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home automation system software - .

Simple operation of complex house control: the concept of the new Gira interface focused mainly upon a high level of user friendliness, fast orientation and a visually appealing information design. All functions controlled by the Gira HomeServer are now available within...

home automation system software - .

The new Gira Interface applications enable convenient mobile operation of the entire technology of a building with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, via GSM, UMTS or WLAN, and from inside or outside the building. They communicate...

home automation system software - SW-FUSION-RV

Fusion RV® is the AV and technology management component of Crestron Fusion. View room status; track maintenance on projectors; schedule end-of-day shutdown; book meetings in rooms; provide remote help desk assistance; capture and distribute multimedia presentations and more all from the web-based interface.

Seamlessly monitor and manage boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls, video...

lighting management software / for home automation system - EBR-CFE-PC

The Rapid graphical interface is designed to provide the user flexible control and monitoring of the lighting from a PC. Bitmaps of the building floors can be illustrated for all control devices, which are graphically depicted as...

lighting management software / for home automation system - EBR-EMLTU

The effective monitoring of emergency luminaries is achieved when the Tridonic EMPRO inverter is fitted into the emergency light fitting along with the ballast and battery pack.

The monitoring is carried out using a 2 wire DALI control cable which is connected via the luminaire lead to the lighting control module...

home automation system software - Comfort iPhone App

Comfort iPhone App. Free Download from iTunes. Please search for "Cytech Comfort" or visit the iTunes Link
Arm and disarm your security system using your security code.
Zone Status Display - see the state (open, closed,...

home automation system software - COMFIGURATOR

Comfigurator Programming Software for Comfort. Requires a UCM/USB....

home automation system software -

The command and supervision functions can be

home automation system software - MY HOME

Control at home or on the go
The MyHome family of apps provide a convenient and flexible way to turn your smart phone, tablet, or computer into a familiar Control4 interface....

home automation system software - OPERATING SYSTEM

The Control4 Operating System (OS) is the software that serves as the foundation upon which Control4 automation is brought to life. The OS delivers the easy-to-use interface throughout the home as well as several additional features that are automatically built-in to every Control4 system.

Elegant User Interface
The Control4 user interface has been specifically designed to help you...

home automation system software - COOLREMOTE

Control and monitor your air conditioning system anywhere using...

home automation system software - TRUECONTROL™ for iPad & iPad mini

Savants TrueControl™ App leverages the power of Wi-Fi and 3G networks to stay connected to your Savant System at home or in any commercial environment. TrueControl provides flexibility to control your whole house or corporate...

lighting management software / for home automation system - TRUEIMAGE™ for iPad

Savants TrueImage™ Control technology pushes the limits of the user-experience by providing an innovative interface that allows you to touch actual images of Smart...

home automation system software - TRUECONFERENCE™ for iPad

The TrueConference™ theme provides simple and intuitive control of presentation rooms, meeting spaces and conferencing systems. TrueConference, under Savant's award-winning TrueControl™ iOS App architecture...

lighting management software / for home automation system - SAVANTLIGHTING APP

The SavantLighting app delivers control of your Savant Lighting Control System via iPhone® or iPod touch®....

home automation system software - TRUECOMMAND™ HDTV

Savants breakthrough On-TV Menu System, TrueCommand™ provides the most advanced and visually engaging way to navigate, browse and select diverse automation services and multimedia content by boldly presenting...

home automation system software - GUI+

The GUI+ is a Windows application which allows control of your entire house. It is completely customized to your house featuring floor plans or personal colors as background. Above this floor plan, photograph or art background, a logical selection of lights, temperatures, music and much more can be displayed.
If, for example, you would hit the camera icon, the live footage of the camera would...

home automation system software - DYNAMICTOUCH

The DynamicTouch app is ideal for intelligent homes and commercial

home automation system software - ETH-VIEW-LIGHT

Light License for ETH system supervision


home automation system software - ETH-VIEW-F

RGB, DMX and DALI control.

home automation system software / for hotels - ETH-VIEW-HOTEL

License for HOTEL supervision

Technical specs
Check-in, check-out.

home automation system software / for hotels - ETH-VIEW-HOTEL

With the AT Home system, the input and output modules are supplied preset by the manufacturer to be ready to function as soon as they are installed.

The system can also be set up immediately after installation, since the system itself automatically detects the existing installation (modules and devices connected to the AT Home bus). This procedure...

home automation system software - OPTIMA

Both KNXSERVER and KNXSUPERIO will show the functions of your system in a stylish and intuitive way: through the OPTIMA interface.

Thanks to the integrated web support, the interface...

home automation system software - OPTIMA  APP

In times, where mobility and continuous reachability are getting more and more important, also the control of the own home should be possible at any time, from everywhere. DIVUS fulfills these requirements providing different apps for the most common mobile operating systems and can therefore be combined with a broad spectrum of mobile devices.


home automation system software - WEBGUI

WebGUI is a new application that expands the range of user functions offered by the Cue System. It is a software solution allowing...

home automation system software - IPAD® APPLICATION

Transform your iPad into a fully customizable mobile touchscreen for your Vantage home entertainment and lighting system

Control your Vantage audio, lighting, climate and camera systems with your iPad. The app is designed to provide homeowners with simple, intuitive control of their homes from any iPad making it easy to switch on the lights at home or check the cameras to see whether the...

home automation system software - INFUSION DESIGN CENTER

InFusion Design Center, the software that accompanies the InFusion Controller, has been specifically designed around the installers needs.

It includes third party device libraries with easy drag-and-drop menus, making integration of audio video solutions so much easier. InFusion Design Center has savable and reusable customized programming and...

home automation system software - INFUSION MEDIA 2

InFusion Media 2 is ingenious new software that combines touchscreen control of a Vantage InFusion automation system with control of Windows MediaCenter™. InFusion Media 2 allows integrated control of both systems via a Vantage Web-tablet.


home automation system software - SELCONTROL

The program needs to be installed on your personal computer, which then...

home automation system software / for hotels - MESSENGER LENS™

The Saflok Messenger LENS system is ideal for hotels seeking the ultimate in security and guest experience while maximizing operational efficiency....

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