Corian® wallcovering / tertiary / textured / 3D effect
Corian® wallcovering
RAIN by Kristina Ambrozová

... artificial stone. Discover the five unique benefits of DuPont™ CORIAN® and five reasons to choose it as a solution for your interior. What is DuPont™ CORIAN® artificial stone like?

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Ductal® UHP concrete wallcovering / home / matte / concrete look
Ductal® UHP concrete wallcovering

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sandstone wallcovering / home / tertiary / tile look
sandstone wallcovering

... and compact structure allows cuts "with the grain" and "against the grain". Uses Historical monument stone; today: in interior and exterior architecture for facades, flooring, solid construction and heritage conservation work

wooden wallcovering / home / textured / interior
wooden wallcovering

All our products are bespoke, according to client´s wish. Each interior is original. Lower you can see some examples of our realisations.

concrete wallcovering / home / matte / marble look
concrete wallcovering

iCOAT Premium Wall Finish System and its products are the newest iCOAT System. A revolutionary new product that can be applied over almost any surface due to the advanced adhesion characteristics. The iCOAT Premium Wall Finish has been ...

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stone wallcovering / home / textured / concrete look
stone wallcovering

Physico - Mechanical Properties Flexural Strenght: 11.9 MPa Flexural Strenght After Frost Resistance (48 cycles): 9.1MPa Resistance to fixing: 416 Kg Water Absorption at Atmospheric Pressure: 3.0% Aparent Density: 2490 Kg/m² Open ...

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tertiary wallcovering / smooth / concrete look / exterior
tertiary wallcovering

... intervention on a historical building. PNB is responsable for the, placement of panels facade 'Cimbonit" in naturocimento, the inside facades of commercial gallery, a challenge to which PNB answered successfully. Since ...