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After the times for raising and lowering have been programmed, the blinds and shutters operate automatically...

The press of a button sets the times to which the blinds or shutters are set in motion. Depending on preferences the integrated Astro program takes into account the...

It's part of the convenience of a modern house when music or radio stations can be heard throughout the building via a music system, and operating units are located in the various rooms with which the sounds can be varied and controlled in a sophisticated...


3 individually programmable lighting scenes
Dimming of 2 luminaire groups

features ZBOX package with Circle control point, square-edged design
Light contoller for hotel rooms; includes CIRCLE control point in square-edge design
8 lighting groups for switching by...

features Room automation, basic package
Basic package for...


The stereo Sound System provides sound selection...


AstralPool MAC® is not just an innovative product, it has introduced a new concept in the way we understand and manage...


GRAFIK RA 2 is a single area, wireless lighting and shading solution that is ideal for new construction and or major renovation in smaller residential and commercial spaces. This comprehensive system is comprised of keypads, light controls, sensors, and blinds. The solution can also be extended to join...

ivoia QS Triathlon is the most fashionable, flexible, and affordable motorized shading system available today. This battery-powered solution...

Energi TriPak® is a control system consisting of wireless sensors, switches, dimmers, and remote controls that maximises energy savings for any room, at any budget.

Energi TriPak installs 70% faster than wired systems. In fact,...

Together, Lutron and VingCard® Elsafe improve guest comfort by providing in-room light,...

Save energy with unparalleled total home control. HomeWorks QS, designed for exclusive homes, integrates the control of all your light,...


BeoSystem 4 - our latest, stand-alone video engine and entertainment hub, gives you complete control over the systems in your home. Regardless of...


AircoNet4 is a Web-based application tool for monitoring and controlling the efficiency and operation of large-scale air conditioning installations.
Providing comprehensive...


Provides multiroom audio expansion for Adagio® systems. Can also provide a cost-effective solution for including high-performance multiroom audio distribution as part of any Crestron® system.

The Adagio Audio Expander (AAE) from Crestron® is a high-performance audio distribution processor with integrated multi-channel amplifier. Designed to expand a Crestron Adagio home entertainment...

Splits up to 4 separate HDMI® signals to allow multiple sources to be shared between two devices such as a DVPHD and PSPHD.

The HD-DA-2-QUAD is a single rack-space unit containing four independent 1-to-2 HDMI® distribution amplifiers. It is designed for splitting up to four HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort Multimode signals to feed separate displays or processors,...

The DMPS-300-C is a complete presentation control and signal routing solution for boardrooms and classrooms. Integrating the control system, multimedia matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio DSP, amplifier, and DigitalMedia distribution center all into a single 3-space rackmount package, the DMPS-300-C...

The MPS-200 is a complete presentation control and signal routing solution for boardrooms and classrooms. Integrating the control system, multimedia switcher, audio processor, and amplifier into a single 2-space rackmount package, the MPS-200 eliminates the need for separate components without forfeiting performance or flexibility.
System Switcher

A fully-scalable audio distribution system that delivers high-output audiophile sound quality to every room with reduced cabling, low power consumption, advanced DSP, and integrator-friendly setup.

"Sonnex® redefines what multiroom audio can be. Engineered by Crestron® the pioneer in audio distribution control systems."



- Pack for controlling 2 lamp control switches/receivers

Delta Dore innovates with iTYDOM 2000, a new application...

By managing air conditioning:
- comfort levels can be optimized by adapting the indoor temperature of the home to weather conditions...

Creating a two-way switch, imagining living scenarios, changing the...

Lighter and roller shutter packs for selected rooms (bedroom, living room, etc.)

Product benefits
- Easily add a mobile control...


IntelliPool™ uses IntelliFlo® pumps at its best, offering the correct filtration speed for every application, improving the already exceptional energy efficiency of...

Extends the options of the system to
connect more applications.
Small device that can be built into the
electrical box.
Four extra inputs and outputs plus a


Optimize pressure and temperature in your system.

Pressure optimization provides energy savings
Temperature optimization provides energy savings
Free cooling provides...

Energy efficient humidity control

The integrated system utilizes Fläkt Woods unique Twin-Wheel® AHU low-energy technology and high efficiency free-cooling chillers, combined with a precisely matched...

Optivent® Basic and Plus will give you low operating costs over time

The Optivent® integrated system minimises energy consumption whilst providing a controlled supply of conditioned air to maintain pre-set CO2 levels and a user-defi ned temperature, delivered...


A system that uses the mains to control the light, creating scenes for different needs in one single space. In order to control the system, we use Powerline technology which consists of using the 230 V electric grid for...


Control unit for autonomous residential systems
Touch screen display
Control over the entire system
Optimization of energy
Customized management


Control of the temperature room by room for housing, offices and commercial agents....


Comfort integrates Intruder Alarm, Home Automation, Voicemail and Intercom into an easy-to-use, convenient and affordable system.

Comfort allows you to control and monitor your Home...


The new infrared mini-receiver built-in controls all audio and video devices like dvd readers, decoders, stereo systems and others with your current remote control.

It is possible to make...


XPoint-Touch combines the operating characteristics of an advanced Time and Attendance terminal with those of a multi-application field process controller, thus providing seamless integration of access control and time and attendance applications.



How to choose this product


A home automation system is designed to facilitate the control of multimedia, heating, lighting and other electronic installations or appliances from a central point. Settings may be adjusted at a control panel, on a computer or remotely via the Internet. On ArchiExpo, such devices are arranged by function (e.g., lighting, doors and gates, multimedia, etc.).


These systems improve security, control climate, save energy or automate domestic tasks, such as watering plants, closing shutters, turning off lights. Models with an Internet link allow the user to adjust lighting, temperature and other parameters before returning home.

How to choose

Consider purchase price, maintenance costs, ease of installation and whether extra electrical cables will be required. Additional electrical equipment may be very costly, especially if the system is integrated into walls or partitions.

Determine needed functions, including the number of rooms to be connected. For example, a security system may require movement detectors in several rooms. Verify ease of use, especially if system settings will be modified frequently. Some control panels have a graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate use.


- Saves time
- Improves comfort or security


- May be expensive to install
- May be expensive to maintain

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