Hot water radiators

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Hot water radiator / wall-mounted / metalic / rectangular

Scirocco presents its new designer radiator, combining industrial aesthetics...

Electrical radiator / hot water / wall-mounted / aluminum

Coral is the new aluminium radiator resulting from the need for a genuine product which...

Electrical radiator / hot water / wall-mounted / aluminum

Square is characterized by a lightweight,...

Hot water radiator / wall-mounted / metal / vertical

The optimal solution when space...

Hot water radiator / wall-mounted / metal / horizontal

High performance, rapid room heating...

Hot water radiator / free-standing / metalic / vertical

THE PALM TREE The Queen of oasis dips...

Hot water radiator / wall-mounted / metal / vertical

FLEXI is an innovative product which...

Hot water radiator / wall-mounted / metalic / vertical

The slim line of Sky radiators...

How to choose this product


The hot-water radiator is fed by a boiler, a heat pump or a solar hot-water heating system. Hot water circulates through all the radiators in a home or building, heating living spaces slowly, but steadily. This type of installation is also known as central heating.


Such radiators can be installed in any building with a central heating system and pipes designed to feed radiators.


This radiator heats via convection and radiation. It is usually in the form of tubes, plates or flanges designed to maximize the area of heat exchange with the ambient air. Most are made of aluminum, steel or cast iron.

How to choose

The volume of the space to be heated is the primary criterion of choice. Radiator design also can be an important factor. The large range of models runs the gamut from traditional vertical tubes to highly original configurations, including streamlined, contemporary designs.


- Good heat retention


- Requires periodic purging

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