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Green walls
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modular-panel green wall - VERTIPACK®

VERTIPACK® is the optimal solution for living wall projects. Complete with all the essential components and automated...

green wall - VERTICAL GARDEN

A vertical garden is healthier and more attractive.

Vertical gardens on an exterior wall or interior wall enhance the beauty and sustainability of your living and working environment. A green wall considerably improves...

green wall - CAMBRIDGE

Transform boring grey into a sustainable green wall.

A vertical garden breaks through the boring grey of urban areas and office locations. The living environment becomes more pleasant and graffiti does not stand a chance....


Healthy living environment.

A vertical indoor garden makes any office, shop or house or attractive. Depending on the choice of plants, the green interior wall improve air quality by filtering it as it were....

modular-panel green wall - FLEXIPANELS

Sempergreen® Flexipanels are the most flexible system on the market for vertical gardens. The panels (approximately 62 x 52 cm), pre-cultivated in our own nursery, are easy to install on any indoor or outdoor wall and provide an instant green appearance. Even slightly curved surfaces...

modular green wall - FRAMEPANELS

Our Sempergreen® Framepanels are designed for noise barriers and garden fences, but can also be used as free-standing living partition walls. Each panel covers a surface area of 1.2 m2 and is planted with various (flowering)...

preserved-plant green wall - PITTOSPORUM

Our Green Wall structures are made from High Grade 316 Stainless Steel, offering many advantages, including:

316 "marine grade" stainless steel
Suitable for all environments
Full range of services, including planting,

green wall - ARCHI-NET® A.303

One special application of ARCHI-NET®...

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