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PLUG-IN pendant luminaire, height-adjustable by 80cm...

Black metal and with softtail coated floor...


Desk lamp, fully adjustable. Wireless joints allow for a great...


Table lamp SATURNE

Solid polished aluminium ring, brass base
Blown Glass globe...

With its resolutely contemporary and sober design, the lamp CARRÉ DOUBLE blends in well with modern and classic setting. The light is projected up and down to give optimal...

The floor standing lamp CARRÉ, with a resolutely contemporary and sober design, blends with all styles of interiors. It diffuses an efficient and multi directional...

Exceptional luminaire signed HISLE
Solid polished aluminium piece from industrial origin
16 brass and polished...

The CARRE table lamp with its refined and sober design blends with all styles of decor. This is a auxiliary table, desk or bedside lamp with directional lighting thanks to its swivel-and-tilt reflector.



Mouth-blown, made of 6 layers of glass and enamel and resulting from 15 specific treatments, all the Planètes are different...


With its minimalist design, Solo does not outspokenly call attention to itself, but in all its purity it has a quiet presence all of its own. The lamp is cast and polished by hand, which makes each one...

The Montone collection consists of light features that are as striking as they are graceful, with continuous, twisting shapes. The various models are made of brushed or highly...

The Montone collection consists of light features that are as striking as they are graceful, with continuous, twisting shapes. The various models are made of brushed or...


This iconic lamp combines geometry with the advanced technology of...


Source used
QR111 1x100W max. G53


Halogen desk lamp 230V/12V-50W max with double light intensity. External reflector...


Hanging luminaries and decorative wall lights for focal-point and accent...


absolut 1-2-3 light, the pendant luminaire from absolut light can be ideally located above long tables. the pendant...


Pendant lamp, adjustable in height containing with...


Sunnex HT is a small, practical 10W halogen light ideal for all types of precision work. Sunnex HT provides excellent spot lighting. It is available...

Sunnex HS is a powerful 20W halogen light with a sturdy design, making it a highly reliable work light particularly suitable for industrial use. Sunnex HS is equipped with a flexible, high-quality arm with a length...

Sunnex HM is an efficient 35W halogen light that provides effective, concentrated lighting. With compact external dimensions and a flexible...


Reeno Lamp.
Reeno is a suspension lamp designed for...


This lampshade is in many ways a shining planet in the Le Klint universe of pleated lampshades.
Is lineage from the original folded shades from 1901 is unmistakable...

Regardless of its striking resemblance to Model 1 this lamp also plays an important role in Le Klint´s history.
Designed by Tage...

This lampe was folded extensively within the Le Klint family way before the company was founded....


"The [Heavy] design was about demonstrating an approach to design where an everyday material is used in an unconventional context"
Benjamin Hubert

The Heavy Light collection includes four sizes of pendants, a wall and a desk light and and offer a fresh perspective on concrete- usually considered...


Inner diffuser: satin glass diffuser
External difuser: transparent PMMA diffuser...


How to choose this product


A halogen lamp is a variety of incandescent light containing a halogen gas (e.g., iodine, bromine), increasing its output and useful life. In addition, its color temperature is close to that of natural light, making it particularly useful in specialized applications such as stage illumination.


These lamps have multiple uses: decorative, interior and exterior architectural lighting, residential and specialized professional applications, such as projectors, spotlights and searchlights, among others.


- Good quality light
- Low heat emission


- High energy consumption

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