contemporary coffee table / glass / polypropylene / laminate
contemporary coffee table
DOZEQUINZE by Francesco Sillitti

Height: 34 cm
Length: 92 cm
Width: 64 cm

... pieces. The Dozequinze Table is made from stainless steel thermo-lacquered tubing with a glass laminate top. It is cross bound with polypropylene elastic webbing in a range of colours – you decide. This ...

contemporary coffee table / wooden / aluminum / laminate
contemporary coffee table

Height: 16 in
Length: 36, 42, 30 in
Width: 30, 42, 36 in

No gathering space, meeting area or café would be complete without tables that provide beauty and functionality, so Melina is imbued with both. Its smart, slender top and base design is further enhanced by a multitude ...

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Encore Seating
contemporary coffee table / laminate / rectangular / round
contemporary coffee table
GODOT by Iskos-Berlin

Height: 20, 32, 26 cm
Length: 120, 90 cm
Width: 120, 90, 60 cm

... Iskos-Berlin Burgundy, 9750379 Mauve, 9751329 Charcoal, 9752149 Legs in three heights H 20 cm, H 26 cm or H 32 cm Table Tops Ø90 cm, Ø120 cm or 60x120 cm

contemporary coffee table / wooden / powder-coated steel / laminate
contemporary coffee table
BLINK by Yabu Pushelberg

Height: 38 cm
Length: 178 cm
Width: 60 cm

CODE: BL-T220-WD DIMENSIONS: W1775 x D600 x H380mm MATERIALS: Veneer laminate top, Powder coated steel frame

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contemporary coffee table / chromed metal / laminate / round
contemporary coffee table
TA/0115/02 by Georges Frydman

Height: 35 cm
Length: 55 cm
Width: 55 cm

A pair of 1970's round coffee tables by George Frydman with legs in chromed metal and top in white laminate. There's a slight shade difference between the two tops. Sold separately. Graduated ...

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Monolithe édition
contemporary coffee table / aluminium / walnut / oak
contemporary coffee table
MAREA by Jesús Gasca

Height: 40 cm
Length: 80, 70, 60 cm
Width: 80, 70, 60 cm

Marea coffee table is a slim and elegant table, with an aluminium base in a star shape. Marea is a versatile table that can help us to work with our laptop or can be ...

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contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / steel
contemporary coffee table
COSMO by Box Design

Height: 50, 38 cm
Length: 133, 125, 70, 65 cm
Width: 70, 75, 65 cm

... practical and elegant coffee tables with double tabletops. The tables come in six different sizes, in circular, square, rectangular and elliptical shapes. The tabletop is oak veneer or ...

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contemporary coffee table / wooden / laminate / round
contemporary coffee table
ICICLE by Thomas Pedersen

Height: 35, 54, 49, 43 cm
Length: 84, 127 cm
Width: 63, 90 cm

... coloured-through laminate or wooden veneer over painted laminates. The solid wood legs are removable and available in different height options, which allows for more tables to be combined, ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / steel
contemporary coffee table

Height: 40 cm

... verneer finishes of our collection. – Low Pressure Laminate (LPL) thickness 19 mm with 1,5 mm PVC edge, in white or black. – 12 mm thick compact laminated table top. The edge can ...

contemporary coffee table / wooden / laminate / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 68 cm
Width: 67.5 cm

Adelaide table (for in and outdoor use). As shown, white high pressure laminate with black inner core/eucalyptus. H45xØ67½cm.

Scandinavian design coffee table / solid wood / laminate / brushed stainless steel
Scandinavian design coffee table

Finn Juhl designed the Tray Table in 1965. The Tray Table is a light and elegant table with frame in brushed stainless steel wire and reversible trays in coloured high lustre laminate ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / teak
contemporary coffee table

Height: 50 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 56 cm

DESCRIPTION To match the sofa 46 Finn Juhl designed the eye-shaped sofa table with a blank desktop and as usual plenty of details, at a time where the designer was much inspired by modern art especially by Picasso and ...

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Triode Design
contemporary coffee table / wooden / laminate / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
HARTER FORUM by Timothy deFiebre

Height: 16.3 in
Length: 24, 20, 48, 36 in
Width: 24.4, 36.4, 20.4, 48.4 in

True to the company's new brand vision, Harter works with young, forward-thinking designers to realize Harters vision of todays collaborative workplace. Timothy deFiebre conceived the top forms of the settees as one continuous natural ...

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contemporary coffee table / HPL / polyethylene / round
contemporary coffee table
ATENE by Valerio Sommella

Length: 100, 80 cm
Width: 80, 100 cm

Occasional table that matches and complements the “Atene” family of furniture. The top in HPL is secured to the base structure in polyethylene. Technical specification Materials: Polyethylene High Pressure ...

contemporary coffee table / ash / laminate / lacquered steel
contemporary coffee table

Height: 35 cm
Length: 49 cm
Width: 49 cm

... shapes, the Twin table is a new classic in contemporary interior design. Twin’s distinctive reversible top encourages both individuality and flexibility. Emphasise the table’s unique simplicity by placing ...

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by Lassen
contemporary coffee table / laminate / aluminum / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 60 cm
Width: 60 cm

Double bench-table in compact hydroxide or with continuous aluminium laminate and high-density bakelite.

contemporary coffee table / metal / laminate / chromed metal
contemporary coffee table
PLANET by Sven Ivar Dysthe

Height: 53, 52 cm
Length: 60, 70 cm
Width: 70, 60 cm

The Planet table was designed by Sven Ivar Dysthe in 1965 and is, as the Planet chair a Norwegian furniture classic. The table, with its simple pillar base is a furnishing friendly design which fit several ...

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contemporary coffee table / laminate / round
contemporary coffee table
WIRE by Jorge Pensi

Length: 80, 60 cm
Width: 60, 80 cm

Lounge table with frame made of steel tube of 12 mm diameter, powdercoated or chromed. Table top in 13 mm thickness compact resin or 20 mm thickness laminate and melamine of 600x600 mm ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / oak / MDF
contemporary coffee table
JACK by Björn Mulder

Height: 32 cm
Length: 91 cm
Width: 91 cm

Coffee tables Finch Metal, Spark and Lite are each part of a sofa series of the same name. The base of the tables is the same as those of the sofa series. They are all designed by Björn ...

contemporary coffee table / glass / leather / laminate
contemporary coffee table
CHICAGO by Gunilla Allard

Height: 113, 72, 57, 43 cm

... black laminate, frosted glass or leather or in combination, e.g. glass-laminate-laminate, glass-leather-leather etc. CHICAGO SUPPORT Frame of 16 mm chromium plated or powder coated ...

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Lammhults Möbel AB
contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / beech / lacquered MDF
contemporary coffee table
CROISSANT by Emilio Nanni

Height: 75, 38 cm
Length: 120, 100, 123 cm
Width: 100, 120, 48 cm

... entire Croissant collection, a recurring design, the crosspiece which distinguishes all the seating, as well as the tables. From the dining table to lounge areas, from restaurant bars and lobbies to privating ...

contemporary coffee table / wood veneer / birch / plywood
contemporary coffee table
SMALL ISLAND by Tomoyuki Matsuoka

Height: 41 cm
Length: 55 cm
Width: 133 cm

Small Island L80 is a collapsable table with table top in birch ply with different finishes. The chromed steel frame is foldable. The Island range is available in different shapes, as tables ...

contemporary coffee table / particle board / laminate / chrome steel
contemporary coffee table
ATLANTE by Luca trazzi

Height: 33 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 89.5 cm


contemporary coffee table / HPL / rectangular / 100% recyclable
contemporary coffee table
GECKO by M.Claesson, E.Koivisto & O.Rune

The gecko tables base spreads out like the foot of a gecko hence the name. These bases can be topped by a choice of softened square, rectangular and round tops. Produced from laser cut and powder coated steel, the foot ...

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contemporary coffee table / marble / laminate / square
contemporary coffee table
HM93 : K by David Chipperfield

Height: 19 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 90 cm

... a low coffee table. Frames are of FSC-accredited timber and panel construction with upholstery of graded cmhr foams. Legs are of fine brushed stainless steel; table tops are of polished ...