Halogen spotlights

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Recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / halogen / HID

A range of recessed LED/HID gimbal spotlights...

Recessed ceiling spotlight / outdoor / halogen / square

Materials: Body and counter-ring...

Wall-mounted spotlight / indoor / halogen / square

Series of projectors designed...

Ceiling-mounted spotlight / indoor / halogen / round

Over the years Modular has developed extremely...

Ceiling-mounted spotlight / halogen / square / adjustable

Every square is a sleek, unusually flexible...

Recessed spotlight / indoor / halogen / round

You could call this strip light the recessed version...

Recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / halogen / LED

Aplis in-Line 120 is developed...

Recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / HID / LED

Space is brought to life by light...

Recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / halogen / LED

The range of recessed RING Darklight...

Ceiling-mounted spotlight / indoor / HID / halogen

Spotlight with wall mounting...

Recessed spotlight / indoor / halogen / LED

Clavius is a collection of lamps with a chrome frame,...

Ceiling-mounted spotlight / indoor / halogen / round

Size: 75mm wide x 355mm long (when fully extended) Style: Disc mounted...

Recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / halogen / linear

AirCoral® on request Recessed...

Recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / halogen / linear

AirCoral® on request Recessed flush...

Recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / halogen / linear

AirCoral® on request Recessed flush...

Ceiling-mounted spotlight / indoor / halogen / rectangular

MLN Dau Spot / 3050 Flemming Bjorn BL 162 x 80 204 2 x GU10 Max....

Surface-mounted spotlight / indoor / metal halide / halogen

ZeroZeroUno is a track and surface...

How to choose this product


Halogen spotlights differ from others in several ways. Their output is higher and it is easy to adjust their brightness.


These fixtures are often used with modern decor and to illuminate store and shopping center exteriors. Their growing popularity is due, in part, to the competition among manufacturers to offer increasingly ingenious designs. They are particularly favored for illuminating paintings, furniture and other works of art in museums.


Spotlights are differentiated primarily by bulb type. A halogen bulb produces incandescent light running on typical house current or via a transformer for low-voltage models. Its only drawback is the emission of UV rays, which can cause eye damage and altered color rendition on certain surfaces.

How to choose

When choosing a halogen spot, there are several rules which must be followed. If the illuminated surface is flammable, the bulb must sit at least 50 centimeters away. There must be a minimum of 20 cm between the transformer and the bulb and no less than 10 cm between the fixture and the ceiling. Wiring must be run through corrugated, self-extinguishing conduit.


- Dimmable
- High output
- Constant brightness


- Elevated cost
- High heat output
- High energy consumption

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