natural cork wallcovering / home / smooth / interior
natural cork wallcovering

This rich natural cork skin provides a classic look to the interior walls of any space. Its warm and comfortable look makes it compatible with every decoration style, from the modern to the very traditional. This natural skin of silky ...

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home wallcovering / printed / fire-retardant
home wallcovering

... is set to be a popular choice, a contrast between printed ground and flocked motif adds to the intrigue of this striking wallcovering.” – Jordan Mould Width 68 cms (26.8 ") Pattern Repeat Vertical: 7.0 cms (2.8 ")

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Kirkby Design
laminate wallcovering / home / tertiary / panel
laminate wallcovering

Roseburg UltraBlend Stairtread features a highly refined, smooth surface and tight, uniform core with a bullnose edge. UltraBlend particleboard is a premium quality, mat-formed, multi-layer panel that is made of precision refined wood ...

natural cork wallcovering / home / tertiary / textured
natural cork wallcovering

Using cork tiles for indoor wall coverings is an option that makes sense: you improve the conditions of thermal and acoustic comfort, and you choose an exclusive and natural decoration. The range of patterns and colours is extensive, ...

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glass wallcovering / home / smooth / concrete look
glass wallcovering

Colored glass panels for wall coverings. The extraordinary quality of glass is easily available with the SHOCK series of panels. ARTELINEA’s vast experience has enabled SHOCK to be developed, creating panels with highly aesthetic results ...

teak wallcovering / solid wood / home / tertiary
teak wallcovering

Recycled teak wall panel with structure combination of small slices, erosion slices in the each panel. - Solid recycled teak panel - Thickness 16mm - 23mm - 1 box 8pcs = 1.008m2 - Interlocking design

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marble wallcovering / home
marble wallcovering

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wooden wallcovering / home / tertiary / smooth
wooden wallcovering

Simple and effective! Anyone looking for a simple wall-panel solution can just affix a second upper border on the wall and paint everything in the same color, transforming the high baseboard into wall paneling. The baseboard is available ...

synthetic fiber wallcovering / synthetic thatch / home / wood look
synthetic fiber wallcovering

Virosurface™ is the age-defying, high-performance indoor/outdoor wall coverings that are non-toxic and UV tested. These fibers are fully water-resistant and insensitive to sun, chlorine and harsh weathering. Its beauty never fades. Available ...

concrete wallcovering / home / waxed / stone look
concrete wallcovering

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Creation sud
vinyl wallcovering / home / textured / fabric look
vinyl wallcovering

NSF/ANSI 342 Certified Yes Weight and Type 20 oz. Type II Backing Osnaburg Repeat Information 11.625" Vertical/ 14.5" Horizontal Match Information Random Reversible Reversible Width and Put-up 52/54"/30 Lineal Yard Rolls

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DeNovo Wall
oak wallcovering / home / wood look
oak wallcovering
BAR 430

Inside WALL COVER french oak factory-finished full strip, ready to lay Thickness: 11,5mm Widths: 140 mm Lengths: 1 800 mm (ou autres), avec rainure languette, fixation par clips Top layer: 2 mm, support HDF

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Murano glass wallcovering / home / high-gloss / embossed
Murano glass wallcovering

Just like an haute couture gown, Murano glass is handcrafted to "dress up" any type of surface from walls to furnishings.

vinyl wallcovering / home / textured / concrete look
vinyl wallcovering

SKU#: BC1581964 PRICE: 27.99 / USD Priced in Single roll. Package and sold in Double Rolls. COVERAGE: 56 Sq f per double PRODUCT TYPE: Sidewall MATCH: Straight REPEAT: 8.5" SUBSTRATE: Solid Vinyl CLEANING: Scrubbable REMOVAL: Peelable WIDTH: ...

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Design by color
glass wallcovering / in wood fiber / home / textured
glass wallcovering

Design is the appropriate combination of materials in order to solve a problem.

concrete wallcovering / home / smooth / wood look
concrete wallcovering

... and fungi and are an excellent alternative to tiles. Senso's seamless wall covering bring something totally unique to your home.

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metal wallcovering / home / textured / fabric look
metal wallcovering

Rectified textured white body metallic ceramic tile for internal walls With the Purple series, we present a collection which combines outstanding technical innovation, creating a surface where a combination of metallic crystals generates ...

concrete wallcovering / home / smooth / colored concrete look
concrete wallcovering

... personalized works of art, greatly enhancing the entire home decore. Its features allow you to create continuous surfaces giving free rain to the creative designer. Its the ideal for showrooms, exclusive homes, ...

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Pan neto
stone wallcovering / home / smooth / 3D effect
stone wallcovering

Bianco Cave combines the design excellence with a wide selection of materials colours, sizes and quality manifacturing. Bianco Cave with its products, decorates elegant outdoor spaces. Our company produces small bricks using for the covering ...

stone wallcovering / home / textured / imitation brick
stone wallcovering

Precious handiworks are manufactured by skilled stone masons.These items will give the most common places an original and refined look. Shapes and dimensions of these products perfectly match with the requirements of each single project ...

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stone wallcovering / home / textured / concrete look
stone wallcovering

vinyl wallcovering / home / structure / 3D
vinyl wallcovering

Decorative wall is a new quality brought to your place. Unique design with surface of 2.7 sq m made in 3D technology gives unlimited possibilities for arrangement. Highest quality, 100% waterproofness, quick and simple installation ...

linoleum wallcovering / home / structure / classical
linoleum wallcovering

First introduced in 1896, a dramatic feature design, ideal for creating a bold and opulent statement ROLL DIMENSIONS: 533mm (21 inches) x 10m (11 yards) DESIGN REPEAT: 1016mm (40 inches) Straight Match

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wooden wallcovering / home / tertiary / smooth
wooden wallcovering

... synthesis of commercial and residential, industrial and rural is also reflected in the design of home offices, which seek to combine the comforts of home and a change of scenery during work, regardless ...

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fabric wallcovering / home / printed / fabric look
fabric wallcovering
SWALprint® Wall Covering

Up to 5m bright and unlimited length, SWAL prints the visual you dream of. Impression on SWALtex Expert Pro. We are able to print on acoustic fabric.