure accommodates a round top, standard circumference 50cm, and can be painted in a choice of seven colours. The measurements ...

contemporary coffee table / glass / steel / plastic
contemporary coffee table

Height: 34 cm
Length: 70 cm - 110 cm
Width: 50 cm - 110 cm

... manufacturers.The table in its smaller format is presented in 70 cm by 70 cm, it is presented width 90, 110, and in rectangular shape. Model of Square Coffee Table - Veracruz Cobalt - ...

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contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / solid wood
contemporary coffee table

Height: 35 cm
Length: 125 cm
Width: 85 cm

... designed flow of the river and handmade to make an impression and deliver an unmatched personal experience, the Danube Coffee Table will add breathtaking touch of elegance and glamour to your living ...

contemporary coffee table / HPL / powder-coated steel / round
contemporary coffee table

The mr.hyde 2 coffee table top and the two extractable discs are in 6 mm HPL (finish L04 linen – L05 ecru). The structure below is in powder coated steel (finish C18 green). Mr.hyde ...

Scandinavian design coffee table / oak / lacquered wood / triangular
Scandinavian design coffee table

Height: 40 cm
Length: 85 cm
Width: 53 cm

... variety of positions. The large coffee table is perfect in front of your sofa and allows you to organise your drinks and nibbles! The kidney bean shaped coffee table ...

original design coffee table / polymer / NewspaperWood / square
original design coffee table

Height: 47 cm
Length: 65 cm
Width: 60 cm

wood, polystyrene-foam, papier mâché, resin, lacquer 60 x 65 x 47 cm unique

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Philipp Aduatz
contemporary coffee table / steel / MDF / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 38 cm
Length: 75 cm
Width: 75 cm

CHRONOS is a round coffee table with a unique, characteristic arched leg construction made of powder-coated steel or hand-polished stainless steel in an innovative process. CHRONOS can be used as a ...